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  1. Thomas D

    Best Buy's IT Department: Idiots.

    Lunch hour on the west coast. Tuesday is new media day. Not only that, but this Tuesday is when the Star Wars trilogy is released on DVD, making it probably the largest video release day of all time. Sounds like a good time to remotely upgrade all of the software on Best Buy's cash registers...
  2. Thomas D

    DirecTV DVR keeps messing up channels lists

    I'm going insane. I picked up the DVR (RCA DVR80) last week, edited the "channels you receive" and the "favorite channels" lists, and several times now I find that the DVR keeps adding the same three channels back on the "channels you receive" list -- 170 (Here), 228 (GEMS), and 234 (CSHP). I've...
  3. Thomas D

    Bug report: Navigation strip, Member since

    In the navigation strip at the top of each forum page, there are two links for the Calendar (one on either side of the "Rules/FAQ" link). Back on UBB, I noticed that Bill Catherall and Steve Enemark had no "Member Since" date in the Justice League thread. Now that we've moved to vB, it says...