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  1. Mike G

    WTB Windows Media Center Edition Software

    Try these:
  2. Mike G

    Mine is way bigger than most... Trade lists that is.

    Added Hollywood Ending & Titus.
  3. Mike G

    Mine is way bigger than most... Trade lists that is.

    Marco, thanks for the offer but I couln't find anything on your list of interest.
  4. Mike G

    Mine is way bigger than most... Trade lists that is.

    Most wants are listed but always willing to entertain others. E-mail me for best response. Multiple trades preferred: Haves: 25th Hour (2002) 6th Day, The (2000) Abandon (Full Screen) (2002) Adaptation. - Superbit (2002) Adventures of Pluto Nash, The (2002) Air Force One (1997)...
  5. Mike G

    My Theater Pictures

    can't locate a drooling smilie so I guess this one will have to do.
  6. Mike G

    Pics of the theater

    Mark, great room, I love the couches and ottoman, may I ask who makes them? Thanks.
  7. Mike G

    "THX", "Dolby Digital" and "HTF" plaques

    Antonio, thanks for the link! I was able to use them with Corel Draw, I just had to use the import command.
  8. Mike G

    My Theater Pic's

    JamieZ, very impressive for your age. Those plaques do look very nice. Can you tell us more about them?
  9. Mike G

    Spring Cleaning DVD BLOWOUT!

    Rob, I thought I'd have you check my trade list first just in case, but I am interested in purchasing Rookie of the Year and From Dusk Till Dawn (if still available). Please send me an e-mail (mine works ) to finalize the deal. BTW, our interest in DVDs differs, but our interest in loud...
  10. Mike G

    Spring Cleaning DVD BLOWOUT!

    Speaking of spring cleaning Rob, it appears you need to clean out your yahoo mail account. My e-mails are getting bounced indicated that you're over quota. This was my message: Hi Rob, I have some interest in Rookie of the Year and From Dusk Till Dawn and a mild interest in Singin' In The...
  11. Mike G

    North Shore (sealed) FT

    Any of these work for you? LMK 6th Day, The Another Day in Paradise Autumn Heart, The Fifth Element, The General's Daughter, The Groundhog Day Heavenly Creatures Hurricane, The - Collector's Edition Iron Monkey Killer Creature Double Feature 08 - Tormented, The (Full Screen)...
  12. Mike G

    movie poster frames?

    Glenise, those are sweet! I never really considered plak mounting but I love that look.
  13. Mike G

    FS: Radio Shack Digital DB reader

    Dave, I might be interested, but I'll wait to see if you resolve Ken's purchase first.
  14. Mike G

    DVD trading website

    I haven't used it myself, but you could check out
  15. Mike G

    List of Canadian exclusive/superior releases

    Doesn't look like any prices are posted yet, but thanks for the leads.
  16. Mike G

    dvds to show off ht system

    I'll second The Haunting DTS 'door banging' scene. I don't know that I've ever heard anyone discuss this before, but during the opening credits for Gladiator various items in my house shake (including my basement stairwell) though I can barely hear any base myself. Note: my SVS 16-46 sets...
  17. Mike G

    List of Canadian exclusive/superior releases

    Good post, I didn't realize Brotherhood of the Wolf (BOTW) had a better Canadian version being released. Can anybody recommend a Canadian on-line retailer with a good price on BOTW?
  18. Mike G

    What's with the fullscreen releases???

    I've got to agree with Han. When Joe & Jane Six Pack see "full screen" most of them think the widescreen version is cropped (hence the reason for them dang black bars). If the studios would all call it pan & scan, Joe & Jane Idiot might get a clue.
  19. Mike G

    Stuff for trade.

    Added Drive-In Disc Volume One.
  20. Mike G

    Stuff for trade.

    DVD Trade List 61* Autumn Heart, The Braveheart Dogma Forsaken, The From Hell General’s Daughter, The Made SE Memento Mickey Blue Eyes Musketeer, The My Favorite Martian Lantana Open Your Eyes Operation Delta Force IV: Deep Fault Score, The Sexy Beast Shadow...
  21. Mike G

    Film Reels for sale/trade

    Scooter, any chance you have a picture you could post of one of those swap meet reels. Thanks for the info.
  22. Mike G

    57 FT Heist, Score, Don't Say a Word, etc.) w/ big want list

    Dan, Sorry somebody just beat you to Westworld. I was near Noblesville last weekend. Thanks for the offer. Go I.U.!
  23. Mike G

    57 FT Heist, Score, Don't Say a Word, etc.) w/ big want list

    E—mail me for quickest results. [email protected] Thanks for looking. FOR TRADE 3000 Miles to Graceland (2001) 61* (2001) 6th Day, The (2000) Allnighter, The (1987) Analyze This (1999) Animal, The - Special Edition (2001) Arlington Road (1999) Autumn in New York (2000)...
  24. Mike G

    Dedicated vs. non-dedicated Home Theater: Experiences? Regrets? Opinions

    Rick, you already know my situation as I posted it in the other thread (I started as non-dedicated and switched to dedicated). My theater is in my basement, for those folks who have a combined living room / theater (probably on the main floor) it makes sense to have a non-dedicated theater...
  25. Mike G

    Looking for pictures/ideas for non-dedicated theater

    Jason, good luck with your project. Your set up looks similar to my own orginal basement project, although I use a front projector and don't have a bar. My theater was non-dedicted, thinking that I would be hanging out with the family and buds (chatting) more frequently. In retrospect my...
  26. Mike G

    F/S: Gamecube and X-Box

    J.C. I sent you an e-mail earlier today. Hey Johnson_B I'm in Plymouth, good to see there's local HT interest.