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  1. Paul_Dunlop

    Std movies played on HD-DVD player problems

    ^ yup - slower burn speed usually helps these issues
  2. Paul_Dunlop

    HD-A2 upgrade is now available for download. Now version 2.5!

    Downloaded last night (from the player) Took 2 trys, but it's installed HDA2 and 2.5 Watched a movie afterwards - working well as usual
  3. Paul_Dunlop

    okay to place dvd player on top of center speaker?

    I had a center channel on top of my DVD player for about 4yrs The center channel was not large or heavy I didn't experience any issues and the DVD player is still in use I had rubber feet on the center channel, and it was propped at the back with rubber doorstops, so I would think this...
  4. Paul_Dunlop

    Is "300" worth a blind buy?

    I hope so - I just bought it for $40 CDN - based on a couple of friends' recommendation I wanted to see it at the theater, but missed out Will be watching it this weekend
  5. Paul_Dunlop

    Canadian Online Cable Retailer?

    I recently ordered from BlueJeans cable, and it was a good experience I think the HDMI cable I bought was $23 - instead of the $90-150 in the local stores Arrived within the week as well They have an ad on this site
  6. Paul_Dunlop

    Any good dvd players for < $75 ?

    PJ means projector? If you get a cheap DVD player and blow it up on a projector screen, it is not going to look good This would seem like a strange match to me - usually a projector would rate a fairly good source in order to utilize it properly DVD Recorders are mature - and HD's will...
  7. Paul_Dunlop

    Speakers for Dummies

    Post your room size Post your floor material (wood or carpet) Post your music / HT / TV listening percentages Post your music type - if music is a significant percentage Definitely get the SVS or HSU for the sub, regardless of the speaker type What stores have you been listening to...
  8. Paul_Dunlop

    HD DVD Gets Microsoft HDi Boost...

    ^ I'm an IT guy as well, and I don't use all those things I mentioned, but I was making the point that most people love that stuff I couldn't wait to get rid of my blackberry - I only got it for testing purposes anyway I have a basic cell without a camera - but almost everyone has a camera...
  9. Paul_Dunlop

    HD DVD Gets Microsoft HDi Boost...

    ^ this is kind of funny - some people are complaining that web access is not required... true enough, but we are living in a world with fridges that connect to grocery gateway and order food, blackberries that are 100% connected, even in the bathrooms and movie theaters, cell phones that you can...
  10. Paul_Dunlop

    Who makes a good center channel?

    A new center probably won't solve your issue... your sony satellite speakers are the issue You should look at some new front speakers - pick a line of speakers that you will be able to buy the front 3 at least Save up a bit more and get a pair of front bookshelves for about $300-400 Then...
  11. Paul_Dunlop

    Newbie: Wanting to upgrade my sound, please critique my first quote.

    ^ That is a great start! And I always recommend to people that they should upgrade 1 or 2 peices at a time, for the following reasons 1. costs are smoothed out over a period of time 2. you will appreciate each upgrade more ****Most important reason 3. you will know when to stop in my...
  12. Paul_Dunlop

    What 5.1, small speaker system should I get?

    If you've set aside a $1000 for speakers and AVR, I would weight it differently $300 for AVR $700.00 for speakers No experience with HTiB, so can't help you there Look at (and listen to) Athena's, Polk, Paradigm, Energy
  13. Paul_Dunlop

    Speaker placement / room symmetry

    yes - I believe the close wall is making a difference in the sound You are probably getting more bass effect from that right speaker see if your receiver has a tone level generator and start adjusting with that You will probably notice this less, when the other speakers arrive - the...
  14. Paul_Dunlop

    Any way to cool down the Onkyo 805?

