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  1. TicoTVA

    New to Projectors

    Ditto I once had a used projector still on its first bulb and it lasted me 2yrs for regular viewing.
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    BenQ W10000 1080p Projector at TV Authority on Tuesday 11/7

    Yes its true we just got in the 10000, Like 10 of them or something! I'm gonna try to play with them this weekend hopefully
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    Need advice now

    I'd say that you just pay to have it shipped. That seems easiest or rent a larger one way uhaul. Keep in mind once it leaves the door of the brandsmart store you're responsible sort of like a car.
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    How do I improve DVD playback on a 40" 1080p HDTV LCD?

    I'd get the oppo or the Samsung HD960/970 /860 they up convert to the 720p/1080p!
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    Heroes season 1 thread

    See I think that they run the show over to get you to tune in back to the station live and possibly catch a commercial or 2... But I like the explaination about missing the first 5 mins of another show on another network so you don't tune out but this is silly because the sampling...
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    ?? Benq8720, Mitsu HC5000, InFocus 7210

    I really like the Benq 8720 or the Benq 100. The benq has great bright picture and pops I'd skip the Infocus. That 7210 is somewhat out dated
  7. TicoTVA

    ?? Benq8720, Mitsu HC5000, InFocus 7210

    I really like the Benq 8720 or the Benq 100. The benq has great bright picture and pops I'd skip the Infocus. That 7210 is somewhat out dated
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    Help me decide on a display

    i'm going to chime in and say go with Projector you have the perfecet space for it. Brightness and picture quality are improved with room control. That said tie #3Epson Powerlite 400 lCD 1500 $ 1,599 #1 Panasonic PT-AX100U LCD 2000 lumens #3 Sanyo PLV-Z5 LCD 1100 lumens #4 Benq 8720 DLP...
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    What is the best projector for going with a 16ft wide screen?

    Here are a few I recommend: Panasonic PT-AX100 Panasonic PT-AE1000 1080 LCD projector Benq W1000 - great zoom, light parity , Faroudja processing, 1080p Epson Cinema 800 HQV, 810- LCD 720p Benq 8720 - 720p, rich picture quality and depth
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    Buying a TV in this day and age...

    I'm recommend that you consider also the JVC DILA (LCOS) its cheaper than the Sony and great quality. XXFH97 and XXFN97 are the current models LCOS RPTV perform great for films its a softer picture than the DLPs Just my 2 cents ticotva [email protected]
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    Looking for TV suggestions....

    Hi there Your best options for 1080 under $2000 is about a 61" HLS6187W Samsung This is a great set with strong picture depth and contrast. Some other models to consider - Toshiba Ticotva [email protected]
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    JVC xxFH vs xxFN 1080p Sets?

    The main difference is that the FH series : " FC97 serise 56" 61" Black Cabinet Black bezel straight speaker grille w/10cm round speakers (see HD-70FH97 picture for detail*) No PC input, no RS232C input, no center channel input .Has A.T.C. tone correction instead of Voice Enhancement feature...
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    Runco Plasma and LCD

    I think the Runcos are a little over rated . That and they dont make any thing they just resemble & label. you are totally paying more for label. I dont think the quality of either fujitsu or the runco pictures are significantly better than the pioneer or NEC models. Panasonic and Pioneer both...
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    Pioneer PDP-5071 or Panasonic TH-50PX60U

    I tend to like the Pioneer its a more crisp picture to me. The Panasonics tended to have a little pixel bleeding Its worth it to spend the money on better quality most of these sets are under 4k now so you'll be alright in that area. Ticotva
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    Ready for a new display.......... What are you using?

    Ditto as above JVC 70Fh97 and 70FH96 series areally noce nice choices as well as the Samsung 61/71 H-LS series
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    Best 40"-42" LCD TV for under $2000?

    Samsungs and Sharp are the way to go on these!
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    Is HD-DVD compatable with my Projector?

    Also keep in mind your is film is being downscaled if you have a blu-ray or HD-DVD set to 480p.
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    Panasonic 42" Plasma - trying to narrow my search

    There is the Pioneer CMX series 425CMX and the NEC 42XR5A series these are great set but not nearly as robust as the Panasonic with its many terminal boards...
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    Will an amplified antenna improve OTA HD reception?

    The simple is , yes , a little. I've heard varying opinions of which to get, but TERK and RADIOSHACK make the best Indoor antennas. this is a go link for more information: Ticotva
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    Small LCD with integrated tuner

    Most of these ATSC (HD) start at 26" see below Samsung LN-S2641D LCD TV Samsung LN-S2651D LCD TV Samsung LN-S2652D LCD TV Sharp LC-26D40U LCD TV Ticotva
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    First videoprojector choice:need help!!!

    I actually like the Sanyo PLV-Z4 more bang for the buck. 7000:1 Contrast and lens shift. LCDs have better throw ratios than DLP too!! Ticotva
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    37 inch LCD needed

    Ditto , the Sharp , JVC , Or Samsung all make great LCDS. LNS4041 -Samsung is nice TVATICO tvauthority
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    Projectors: Do I really need 1080p?

    Yes its always a tough call but I'd think that going with resolution that meets your needs now as technologies change rapidly and its impossible to future proof. Prices however always go down. My choice 720p ticotva tvauthority
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    Plasma Suggestions

    Samsung HP-S5053 - Great pic on this and i think it looks better than the pansonic Panasonic PX60U again ticotva [email protected]
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    Please help a newbie.....

    You have a lot of light in this room. a project isnt a good idea unless you can control the light. If you did go that route i'd advise blackout curtains.
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    Please help a newbie.....

    Definitely go with the Samsung, its a much stronger brand then westinghouse Great vivid picture and affordable. They emerged as a leader in the past few years. Pioneer /NEC are my top choice though also from your pic, you have great place over the fireplace or the opposing wall . I'd also...
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    looking for a projector

    I see one main issue with your goals here: If I understand you right you want a lot of lumens for a little money. Its not going to happen. Most home projectors are in the 1000-1400 range which is plenty for most dimmly lit rooms. You'll need to accept this range if you are not going to create a...
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    looking for a projector

    I agree very companies are prioritizeing 4:3 projectors since everything is moving to 16:9 . Usually you have the option to switch aspect ratios on most HD projectors. There are couple old NEC and Infocuss that used 4:3 s and you had to use an anmorphoric lens to get 16:9
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    Most newer TV's are HDTV format. Virtually all FLat screens over 40" are 16:9 There are some LCD in the 15" size that are 4:3 That said a projector or flat screen 16:9 have settings for 4:3 but you 'll see black bars on the side of the screen. ticotva [email protected]
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    JVC HD-ILA LCoS 1080p (difference between sets)

    If you want to know if you really need 1080p , here's good broadcasting info: US Over-The-Air HDTV Networks ABC - broadcasting 720p A network leader in HDTV, ABC broadcasts all of their prime time episodic programming in HDTV and DD 5.1 for the sixth consecutive year in the 2006-2007 TV season...