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  1. DaveHo

    FS: Klipsch Synergy KSF-C5 Center

    I bought this locally as part of a 5 speaker package which included the Forte II's that I really wanted. Works fine & looks OK, I just really have no use for it since I bought the Forte's for my 2 channel system. I inserted it into my HT rig for a few days to ensure everything sounds fine, and...
  2. DaveHo

    FS: Insignia B-2111 Speakers

    SOLD Edited by DaveHo - 8/4/2009 at 03:52 pm GMT
  3. DaveHo

    FS: Ascend Acoustics 5 Channel System

    Only 1 pair of CBM-170s left. These are the classic version. 8/10 condition on the Audiogon scale. Non-smoking home. I've upgraded to the SEs, hence they are for sale. Shipping to the continental US only or local pickup(zip 19606 or 19341). If shipping, payment by Paypal or USPS money order...
  4. DaveHo

    Digging up old posts

    What's with the flurry of 1 post newbies digging up old posts lately? Seems to happen most often in the for sale sections. Doesn't anyone look at post dates? It's annoying as hell! I know other forums have required minimum post counts for sending PMs & posting in certain areas. I think we should...
  5. DaveHo

    WTB: Replacement Midrange for Canton Quinto 540

    This is a long shot, but you never know 'til you ask. I first started getting interested in hifi back in the 80's. There were many a speaker I can remember drooling over that, as a teenager, were way out of reach. Anyway, for old times sake, I've been dabbling in some 80's vintage speakers as...
  6. DaveHo

    FS: Pair of Behringer A500 Amps

    BOTH AMPS HAVE BEEN SOLD. $120 each plus shipping from 19606. Continental US only. Payment by Paypal or USPS money order. No extra charge for Paypal. Non-smoking household. Amps are in good cosmetic shape. Power meters still have the protective plastic on them. Couple of light marks on...
  7. DaveHo

    FS: Denon DVD-2200 DVD/SACD/DVD-A Player

    SOLD Fantastic condition. I'm the original owner. Non-smoking home. I have the original box & manual. The firmware has been updated to take care of the Diana Krall "Live In Paris" & Alien DTS issues. I used this primarily for SACD & DVD-A playback, but it was my primary DVD machine for a time...
  8. DaveHo

    FS: 12' Pair Kimber 4TC Speaker Wire

    SOLD! This is the blue-black version. Crimped spades on one end & bare on the other. These cables were run inside split loom tubing to protect them & are in very nice shape. -Dave
  9. DaveHo

    FS: Blue Jeans 7710A Component Video Cable

    SOLD 5 ft length, 7710A Component Video Cable. Excellent shape. Details: Component Video Cables from Blue Jeans Cable -Dave
  10. DaveHo

    FS: 7 channel Paradigm Studio system

    These are all v2 in black laminate. All in very good/excellent condition, 8/10 or better on the Audiogon scale. Non-smoking environment. 100's - SOLD CC - SOLD ADPs - SOLD 20's SOLD The above prices do not include shipping. Local pickup only on the 100's. I do not have the boxes for...
  11. DaveHo

    HD-DVD's FS

    Like new, viewed once. USPS media mail shipping included. Payment by Paypal. $10 each or all 6 for $50. Black Rain Full Metal Jacket Hulk The Jerk Seabiscuit U2 Rattle & Hum -Dave
  12. DaveHo

    FS: HD-DVDs

    $10 shipped, each. Continental US only. Payment by Paypal. Viewed once, like new condition. -Black Rain -The Jerk -Seabiscuit -Dave
  13. DaveHo

    FS: Blue Jeans 7710A Component Video Cable

    SOLD 5 ft length, 7710A Component Video Cable. Excellent shape. Details: Component Video Cables from Blue Jeans Cable
  14. DaveHo


    I have a pretty diverse taste. Let me know what you've got. Payment to be made via Paypal. -Dave
  15. DaveHo

    FS: HD-DVDs

    All titles have been viewed once & are in like new condition. Shipping to the continental US only. Payment by Paypal. $13 each including shipping. The Jerk Seabiscuit Animal House - SOLD Blazing Saddles - SOLD Blood Diamond - SOLD Planet Earth(Pole to Pole, Mountains, Deep Ocean) This is...
  16. DaveHo

    WTB: Cheap DVD Player

    DVD player in the kid's playroom is dieing. This will be hooked to an old 4:3 TV. S-video connection is a must. Dig through your closets & let me know what you've got. Looking to spend $30 max including shipping to 19606. Payment via Paypal. Thanks. -Dave
  17. DaveHo

    FS: Dayton SA70 Plate Amp

    SOLD Amp is about a year old. Excellent cosmetic & operating condition. Non-smoking environment. I used this to power my bass shaker setup. Selling because I am expanding the setup & need a larger amp.
  18. DaveHo

    So, when can we expect software prices to become reasonable?

