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  1. docdoowop

    Streets of San Francisco's Karl Malden dead

    Karl Malden, 97, an Academy Award-winning actor who excelled in plainspoken, working-class roles, including the awkward Mitch in "A Streetcar Named Desire" and a brave priest in "On the Waterfront," died today at his home in Los Angeles. No cause of death was immediately disclosed.
  2. docdoowop

    Here's one I never thought I'd see: The Barbara Stanwyck Show

    Great news! The Barbara Stanwyck Show DVD news: Announcement for The Barbara Stanwyck Show - Volume 1 |
  3. docdoowop

    "I'm Dickens, He's Fenster" may be coming!

    As revealed at TVSoDVD today. Here's the campaign website: I'm Dickens, He's Fenster One of my favorite "lost" shows!
  4. docdoowop

    "Bridget Loves Bernie" coming in 2010

    From the Video Business release calendar: Release Details Title: Bridget Loves Bernie: The Complete Series Release Date: 01/01/2010 Label/Distributor: Columbia/Tri-Star Rating: NR (Not Rated) Retail Price: $29.95 Cast: David Birney DVD Video Options: Closed-captioned, Color...
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    Coming from Shout! Factory: 21 Historical Saturday Morning TV Shows

    Pinky Lee! Winky Dink! Beany! Paul Winchell! TV Shows on DVD has the scoop: Site News DVD news: Announcement for Hiya, Kids!!: A '50s Saturday Morning from Shout! Factory |
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    "International Detective" (1959) from Liberation Entertainment

    Incorrect cast credits, but here's a rarity. Preview included.,562,0,0,1,0 Mods: Feel free to kill the thread if this doesn't look legit.
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    Hitchcock Coming from Mill Creek September 25th

    Alfred Hitchcock 20 Movie Pack Blackmail Champagne Cheney Vase, The Easy Virtue Farmer's Wife, The Jamaica Inn Juno and the Paycock Lady Vanishes, The Lodger, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Manxman, The Number 17 Rich and Strange Ring, The Sabotage Secret Agent Skin Game, The...
  8. docdoowop

    Mill Creeks's "Best of Jack Benny" details

    Some duplication of the 5-disc "Jack Benny Collection" from Madacy. Coming September 25th. 36 half-hour Jack Benny Shows 10-4-51 B The Jack Benny Show - The Hillbilly Show 11-30-52 B The Jack Benny Show - Post Thanksgiving Show 1953 B The Jack Benny Show - How Jack Found Mary 1953 B 25...
  9. docdoowop

    Mill Creek's "TV Western Classics" 150 episodes

    Courtesy of Ian Warfield, here's the lineup. Releasing September 25th, note some episodes are untitled: TV Western Classics 150 Episodes SUGARFOOT 1The Return of the Canary Kid STONEY BURKE 2Point of Entry WIDE COUNTRY 3Step Over the Sky SKY KING 4sky king 5sky king 6sky king...
  10. docdoowop

    November 6th: "X-Files: The Ultimate Collection"

    DVD Empire is carrying a listing for this with no other information save the UPC number. A search through Navarre's upcoming release schedule was not enlightening.
  11. docdoowop

    Hoppy rides in August 7th with a 12 DVD set!

    52 TV episodes, 10 features and a documentary!
  12. docdoowop

    Columbo: Going out-of-print?!

    In late May Best Buy had a nice sale on all seasons of Columbo and I picked them all up but season three, which wasn't on the shelf. BB issued me a rain check and I've been waiting for a restock. Today I asked a management-level store employee to see what the status of season three is and was...
  13. docdoowop

    Coming from Mill Creek mid-June "Best of TV Detectives" 150 episode box

    Just had a pleasant conversation with marketing at Mill Creek. If I can read my hastily-scribbled notes, this set will feature various episodes of: The Adventures of Fu Manchu (aka Dr. Fu Manchu) starring John Carradine and Sir Cedric Hardwicke Ellery Queen (not sure which version)...
  14. docdoowop

    Criterion's "Green For Danger"

    How nice to have this on DVD. We need an Alastair Sim box!!
  15. docdoowop

    St. Clair's "Cary Grant Collection"

    I can't seem to find what's on this ridiculously priced disc. It has a $4.98 list and is being sold as low as $2.30 online. Release date is next Tuesday (April 17th).
  16. docdoowop

    June 12th: Early DeMille 5-disc box from Koch Intl

    Reasonably priced, too!
  17. docdoowop

    Ziv's "Troubleshooters"

    Here's a great single-season series starring Keenan Wynn and former Olympian Bob Mathias. If you'll recall (or not), this 1959 drama featured the adventures of a traveling construction crew. With the rebuilding of Iraq by contract crews and the danger they face, it's pretty relevant today. Hey...
  18. docdoowop

    Where are the St. Trinian's films!?

    I know "Blue Murder" was released on VHS at one time. Are these Janus films? I'd pony up for a box of all four in an instant.
  19. docdoowop

    Scoring for television or: "they don't write 'em like they used to"

    I got to thinking of all the memorable theme music and cues created for television in the 1950s and '60s and wondered: what's happened to all the grandeur? Fred Steiner's music for "Perry Mason", the "Bonanza" theme (even a hit record for Al Caiola), "Have Gun Will Travel" and "Twilight Zone"...
  20. docdoowop

    New 150 episode "Ultimate TV Westerns" from Mill Creek, incl "Pistols & Petticoats"

    Not broken down into episodes per title: Format 12 DVD Street Date Tuesday, January 16, 2007 MSRP 29.98 Synopsis: Welcome to the greatest compilation of TV western shows ever assembled. 29 thrilling series, 150 complete episodes, over 70 hours of family entertainment on 12 double-sided...
  21. docdoowop

    Hitchcock's "Torn Curtain" 2006 Universal release

    Not one of the Master's best efforts, as even Hitchcock would (and did) admit. The new Universal DVD features a few Bernard Herrmann-scored scenes as bonus material and it's far better than the John Addison music used, IMO. Why the falling out between Hitch & Herrmann?