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  1. Tyler Ruggeri

    Strange DVD malfunction -- Road Trip

    I put in my copy of Road Trip tonight (bought it when it first came out). I've watched it several times over the years with absolutely no problem. The disc has two thumbprints and a few very minor scratches, but overall any surface damage to the disc is minimal and barely visible. It loaded...
  2. Tyler Ruggeri

    Young Adam DVD edited?

    I was watching the previews on my Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring DVD (excellent film, btw) and noticed that the Young Adam trailer advertises that the film is rated R, and after the trailer there's a brief "R-rated version available on video and DVD" disclaimer. Sony Classics...
  3. Tyler Ruggeri

    Any chance of the Bridges of Madison County in widescreen?

    I saw this again recently on (yes, I know) VHS and immediately remembered what a great film it was and how I have to own it immediately. Unfortunately, the DVD is full screen, and reissued under the Clint Eastwood banner that way nonetheless. Has anyone heard anything about a special edition...
  4. Tyler Ruggeri

    Things Behind the Sun aspect ratio

    I just got the Allison Anders film Things Behind the Sun free at this week's Blockbuster sale. I know the film was intended for theatrical distribution but couldn't find any (despite a good showing at Sundance) and later premiered on Showtime. The DVD is exclusive to Blockbuster from Showtime...
  5. Tyler Ruggeri

    God Bless ABC and Disney -- Once and Again on DVD

    The Digital Bits is reporting that several of Disney/ABC's TV product is gearing up for release on DVD, notably the entire series of Sports Night and first season sets of Felicity and Once and Again, with the entire series presumably to follow. I was bummed as hell when Once and Again got...
  6. Tyler Ruggeri

    Harry Potter WS $17.99, P&S $15.99 at Best Buy

    I just stopped by Best Buy today to pick of the Color of Money when I saw a display for Harry Potter with the new releases. Apparently one of my favorite retail stores is making a big no-no as far as I'm concerned. I didn't have anyone check the prices or anything, but the sign very clearly...
  7. Tyler Ruggeri

    Double Indemnity -- new DVD in the works?

    I've been wanting Double Indemnity for a long time, and Borders has two copies of the OOP Image disc for $9.99. The only problem is supposedly Criterion has the rights now and the picture/sound quality on this Image disc is God awful. I haven't seen it, but judging by the Sixteen Candles and...
  8. Tyler Ruggeri

    In the Mood for Love: the best Criterion has done yet

    Okay, so I'm biased. I've wanted this thing on DVD since I first saw it during the US theatrical release last February. I avoided buying the region 0 disc after hearing it was crap and missing subtitles for the text excerpts at the beginning and end of the movie. I was a little mad when USA...
  9. Tyler Ruggeri

    Upgrading to 5.1 -- decoder questions

    I have a Sony STR-DE615 receiver and am looking to get an external DD 5.1 decoder instead of having to get an entirely new receiver. I've got just a few questions since I'm new to 5.1 and would appreciate any help I can get? 1. What are the cheapest DD 5.1 decoders out there? I'm on a budget...
  10. Tyler Ruggeri

    Who rubbed off part of the Godfather case getting the sticky stuff off?

    See my post in the Software forum for more details. The Reader's Digest version is that in attempting to get that awful glue off of the case I ended up rubbing off part of the case itself, so now there are a few white specks where the adhesive once was. This is a small area and it's not...
  11. Tyler Ruggeri

    Need Help ASAP!!! Toshiba DVD player brightness problem

    I just came home and turned on my DVD player to watch Shadow of the Vampire. While all the TV stations and VCR do not exhibit this problem, the DVD player has the brightness level jacked up. This is apparent not only when I play any DVD but when I am on the player's menu screen as well. This is...
  12. Tyler Ruggeri

    Where is Real Genius on DVD?

    Come on, Sony! This one would be great as an SE with all the nice features they usually give to their lesser-known catalog titles. This movie must have a fan base somewhere. Tyler Ruggeri
  13. Tyler Ruggeri

    Sound of Music: GREAT extras but sound a disappointment

    I got the Sound of Music today and am pleased for the most part except for a few things, and I'm surprised you guys haven't posted more on this. Sure, it's sweet and sugary, but for the most part the film is great and enjoyable. The picture is perfect. Beautiful, unprecedented. A fantastic...