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  1. Dave Barth

    Best shows of 2003

    #1 Without a Trace #2 CSI #3 24 #4 Alias
  2. Dave Barth

    Directors Box Office Kings - How many repeat viewings?

    LOTR - FOTR 2 LOTR - TTT 1 (good, but couldn't stand Gimli as comic relief) XMEN 1 X2 0 (might go this week) Matrix 2 Matrix Reloaded 1 (might go again) Die Another Day 0 Star Wars Ep1 1 Star Wars Ep2 0 (based on wretchedness of Ep1) Spiderman 1 DareDevil 0
  3. Dave Barth

    Matrix SE Possible Cancellation???

    I'm thinking along the lines of giagantic box set of all 3 films, myself.
  4. Dave Barth

    Explain a Spider Man plot hole

    Been a while since I've seen the film, but why would the Green Goblin think he'd even recognized Spidey if he unmasked him? I mean, in a city as large as NYC, why would the Green Goblin think he'd learn anything about Spidey's identity by unmasking Spidey?
  5. Dave Barth

    What's up with Fox?

  6. Dave Barth

    Name a show (that lasted less than one season) you wished was not cancelled?...

    Almost thought I was going to get to the end of this thread without seeing Brimstone mentioned! That and Action are my two choices.
  7. Dave Barth

    Sledge Hammer!!!

    I was young when this show aired, but I recall it's hilarious. I wonder if I'd think so were I to see it again. I'd definitely pick up a DVD release to find out, that's for sure. Too bad one is not in the works.
  8. Dave Barth

    Various thoughts about NEWS from the WB Chat!

    I had to miss the chat because I was traveling at the time. I am very disappointed I had to miss the chat, now that I've read the chat transcript. The questions were generally good. The responses were candid and it seemed as though the studio's participants tried to be as informative as...
  9. Dave Barth

    Films that you fear may NEVER be released on DVD.

    Brownlow's Hollywood and the Rolling Stones documentary C*cksucker Blues are the two that lept to mind. There have been many good suggestions made in this thread, but I think, e.g., all of Preston Sturges' films will make it out eventually. Now when exactly can we expect Lubitsch's To Be or...
  10. Dave Barth

    Actress Katrin Cartlidge dies

    I was sad at the original news. Bumping the thread reminded me of her passing, as well as the fact she wasn't listed in the Oscar broadcast's retrospective on those who had died.
  11. Dave Barth

    Direct Graphic DVD Comparisons now Online!

    I thought the reason Criterion's DVD went OOP is because Criterion licensed their high-quality transfer from Universal. So how is it that the Criterion goes OOP, and Universal releases the DVD with a transfer that is obviously inferior? Does this make any sense?
  12. Dave Barth

    HTF REVIEW: Miyazaki's "Spirited Away" (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) (with screenshots)

    Ron, great review. I didn't find Princess Mononoke as great as the hype had made it out to be, but I may now rent this and/or Kiki due to your reviews. Now, pardon me for digressing into a nitpick:
  13. Dave Barth

    'Sopranos' star: HBO breached my contract

    After reading the suit filed, and the media report, I'm inclined to think Gandolfini's suit has some merit. Whether or not HBO is being reasonable, I cannot say, since no one is privy to the negotiations, and any reports may be self-serving (to the side doing the serving). However, I don't...
  14. Dave Barth

    'Sopranos' star: HBO breached my contract

    Not that I would want it to happen, but if it came to Sopranos w/o Gandolfini or no Sopranos at all, it should be possible to continue, e.g. Digitally insert Tony in the 1st episode as did was done with Tony's mother in the 2nd episode of the 3rd season, then have him whacked--by Furio. Don't...
  15. Dave Barth

    Jag And The Sentinel Paramount Poll Page

    All I have to say is this: if the forum is ever hurting for new blood, Ron should encourage Martin to do this again!
  16. Dave Barth

    Intersecting Stories. Please recommend

    Would Playing by Heart qualify?
  17. Dave Barth

    NYPD Blue: Worth a purchase sight unseen

    The first season of this show is excellent. It's just a shame that the few Caruso episodes in season 2 could not have been put in this set instead. I definitely recommend a watch before you buy, but if you've never seen the show before, there's a good chance you're in for a treat.
  18. Dave Barth

    Bollywood in terrible shape

    That statistic isn't very helpful, because it's very clear from the skewed distribution of movie earnings that most movies will lose money. These losses are subsidized by profits from the few hugely profitable and successful blockusters. (At least, that's how it works in Hollywood.) Knowing how...
  19. Dave Barth

    Thoughts on Four Classic Comedies!

    I haven't seen Arsenic and Old Lace, but I've seen the others. I consider all three to be very good films. My favorite, as well as the one I think the best constructed, is His Girl Friday. Absolutely wonderful. Of the comedies I've seen from this era, I rank it alongside The Lady Eve and To Be...
  20. Dave Barth

    The Devil And Daniel Webster?

    Not to resurrect a dead thread, since I myself could just have easily written this:
  21. Dave Barth

    Movie never released on any home video format

    I don't think the Rolling Stones documentary Cocksucker Blues has ever been released on home video. Heck, it's next to impossible to exhibit theatrically...
  22. Dave Barth

    "Without a Trace" 10/24

    It wasn't a continuous shot, though I thought that before I replayed the scene from tape. After LaPaglia says his lines, there's a brief cut to the guy in the car, then back to LaPaglia, then he starts walking, then the upchuck.