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  1. Todd_B

    *** Official BLADE TRINITY Discussion Thread

    Ouch... 32% rating over at RT I may hold off until this weekend to catch this one. Todd B
  2. Todd_B

    Talk about a "Freudian Slip"

    Jeez..I wonder what was on this guys mind Whoops! Todd B
  3. Todd_B

    SVS on riser

    Guys -- I'm finally getting around to building my first dedicated HT room I plan on building a riser that will elevate the TV/fronts/gear rack and my SVS. Which got me thinking... Will elevating my sub on a riser have any negative repercussions? I plan on building the riser w/2x8 and 3/4...
  4. Todd_B

    sig test

    blah blah blah..I'm Eddie Vedder
  5. Todd_B

    Jin-Roh: SE aspect ratio

    Hey guys/gals -- I just got done taking this film in and right now I'm in awe. A great piece of work. Now for question. Does anyone know what aspect ratio this film is presented in? All the reviews I've found on the net say 1.85:1 anamorphic, but on my Tosh 40x81 it appeared to be more...
  6. Todd_B

    40x81 -- No picture

    Hey all -- My Tosh may have 'died' but before I call a tech I wanted to get some input. Well I went to turn my set on this evening and the set came on fine, but I had no picture. I had sound, but no picture. Hitting the 'menu' key brought up nothing (no volume bar either). I unplugged the...
  7. Todd_B

    40x81 power light blinking

    Hello all, Well I've owned my Tosh 40x81 set for well over a year and have absolutely no problems w/it. Love it. Now, this morning when I turned the set on (via the remote) the set didn't come on but the power light began to flash (I believe it was a 2 or 3 flash). Needless to say, I was...