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  1. Abby_B

    Royal Pains (USA) Season 2

    Thought I'd start this up since second season is coming back to USA on June 3rd! A year later, but I guess not a surprise since it was cable's highest rated new series last year. Most anticipated new cast member - Henry Winkler as Hank & Evan's dad. Looove the casting!
  2. Abby_B

    *** Official THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG Discussion Thread

    Thought I'd revive this thread since the movie is now out in limited release....Anyone have a chance to see it yet? I've been hearing some pretty good things about it in the reviews I've read (it's currently 83% Fresh on RT) - mainly that Disney hasn't really lost its touch, at least in terms of...
  3. Abby_B

    *** Offical A CHRISTMAS CAROL (2009) Discussion Thread

    Surprised there isn't a thread on this yet, considering the poster is the first thing I see whenever I come here! Starts the holiday movie season on November 6th. It's one of my all-time favorite Christmas stories, and I think this will be an interesting version, particularly with the...
  4. Abby_B

    Ruby & The Rockits

    New ABC Fam Sitcom starring none other than David Cassidy. His little bro Shaun exec produces and his big brother Patrick also they turned it into a family affair! The sitcom seems like a good change of pace from all the dramas/reality series out there. It'd be fun to see David...
  5. Abby_B

    The Princess and The Frog

    Disney's going old school and bringing back 2-D animation! Here's the first (full-length) trailer for The Princess and The Frog: Apple - Trailers - The Princess And The Frog - Medium I'm so used to seeing CG stuff, and while I definitely love it, seeing this style is like a breath of fresh...
  6. Abby_B

    Surrogates (2009)

    This movie got pretty decent buzz at the New York Comic Con the other week: Disney Previews Surrogates at Comic-Con - I thought the concept sounded pretty intriguing plus Bruce Willis is THE man. Anyone else intrigued by this??
  7. Abby_B

    Race to Witch Mountain (2009)

    What do you all think of the Rock's next movie? I think he does best with the action + comedy genre and this looks to be another one of those. Trailer here: Apple - Trailers - Race to Witch Mountain
  8. Abby_B


    So I started the thread on movies in 3D and wanted to share with you the trailer for Jerry Bruckheimer's first venture into it: G-Force. You can check it out here: G-Force -- The Official Site It's directed by Hoyt Yeatman, who's got a pretty impressive VFX resume (The Abyss, Armageddon...
  9. Abby_B

    Movies in 3D

    I've noticed that there a bunch of 3D movies coming out soon - Bolt was just released in 3D, there's James Cameron's Avatar, Pixar is releasing its first 3D movie next year, Disney has a whole slate coming out in the next few years. One interesting one I saw is G-Force, which is a mix of live...
  10. Abby_B

    The Uninvited

    Has anyone seen this trailer? I saw it in front of Zack & Miri, and really liked it. I understand it's a remake of the Korean horror film "A Tale of 2 Sisters," which I haven't seen, but the remake looks good. Trailer: YouTube - "The Uninvited" - Trailer New 2008 Anyone else looking...
  11. Abby_B

    Beverly Hills Chihuhua

    It looks like I'll be taking the family to see this Sunday. Many of the reviews seem to indicate this is a standard, good family film. Anyone here seen it/have a review?
  12. Abby_B

    CBS' Worst Week

    It starts the 22nd and i think it looks hilarious.. The promo with the boyfriend in the trashbag diaper had me laughing outloud.. No one pulls of grumpy, yet hilarious Dad like Kurtwood Smith (Red from That 70s Show)
  13. Abby_B

    The Starter Wife -- returns as a series this fall

    Did any of you watch that USA miniseries? I missed it at the time, though when I saw it was returning as a show this fall I went and watched it on the USA site, and it's actually pretty good. It stars Debra Messing, who's returning for the show, as are her two friends, whom I loved. It'll be...
  14. Abby_B

    *** Official NICK AND NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST Discussion Thread

    How cute does this look? YouTube - [OFFICIAL]Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (Trailer 2008) I absolutely adore Michael Cera from Arrested Development and Juno, and Kat Dennings looks awesome in this -- I fully expect her to become a big star. Anyone else have their eye on this? It looks...
  15. Abby_B

    Lee's Miracle at St. Anna

    This is one film that's on my fall to-see list. Although Spike Lee often makes headlines for other reasons, you can't deny the man's talent. His latest film, Miracle at St. Anna, really seems like Lee is branching out stylistically. Much more "Inside Man" than classic Lee. I'm excited. Any other...
  16. Abby_B