    Maybe I'm the odd man out here, maybe not. Picked up an HDA2 during the Walmart blitz. Looks great on HD material. Does a great job of upconversion as well. Didn't have an upconverting player before, so I'm really liking that. Sure there's a difference between an upconverted & true HD picture...
  19. DaveHo

    Help me pick a universal player for audio only use

    The purpose will be SACD/DVD-A playback with the occasional Redbook CD thrown in. Nothing else matters. I currently have a Denon 2200. No real complaints but given the prices of some players on the used market, I'm thinking I can do better for not much money. I'd like to keep it under $500...
  20. DaveHo

    FS: Parasound Zselect Five-pair Speaker Selector

    Sold I used this as part of my muti-zone set-up, which I have since reconfigured. Selling because I simply don't need it anymore. Mint cosmetic condition, non-smoking environment. However, the right channel of the speaker 3 output is out. From a cursory investigation it appears to be a cold...
  21. DaveHo

    FS: Acurus A200x3 amplifier

    SOLD 3 channel amp. 200 WPC @8 ohms, 300 WPC @4 ohms I think I'm going to regret this someday. This is fantastic amp. Selling because I replaced a stack of amps with a 7 channel amp. I'm the original owner. Mint condition, smoke free environment. Comes with the original double box...
  22. DaveHo

    FS: B&K AV6000 6 Channel Amp

    SOLD 105WPC x 6 @ 8ohms, level controls for each channel. Amp is in good condition. There are some sharpie touch-ups, mostly on the left side of the amp. Face & top look good. There are no dents in the case or on the face. Reason for sale, upgradittis, again. Comes with the power cord. Will be...
  23. DaveHo

    FS: Adcom GFA-2535L 3/4 Channel Amp

    SOLD! I picked this up a few months back from a fellow board member. Amp is in great condition. If you are looking for one of these, it doesn't get much nicer than this. In my system, I used it to power my side & rear surrounds. I've simplified my system by replacing this and the two channel...
  24. DaveHo

    New Universal Changer on the Market, Marantz VC6001

    After returning the Yamaha DVD C950 for various issues, I'd given up on finding a universal changer I could live with. Now I see Marantz has the VC6001, Anybody own one? -Dave
  25. DaveHo

    FS: Onkyo M-282 Amplifier

    SOLD to DonnyD 105 WPC, auto on. I picked this up a month ago to power my zone2 areas. Since then I've come across a six channel amp which is now filling the side/rear surround & zone2 duties, so this is up for sale. Everything on this amp is 100%. Looks great & works perfectly. It's...
  26. DaveHo

    FS: NAD C370 Integrated

    Sold Cosmetically the amp is in great shape, one tiny mark on top. Operationally all is excellent with the exception that the Speaker A indicator light is out. Also included is the remote & original manual. I do not have the original box but I can assure you it will be packed well. Spec...
  27. DaveHo

    FS: Outlaw 1050 6.1 Receiver

    SOLD Comes from a non-smoking home with the original double box, remote, & reprint of the manual. There are a couple of nicks on the upper edge of the face which have been touched up with a black sharpie. If you look hard, you will see them, but they are not noticeable otherwise. No other...
  28. DaveHo

    FS: 3 Pair 0.5m Outlaw PCA Interconnects

    SOLD 3 pair of 0.5m Outlaw PCA's. Cables are in great shape with the exception of one cable having a few wear marks on the locking barrel. Selling because recent purchases have forced me to rearrange the equipment thus needing longer cables. Smoke free home.
  29. DaveHo

    Looking to get a universal changer, Yamaha DVDC950?

    It would appear the Yamaha DVDC950 is the only real game in town. Other than it, there is the Onkyo DV-CP802 & the Yamaha DVDC750. I've ruled out the Onkyo due to reports of poor video performance & the fact that it was introduced two years ago at this point. I've also ruled out the cheaper...
  30. DaveHo

    FS Parasound HCA-1000A

    SOLD! 125 WPC @ 8ohms, 200WPC @ 4 ohms, 12V trigger, input level controls. Full details here: I am the original owner. Comes from a non-smoking home with the original double box, manual, & power cord. Amp is in excellent cosmetic condition...