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  1. Alphonse Brown

    A recent trend in movie endings

    This thread will contain spoilers regarding the ending of several movies, so be forewarned. Recently, I’ve seen a few movies that have seemed to deviate from the typical Hollywood “happy” ending. For example: “Mr. 3000”Bernie Mac’s character does not get his 3,000th hit. Yeah, he proves...
  2. Alphonse Brown

    Which Film Gets Credit for Sneak Previews?

    This past weekend when I went to see "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", I noticed that the theater made time for it in an auditorium that would have been showing "The Others". The marquee did not have a 7ish time due to the sneak. Now, I know Miramax distributes both films and the money...
  3. Alphonse Brown

    PARAMOUNT - Please relocate Widescreen Banner to the bottom

    Personally, I do not like the "Widescreen Collection" banner at the top of Paramount DVD's. I thought they were just fine at the bottom. Not only is the new banner location an eyesore, but it now creates an inconsistent look for those collectors that arrange their DVD's by studio, not to...