    *** Official SWING VOTE Discussion Thread

    Here's a pretty favorable review from Variety: Swing Vote Review - Read Variety's Analysis Of The Movie Swing Vote To quote, "...comic smarts and affecting daddy-daughter drama provide a sturdy platform for its heartfelt advocacy of informed voting and responsible citizenship." It...
  17. Abby_B

    New PBS Documentary

    Has anyone else seen those promos for Stand Up: Muslim American Comics Come of Age? PBS is airing it on May 1th as part of their Cross Roads series and I'm so intrigued. It follows 5 comics as they use their craft to combat stereotypes about Muslims and Arabs. They are all from different...
  18. Abby_B

    Nostradamus Special on The History Channel

    The History Channel is airing a special on 10/28 called "Lost Book of Nostradamus" that seems really interesting. It will explore the prophet and the claims that the "lost book" is indeed his, as well as if his predictions are relevant/valid. Any discussion surrounding this guy is always...
  19. Abby_B

    The Universe

    Has anyone else been watching this series on the History Channel? It is really taking me back to when I used to want to be an astronomer or astronaut when I was a kid (and before I realized how much math was involved in doing that. Entirely too much.) It's really a fanastic series, the graphics...
  20. Abby_B

    Who Wants to Be A Superhero - Season 2

    Have y'all seen the promos that this is coming back for another season next week (the 26th, I think it said)? I'm kind of excited, 'cause this show really made me laugh last year, and I think the contestants were really fun. I'm curious to check out the new group of characters for this year.
  21. Abby_B

    Damages on FX

    What do people think of this new show that's starting on FX in a couple of weeks (July 24th)? I have seen some promos for it and I think it looks amazingly good. Glenn Close is an awesome actress, and the premise sounds cool. Plus, I will basically watch anything FX does because their shows...
  22. Abby_B

    Eureka: Season 2

    So, I saw a promo for this while watching Ghost Hunters recently and got all happy about it: Eureka Season 2 is starting on July 10th! Yay! I loved this show last year. I thought it was really good - kinda quirky and charming scifi. was anyone else a fan? Anyone got any ideas about what...
  23. Abby_B

    Any other Ghost Hunters fans?

    Is anyone else here a fan of Ghost Hunters? I'd never watched it before, and I borrowed the S1 DVDs from a coworker, now I am hooked! I think it's because the TAPS guys really try to make it more realistic, and not too sensational, does that make sense? The new season starts on June 6th...
  24. Abby_B

    MPAA Says Smoking Will Play A Role In Film Ratings

    Just read this article on how the MPAA is changing the ratings to include whether or not the film includes smoking, and that the act of smoking, particularly by characters who are underage, can affect the final decision on what rating the film will receive. I'm not sure what I think about...
  25. Abby_B

    Painkiller Jane

    Is anybody going to start watching this new series from Sci-Fi when it kicks off next week? I saw that it's premiering after the Stargates, so that's a draw since I'll be watching anyway. And I usually enjoy the Scifi channel's original programming (I have found it really good this year, too...
  26. Abby_B

    Bridge To Terabithia - Reviews

    I lucked out and got the chance to see this early over the weekend - it's really a very touching film. (I cried.) For book fans, it's very close to the story, and the fantasy elements are used sparingly, and are usually tied to something that's connectable to the kid's real life experiences (one...
  27. Abby_B

    Meet the Robinsons

    Has anyone seen anything about this one yet, or know much about it? I caught a trailer for it online - the best part is definitely the dinosaur and how he can't catch the kid and he says its because he has a big head and little arms. It looks like a really cute movie, and the graphics look...
  28. Abby_B

    PBS Announces Massive "America at a Crossroads" series

    I saw that WETA/PBS announced over the weekend they are doing a big series of documentaries that are going to roll out over six nights in April, about the issues facing America/the world after 9/11. The films all seem very different, focusing on a lot issues - the war on terror, the military...
  29. Abby_B

    The Dresden Files (merged)

    I have been seeing a lot of promos and media coverage (and one particular online friend who talks about this alllll the time) about SciFi's new series The Dresden Files. Anybody know anything about this new show? The premise sounds interesting to me (Harry Potter lover that I am), and it's on...
  30. Abby_B

    Knights of Prosperity

    I have seen the promos for this a bunch of times on ABC lately - I have to admit, the show looks pretty funny. Mick Jagger is even in some of them (I guess the premise is they are going to rob his house). I think I'll have to check it out, especially since it's taking Lost's timeslot. Anybody...