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  1. 70sTVlover

    The Lucy Show Season 1 Spring 2009

    Dore dont ask anyone that again it is against the rules here
  2. 70sTVlover

    The Lucy Show Season 1 Spring 2009

    [Deleted by moderator; do not repost]
  3. 70sTVlover

    The Lucy Show Season 1 Spring 2009

    Mine arrived today and I have watched the first episode never seen it before but it was great. Really enjoyed, picture quality was great cant wait to start watching the rest now. Packaging is a normal DVD case with a cardboard sleeve.
  4. 70sTVlover

    Mary Tyler Moore Show Complete Series Set Coming

    Hasnt the price gone up on Amazon?
  5. 70sTVlover

    Will Paramount Release Season 2 Of Cannon On DVD?

    Season 2 of Jake and the Fatman was announced today but no sign of Cannon...
  6. 70sTVlover

    20th Century Fox Shows that need a release

    Lou Grant Bob Newhart show seasons 5 & 6 Newhart 2+ Hill Street Blues 3+ Cagney and Lacey season 2+
  7. 70sTVlover

    How about Green Acres, Mister Ed, and Bob Newhart Show?

    I'd love to see them finish up Bob Newhart show and Newhart, thankfully they are finishing MTM... Not bothered about Mr ed and green acres.. isnt mr ed about a horse or something?
  8. 70sTVlover

    Why isn´t Sony releasing "Hart to Hart"-Season 3,4 and 5?

    Who knows, but I would buy them all in a heartbeat
  9. 70sTVlover

    Current TV DVDs you plan to buy in 2009

    Rockford Files season 6 Rhoda Murder she wrote season 9 Matlock season 2 Cheers season 11 Simon and Simon season 2 Lucy Show (if it comes out) Columbo Mystery Movies Vol 2 There'll be lots more but some shows havent been announced yet
  10. 70sTVlover

    Possible 2010 release for Here's Lucy?

    Whilst browsing the sitcoms online board for Here's Lucy I came across this: At the Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention in NJ this weekend, during a Saturday Q&A with Luci Arnaz, Larry Luckinbill and the other guests... Luci said that HERE'S LUCY will be distributed by MPI Video in...
  11. 70sTVlover

    Last Call! Cheers Season 11 Announced

    I cant wait for it!!! Have never seen the episodes so am really looking forward. Really glad they managed to finish it
  12. 70sTVlover

    Simon & Simon Season 2??

    I would love to see Shout! do Quincy
  13. 70sTVlover

    Columbo Mystery Movies 1990

    Ironside season 3 has been released in Australia on region 4 I think aswell
  14. 70sTVlover

    Columbo Mystery Movies 1990

    Believe it or not there are some people who care about region 2 so a little less ignorance please... I would prefer to have it on R1 but I am quite happy having it on R2.
  15. 70sTVlover

    Mystery/Detective Shows Not Owned By Paramount?

    Hi guys, are any of you wondering what has happened to other mystery or detective shows not owned by Paramount? It seems that only Paramount are making an effort to release these, in a quick fashion aswell. Take for example, Cannon, Hawaii 5-0, Streets Of San Fran, Matlock, Mannix etc etc etc...
  16. 70sTVlover

    Most disappointing abandoned dvd series

    I e-mailed someone at Paramount called Kathy about Diagnosis Murder she said my interest will be passed on to their marketing dept. It probably wont do anything, Im suprised it's not doing well on DVD
  17. 70sTVlover

    Final 3 Seasons of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" to be Released by Fox (NY Times)

    Here is the link guys!!
  18. 70sTVlover

    Final 3 Seasons of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" to be Released by Fox (NY Times)

    Here is the link guys!!
  19. 70sTVlover

    Final 3 Seasons of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" to be Released by Fox (NY Times)

    I dont care if I have to rebuy seasons 1-4 I'M IN!!!!! IS also a very happy camper
  20. 70sTVlover

    Where is Mary Tyler Moore Season 5?

    Now there's a BOGOF sale at amazon, all the MTM DVD's are included and each one is currently in the top 100 amazon sales list... I wonder after this and Oprah, sales must be pretty good at least on amazon.
  21. 70sTVlover

    Murder, She Wrote: Season 9 DVD boxset?

    Well after watching the adverts on my Monk season 6 boxset for Murder She Wrote, it says at the end Season 9 coming soon...
  22. 70sTVlover

    The Rockford Files - Season 6 and the series of 90's TV movies

    That was me, I'm going to e-mail them again soon to see what's happening
  23. 70sTVlover

    Where is Mary Tyler Moore Season 5?

    Yeah I'm from the UK and no one around here has heard of it!
  24. 70sTVlover

    Where is Mary Tyler Moore Season 5?

    Have you guys e-mailed him? I've sent one off, please pass the e-mail address to other friends who want MTM 5th season out. It's much better than the foxdrop e-mail apparently.
  25. 70sTVlover

    Where is Mary Tyler Moore Season 5?

    Only a minor development on Season 5 but please look: - Sitcoms Online Message Boards I have just dropped him an e-mail, here's hoping that some of you do too!
  26. 70sTVlover

    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: Cannon: Season One, Volume One

    Cannon just briefly touched the top 100 TV sales rankings over at amazon whilst Jake and the Fatman were far, far from it...
  27. 70sTVlover

    Is classiv tv-dvd back?

    If I log onto and see Mary Tyler Moore is back for a fifth season, Quincy for a third, Kojak for a second, Bob Newhart fifth, Hart To Hart.. Maude... McCloud... then I'll consider it! Jokes aside Paramount is continuing to do a top notch job!
  28. 70sTVlover

    Stalled series? There's Hope!

    I love Nancy Walker! Shame Rhoda isnt out on DVD though....