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  1. Craig_T

    "Girls Club" cancelled after only 2 weeks

    According to the NY Times, Fox television network has cancelled David E. Kelley's new series "Girls Club." All 6 people that watched it must be crushed...
  2. Craig_T

    Annoying Pulp Fiction SE problems (grey bars, loud menu music)

    Overall, this is a good SE, but there are 2 really annoying things that could've (and should've) easily been corrected: 1. Why are the black bars generated by the player to frame this 2.35:1 film within the 16:9 anamorphic image a shade of grey rather than black? On a 4:3 televison, it...
  3. Craig_T

    U2 Best of 1990-2000 DVD - detailed track listing

    from Even Better Than the Real Thing a) Godley Clip + Commentary b) Smyth Dance Version Clip Mysterious Ways a) Sednaoui Video + Commentary Beautiful Day a) Akerlund Clip + Commentary Electrical Storm a) Video (Director’s Version: No Shower Scene) +...
  4. Craig_T

    What's with all these commentary track disclaimers lately?

    I just picked up Simpsons Season 2 and Star Trek II today and both discs (from different studios) have some moronic disclaimer at the start, that you can't skip, that says somthing like "The commentary here doesn't reflect the views of Paramount." I've never noticed this before. Is this idiotic...
  5. Craig_T

    Ally McBeal has been cancelled

    Variety is reporting that Ally McBeal will not return next season. Everyone stick your finger down your throat after lunch tomorrow in honor of Ally McBeal.
  6. Craig_T

    Someone even less talented than Fred Durst

    Congratulations, Andrew WK! I didn't think it was possible!
  7. Craig_T

    South Park fans get the shaft

    And I don't mean The Chef Isaac Hayes... I see the first 4 complete seasons of South Park are available on DVD in Region 2 and have been for some time. How ridiculously easy would it be to just take these four sets and encode them for...
  8. Craig_T

    Simpsons Season 2 FINALLY available for preorder The June 4th release date sucks but I am absolutely stunned that the MSRP is only $10 more than Season 1. I hope this isn't a pricing mistake.
  9. Craig_T

    Doh! Simpsons Season 2 due in MAY 2002?

    "According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, series producer Al Jean says that Season 2 is ready for a May 2002 release. We've recorded the commentary already for season two, and the DVD set is being assembled now, he said." ------------------ Well if this is accurate it really sucks...
  10. Craig_T

    Total Recall: SE packaging is horrible!

    I saw the Total Recall: SE on display yesterday at a store. Man is it ever awful! They somehow managed to make it nonfunctional and butt ugly at the same time. It's round(!) and sits in a little holder like you're displaying a priceless plate. The "plate" however looks like some sort of...