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  1. Chris_C

    Press Release Criterion Press Release: Crash (Blu-ray)

    4k UHD is already Region Free, and clear of any region restrictions. People who are either not region free or not 4k, I understand. I will be getting the Arrow and not the Criterion. I will be nice and leave it at that.
  2. Chris_C

    Warner Archive upcoming Blu-ray release announcements from Comic Con

    Like the titles and Warners, especially happy about the Hidden.
  3. Chris_C

    Exclusive SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer Giveaway

    I'm registered and confirmed my subscription. Thanks
  4. Chris_C

    Win a Pioneer Elite SC-95 Dolby Atmos Receiver

    I need to really upgrade my system and this would be a good start.
  5. Chris_C

    Blu-ray Review On Her Majesty's Secret Service Steelbook Blu-ray Review

    One of my favorite movies. I saw the Soderbergh article a while ago and pretty much agree with everything he said.
  6. Chris_C

    Win a Denon X5200W 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AVR with a copy of Mad Max Fury Road!

    I have a 5.1 system and this receiver would be great to not only listen to Dolby Atmos but to also listen to the expanded number of channels this receiver provides. I guess this is receiver would be the start of my ideal Atmos home theater.
  7. Chris_C

    Win a Denon X5200W 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AVR with a copy of Insurgent on Blu-ray!

    With the recent availability of Blu-ray movies with Atmos, this receiver would be a great way to take advantage of these new movies. This would be the perfect time to move up from my 5.1 system to at least a 7.2 system.
  8. Chris_C

    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver (Redux)

    The Onkyo receiver would be the heart of my home theater system with SVS speakers and 9.2 channels to immerse my room. Todays best blu-rays will sound beautiful and thunderous.
  9. Chris_C

    Win your choice of Dolby Atmos encoded Blu-ray

    Jupiter Ascending 3d would be great.
  10. Chris_C

    Win a copy of Jupiter Ascending on Blu-ray!

    Since Peter Cushing played the Doctor in 2 movies from the 1960's, I'm going to echo the guy above and say Dr. Who because you'll need a Tardis and a way to beat time.
  11. Chris_C

    Win a copy of American Sniper on Blu-ray

  12. Chris_C

    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

    My family would love to able to hear Dolby Atmos at home and this receiver is very exciting. This would be perfect for our family room and will be great for wall to wall sound as well as being an up to date receiver.
  13. Chris_C

    *** Official STAR WARS Saga (episodes I to VI) Discussion Thread: Part 4

    i rather like the way anakin turned in the movie, his loss of his mom and his dread of losing his wife made him in the end willing to make a pact with the devil to try to save her life, and then, he thinks he killed her (which in a way he did). my take on vader's intentions are that vader...
  14. Chris_C

    Harmon Kardon Reliability?

    I have had a couple of their receivers, and i dont have any complaints
  15. Chris_C

    Farscape and Babylon 5 transfer quality, etc.

    Should have included the link below
  16. Chris_C

    Farscape and Babylon 5 transfer quality, etc.

    "You'd be wrong." Okay, I went to his web site and found posts from 2000, 1995 1998 and others that state that the series, except the pilot, was shot widescreen. Go to his website and do a search for "widescreen", below is a quote from my search. From: Jms at B5 Subject: B5 *is* shot...
  17. Chris_C

    Could SACD Sound That Bad ?!?

    I would recommend the Roxy Music SACD, David Bowie'e scary monster, and the Rolling STones remasters. The Godsmack disc is very good, it can be found quite cheap at least around here. A little dissapointed in the Police and Peter Gabrial disks, maybe I've heard them way too much..., the Sting...
  18. Chris_C

    Farscape and Babylon 5 transfer quality, etc.

  19. Chris_C

    DS9 or Voyager?

    Far Beyond the Stars is a great episode and in the pantheon of great SF. Numerous recurring characters, I looked at IMDB, sheesh so many names, so I will only add Rosalind Chao's name and wish I could add all the others. Someone had to mention B5, but as good as that series writing was, after...
  20. Chris_C

    DS9 or Voyager?

    DS9 was well written and acted. Avery Brooks was a great captain, and I'm not taking anything away from any of the others. If you like stories that may not resolved at the end of the hour, this is your show. I am trying to be objective, but I will say that I would vote for this being the best of...
  21. Chris_C

    Dual Disc Approved by DVD Forum!!!

    Just a FYI, audiorevolution quotes the LA Times as saying there is trouble brewing for this format...shocking(sarcasm). Back to the drawing boards? I kind of like the 2 for 1 idea, guess I'm an american. Link
  22. Chris_C

    Does anyone know the putative release date for SONY SCD-CE595?

    I saw a couple on display at circuit city.
  23. Chris_C

    DualDisc Insights from an Insider

    Completely true, and I hope the laser disk analogy is, somehow, unappropriate....
  24. Chris_C

    Maybe This is Why SACD Will Ride Into the Sunset?

    This topic has already been been covered before. A search at HTF's music forum or at audio asylum would be enlightning if this is a new subject to you. Besides a three year old paper..... oh well I digress.
  25. Chris_C

    Did anyone get the new Diana Krall SACD today?

    not so, their Philips label has a few DSD recordings.
  26. Chris_C

    Best/Worst Seasons of Long-Running Shows on DVD

    Babylon 5 Best - Season 3 the way the season progresses worst- Season 5 feels like a let down after what has come, not necessarily JMS's fault(syndication trauma) Deep Space Nine Best- season 7/6 two very fine years and at least for me, hard to separate. worst- season 4 despite Worf's...
  27. Chris_C

    DVD-A has 5X the market share of SACD, despite fewer titles

    hmm....they surveyed 2900 people....hmm This "news" is not news, pure obfuscation.
  28. Chris_C

    Sony Single-layer SACD's, beancounters, and the slow new release list or lack of such

    Rachael, you clearly see what Sony cannot. It's a wonder really that their movie business hasn't suffered. They need to hire a new PR firm...are you interested in a job? Wish I could give it to you. cheers ps I think Paramount has Sony's PR firm