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  1. Earl_K

    EWS: A Critical Reevaluation

    It never ceases to amaze me how much people over analyze this movie. You could make Showgirls a masterpiece viewing it the way some view EWS. After reading countless explanations of this film I've come to the conclusion that no one knows what the hell it is about. The Kubrick family should just...
  2. Earl_K

    Interesting EWS special effect on DVD

    Cyran the Hong Kong version is NTSC so I didn't opt for the PAL converter. The website rep I bought the player from tried to sell me one for twenty dollars with the player but I told him no. When I got the player you couldn't even tell it was opened. It was sealed and wrapped just like a new...
  3. Earl_K

    Interesting EWS special effect on DVD

    Hi Jack, I bought my DVD from for 30.00. I own the hong kong version which is an EXACT replica of the region 1 dvd except for the orgy scene. The menus are even in English which really surprised me. I don't own an APEX I decided to pony up and by a Toshiba 1600 codefee...
  4. Earl_K

    Interesting EWS special effect on DVD

    When comparing the uncensored or as Warner titles it in the import DVD as the "unedited version" and the R version there's a cool computer effect. I was surprised to find in the last scene of the orgy that Tom Cruise is in both versions. He's just in different positions. In the original he's...
  5. Earl_K

    Thread on Replacement X-Files Cases

    I'd love a replacement slipsleave.
  6. Earl_K

    Edge enhancement questions...

    Great, I never should have read this thread. Now, I'm noticing this ghosting effect while watching on my 20 inch! I don't see it everywhere, just in certain scenes. Adjusting the sharpness on my TV isn't correcting it; so it must be the DVD.
  7. Earl_K

    A plea FOX: Please release Alien 3 Special Edition.

    I'd buy a directors cut of this film. If Fincher is willing to recut the film then I'm all for it.
  8. Earl_K

    When will we have more Robert Altman on DVD?

    "Images" is one I'd like to add. Even if the original negative is lost, there have to be some theatrical prints floating around somewhere. Wasn't there a VHS release back in the 80's? I hate Pan and Scan but if that's all Columbia's got I'll take it.
  9. Earl_K

    RETURN OF THE FLY anamorphic broadcast?

    I don't know if it was a mistake, but it sure surprised me when I was flipping through the channels. My TV isn't widescreen so the image was all stretched and everyone looked like plastic man.