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  1. Brian_Johnson

    Is the Pi DVD in the new Darren Aronofsky boxset anamorphic?

    There is a boxset of Pi and Requiem for a Dream coming out this week, and I haven't heard anyone confirming if it's the same Pi DVD that is already out, or if it's a new anamorphic transfer. Anyone know?
  2. Brian_Johnson

    Porky's Special Edition Oct. 24?

    Porky's Special Edition Has anyone heard anything about this? I wonder if it's better than the Double Feature out now with both Parts 1 & 2. I wonder why Part 2 isn't included in this. Also, where the hell is Porky's Revenge on DVD?
  3. Brian_Johnson

    Any more Crank Yankers?

    The last wide release was of Season 2, Vol 1 and then Season 2, Vol 2 was a Best Buy exclusive. I can't even get Vol2 because Best Buy has been sold out of them forever. I know the Oblongs was a Best Buy exclusive, but it finally got a wide release, so is there any word of a wide release of...
  4. Brian_Johnson

    We need a new Lawnmower Man release with the Director

    Sorry about the title... We need the Director's Cut of the Lawnmower Man on DVD. It is so much better than the version we have on DVD now. It is just the deleted scenes on the current DVD put back in the movie.