    I run a Denon 2307 and it doesn't run hot Post your speaker type - maybe they are inefficient and the amp runs hotter due to this factor - maybe they are lower Ohm rating than the amp can handle How much room do you have above and around the receiver? What are your listening levels?
  15. Paul_Dunlop

    SVS's mid-line MTS-01's announced

    I love the rounded top - no one will try to put anything on there! I think they look pretty good - I don't need new speakers, but I would check these out if I was in the market
  16. Paul_Dunlop

    OPPo DV-970HD

    Your SD DVD's will look noticeably better played through a Toshiba HDA2 as well Plus you will be able to play HD DVD's if you want
  17. Paul_Dunlop

    Blockbuster to favor Blu-ray HD discs over DVD format

    ^ My company buys HP laptops as our standard Dell for desktops
  18. Paul_Dunlop

    Why are some of you in here?

    This post confuses me - if you won't purchase it because it looks better and sounds better, then why are you interested in it? I am here because I like to research my buying decisions online, prior to purchasing. (this is in addition to store visits and listening/viewing sessions) I have...
  19. Paul_Dunlop

    First Dual Format HD/SD disk released

    Now I know what that setting on my A2 is for - the Twin Format option with DVD or HDDVD as the possible options I am guessing it is to identify which layer to play, given a single sided SD and HD DVD disc Cool
  20. Paul_Dunlop


    beta vhs player? They sold combo players back then? i am pretty sure most people just bought a VHS player to replace their betamax player... apology accepted by the way, but not needed - I am not sure how long both formats will compete for, but it's not over yet anyway
  21. Paul_Dunlop

    HDMI Receiver to match with new 1080p plasma

    Hi Look at the Denon 2307Ci and the Denon 2807 Both have ipod docks available (mine got thrown in for free) and are XM ready The ipod info appears on the screen - run over S Video Both provide multi zone and are 7.1 Both have Onscreen display for setup HDMI - I have a Denon 2307...
  22. Paul_Dunlop

    Are tower (floor) speakers still popular among audiophiles?

    Some of the SVS don't have high level inputs Like the SVS PB10
  23. Paul_Dunlop

    Put my money where my mouth is...purchased an HD-A2

    HAHA One of the first reasons I didn't want HiDef was because of Laurence! Congrats on joining the HD DVD experience
  24. Paul_Dunlop

    Plasma vs. LCD - some concerns

    Hi My vote is for the Panny 37" I have the 50" version of this plasma - unbelievable picture Don't worry about the 100 hr break in - you can make a dvd to speed this along (search for break in dvd) I ran it for about 6 days - not non stop Then you setup your tv contrast and brightness...
  25. Paul_Dunlop

    Klipsch Replacement Speakers

    I would second the Paradigm suggestion Also look at some Energy speakers At a $1000 for the front 3, I think you will get a nice set of 3 Paradigm Fronts - Titan Monitor - $499 pr USD Center - CC-290 - $399 USD These WILL NOT match your Klipsch, but would be the basis for a great...
  26. Paul_Dunlop

    Wharfedale 9.5 and centre speaker break in

    Hi Have you calibrated the speaker volumes yet? - so that they are all the same? Some people turn up the center speaker by a couple of dB to compensate for the quiet voice scenes These settings are on the receiver...
  27. Paul_Dunlop


    it's good that you are troubleshooting your way through this I have read that the order in which you boot up your devices can make a difference as well - maybe try alternating the TV and HD DVD player power up sequences Also, maybe update the Title thread with a ? instead of a !, as you...
  28. Paul_Dunlop

    Klipsch Replacement Speakers

    I have a question, and a suggestion Why if this new system you got, has a dead surround, would you start upgrading it? Why wouldn't you return it for (a) an operational set or (b) the cash spent on it? Do some research and buy a new set of speakers to upgrade your Klipsch, if necessary...
  29. Paul_Dunlop

    WHV Press Release: Blood Diamond (Blu-Ray) & (HD DVD)

    ^ haha true enough I also moved the switch close by, so that I wouldn't have to keep moving it for firmware updates
  30. Paul_Dunlop

    Picked up an SVS PB 10 NSD

    Thanks Yup - didn't feel like getting out the tripod and going without flash Definitely recommend them - call and speak to Mason I actually picked mine up, since it was close - talked to him for about 20 minutes Sub was double boxed and packed very well, so I wouldn't worry about...