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  1. Casey Neutron

    Hollywood Video Liquidation Sales

    Just found out that a lot of Hollywood Video stores across the country will be closing. "Most" will remain open, but less profitable locations will be folding. Liquidation sales are said to be in effect. I'm not sure if any stores in my city are closing but I have found some great deals on...
  2. Casey Neutron

    Does Warner know the difference between 1.75:1 and 1.85:1?

    Just got "The Right Stuff" dvd and it's letterboxed at about 1.75:1. The LaserDisc was 1.85:1. Comparing the two versions, it's easy to see the new dvd is cropped. I thought maybe they'd opened the matting a little on the dvd, but no, they cropped the sides of the frame. Same thing with Warner's...
  3. Casey Neutron

    What's the aspect ratio on the current "CLOCKWORK ORANGE" dvd?

    I have the laserdisc and the first dvd release of this film. Both versions are letterboxed at around 1.55:1. IFC has been showing "A CLOCKWORK ORANGE" lately and it's a slightly wider version, somewhere around 1.66:1, with a little more picture information at the sides than the laser and dvd...
  4. Casey Neutron

    Turner Classic Movies: "No Cuts" my @!#%*!!

    We've all seen their ads--on tv, in newspapers (today’s USA Today for example) and even little fliers in certain Warner dvds. They claim “no cuts,” yet they continue to cut many of the films they show. About two months back I sat down to watch “Kramer vs. Kramer” on TCM. In his introduction...
  5. Casey Neutron

    Mulholland Drive 4/9

    DVD Planet lists a 4/9 release date for MULHOLLAND DRIVE. Excellent news as this is my favorite movie of 2001. Seems kinda pricey though--$32.98 for a featureless Universal title? I'm still all over it.
  6. Casey Neutron

    M*A*S*H is out early?

    Picked up the 5 Star Collection edition of M*A*S*H at ******* today. I was surprised to see it there since the release date is 1/8. ******* also had the tv series on the shelf. Didn't see this stuff at Best Buy or Circuit City. Did ******* jump the gun or did Fox up the release date?
  7. Casey Neutron

    "JABBERWOCKY"--At last the full-length version is restored for dvd!

    A couple months back, with word of an upcoming "Jabberwocky" dvd release, I started a thread in which I expressed my hopes for the full theatrical release version which had yet to be given a video release in any format. My hopes have been realized. "Jabberwocky" is, at last, the full 1977...
  8. Casey Neutron

    those SCARFACE voices sound awfully familiar

    I've never heard anyone address this, but I swear in the opening scene of SCARFACE, two of the officers interrogating Pacino sound amazingly like Dennis Franz and Charles Durning. Now, these two actors don't appear in the movie (though they've both appeared in previous DePalma films) but it...
  9. Casey Neutron

    Conflicting GODFATHER box set prices

    So... How much is this thing gonna cost? Amazon lists it at $105.98; DVDPlanet lists it at $99.95; the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (9/7) says it's $74.95. I'm hoping for the latter, obviously. Anybody know the real deal?
  10. Casey Neutron

    Fox: Mel Brooks' and Gene Wilder's '70s comedies

    I’d love Fox to release Mel Brooks’ SILENT MOVIE and HIGH ANXIETY, and Gene Wilder’s THE ADVENTURE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES’ SMARTER BROTHER and THE WORLD’S GREATEST LOVER. They don't have to be anything as fancy as YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN (a great disc). As long as they’re anamorphic widescreen I’m a...