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  1. Paul_Dunlop

    Picked up an SVS PB 10 NSD

    So I met up with Mason at Sonic Boom (store sign says Electronics for Less) and bought a PB 10 on Wednesday night Very nice guy - had a short talk about different subs, cables and speakers He stayed late at the store to meet me, since I couldn't get there before closing 2 SVS guys were...
  2. Paul_Dunlop

    Downfiring sub

    Hi I am looking at getting a new sub Room size is L=16' W=8' H= 7' I have a front firing Energy 8.2 that I like, but need one for my upstairs stereo - so this one will be moved up and the new one is for the HT The room is carpeted - Berber style What impact would this have on a...
  3. Paul_Dunlop

    HD Players - Layer change?

    Hi I have a Tosh HDA2 arriving soon - do these players have a pause during layer changes like a regular DVD player? I saw some video, where a HDA2 was taken apart, and there was a RAM stick in it - assuming this was for buffering? Thanks in advance
  4. Paul_Dunlop

    Which model should I get?

    hi I have a Panny 50" Plasma - PX60U I have a Denon 2307Ci Which Tosh HD DVD player best fits this setup? I am looking at the HDA2 - is that the right one? Thanks
  5. Paul_Dunlop

    Denon and HDMI upconversion

    Hello I recently bought a Denon 2307ci AVR - it provides composite, S Vid, Component and HDMI I have a 32" Viewsonic LCD as my TV DVD = Pioneer DVD recorder SAT = ExpressVu 9200 High Def PVR Game system - original XBOX So i hooked up the AVR to the TV using HDMI DVD to the AVR...
  6. Paul_Dunlop

    WTB - Energy eXL 15 or 16's

    Hi Anyone selling a pair of Energy eXL -15 or 16's?
  7. Paul_Dunlop

    NYC Stores - On Vacation

    Hi i'm going to the Big Apple for vacation this week - i was wondering if you could let me know of some audio stores that i could wander into if you could tell me the name and the cross streets, that would be great (ie. 70th and 5th) thanks in advance
  8. Paul_Dunlop

    Discrete Codes for WEGA

    Hi Does anyone know the discrete codes for Video 1-4 on a Wega 27FS12?? thanks in advance
  9. Paul_Dunlop

    Isolating Power cords from Video cables

    Hi I have a custom made corner entertainment unit. I have a Denon 1601, Digital Cable box and S-VHS vcr under the TV. All my video and audio cables are of course right next to my power cables for all 4 components (my DVD is the only power cable that I can separate). With not a lot of room...