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  1. Scott_F_S

    Guest actors who became key characters in a series

    I got to thinking about this while going through the thread on actors/characters who vanished without trace from a TV series. This is the opposite. Let's talk about actors who appeared in a series initially as a one-shot guest appearance but were so memorable, they were eventually added as a key...
  2. Scott_F_S

    Veronica Mars S2 removed at Amazon ...

    Status changed to not available and you can't now pre-order it. Any idea why? Last-minute music clearance issue a la La Femme Nikita S2 perhaps?
  3. Scott_F_S

    West Wing S1 question

    Picked this up as introductory offer from Columbia House. It arrived yesterday. There's a flap on the inside of the digipack, but there was no insert or booklet or anything in there. Is there supposed to be one? I assume it's a listing of episode info? Anything else?
  4. Scott_F_S

    Can I use my Sony projection TV as a center channel speaker?

    I have a new Sony KP57WS510. Fabulous picture. My question: Can I run an audio line from the center speaker out jack on my amplifier into the L (mono) audio in jack on the TV to use the TV speakers as a center channel for my surround system?
  5. Scott_F_S

    ***Official Angel box Set Seasons 1 and 2 (SPOILERS)***

    Admin note: This thread is now designated the official Angel box set discussion thread. The thread title will change as the Angel box sets are released (in the US, we are aware there are non-Region 1 Angel sets, please do not discuss plot points from those box sets, there's already a Angelriffic...
  6. Scott_F_S $30 for signing up for CC is giving a $30 credit for signing up for their credit card. Then you earn discount points by using it. I signed up, used a share the love and free shipping and got Xena for $30 and change. Nice deal.
  7. Scott_F_S

    Has anyone picked up Xena S1 yet?

    If so, how is it? Is the video really bad? How is the video compared to the first two seasons of Buffy?
  8. Scott_F_S

    Question: Rolling vertical lines in DVD playback

    Equipment: Zenith DVC2200 DVD player Panny CD-32D32 analog TV On DVD playback through S Video, I get these fine horizontal lines that roll right to left on the screen. These can be seen fairly well on backgrounds of lighter colors. They are also evident on a solid black screen. This...
  9. Scott_F_S

    Bowed lines on 32" TV

    Last week, I purchased the JVC AV-32S33 from CC. Was very happy with the picture clarity and the features of the TV, but it had one annoying problem. It could not render a straight horizontal line ... when I played a widescreen DVD, the picture wasn't square, but was oblong, with the corners...
  10. Scott_F_S

    HDTV without the speakers?

    Does anyone sell a decent HDTV widescreen TV without the stereo speakers? Because the TV will be run through an already existing sound system, the speakers will be redundant/unused ... and if such a set exists, I think I could save a few bucks, but most importantly, a lot of wasted space and bulk.