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  1. Voranand

    Dexter First Season, what is the OAR?

    2.35:1 on Amazon page but I can swear it's just 16:9 (1.78:1) on my viewing. Am I dreaming?
  2. Voranand

    Is UK R2 Tartan DVD's Sex and Lucia uncut?

    I have a chance to buy this cheap (second handed) but I'm not sure if the version uncut. If it's not, then maybe I'll buy R1 instead. I suppose there's only one version from Tartan in UK.
  3. Voranand

    All-Male or All-Female movies?

    I think I'll give you guys movie-lovers a game. Please name me the movie which has all-male or all-female cast. And please use only what's in your head, do not research it. And please list only one per person. Thanks. I give you the obvious one. John Carpenter's The Thing - all-male...
  4. Voranand

    True Romance 2-discs SE...Dialogue cut?

    sorry if it has been discussed before...searched...nothing comes Researched all of Quentin Tarantino's films for every alternate versions. Surprised to see this at IMDB: In the first release of the Unrated Director's Cut on DVD in the US, Clarence's "I'd fuck Elvis" speech is the...