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  1. Esten

    Where Are The Warner Home Video Chat Transcripts?

    Can the chats be found still? Link is dead.
  2. Esten

    The HitchHiker HBO -series coming to DVD!!!

    Maybe they lost the original rights they had back in 2004 and are just distributing for WB now? Would make sense, if all the commentaries are intact and the discs are the exact ones.
  3. Esten

    The HitchHiker HBO -series coming to DVD!!!

    He posted an update, and it was what I feared: Just the 3 Volumes of he US releases. :( Thank god I have the full series from the original Canadian release, plus the 3 US volumes and the 2 remianing eps from a trade.
  4. Esten

    The HitchHiker HBO -series coming to DVD!!!

    The one thing still kind of shady is if this actually IS going to be the entire series? "The studio could not be reached for comment" on multiple occasions is weird. The price in is also a little too cheap for 85 episodes, even if they are hal-hour. They'd need at least 6 double-sided...
  5. Esten

    Looking for the name of a movie - Similar to "CELLULAR".....

    It's High Frequency. Just got the VHS for a buck off of Amazon. As good as i remember. Shame it's not on DVD. Looks like it should be 2.35
  6. Esten

    Family Guy Season 8

    I have DirecTV's HD pack, but I only have a SD set, so everything is letterboxed on my set, and I noticed something....... "Road To The Multiverse" was matted on the sides. I could see a sliver of picture on the sides, so there's definitely some info they're covering up. Most people won't see...
  7. Esten

    Looking for the name of a movie - Similar to "CELLULAR".....

    The film involves a kid with a ham radio(?) making contact with a man at a satellite station in some snowy place(I'm thinking Alaska), and the man witnesses the murder of a man in what I think is Russia. Throughout the movie, he tries to find the location of where this happened, and I believe he...
  8. Esten

    The HitchHiker HBO -series coming to DVD!!!

    For US season 4 (canadian season 2) all but 2 episodes are in the HBO releases. Doctor's Orders and Minuteman. So, if you can get ahold of the Season 1 Canadian set, get that, then you'd have all but 2 HBO episodes.
  9. Esten

    The HitchHiker HBO -series coming to DVD!!!

    inetvideo has the Canadian 3 and 4 sets. I should be getting them in a few weeks. The Season 1 set seems to be very rare. Nobody has it. I noticed between the US and Canadian sets, the episode Nightshift is the cut version on the US release. The makers have a commentary on that episode, but...
  10. Esten

    Weekly RoundUp 7-15-2008

    $6.99: The Professional Damn it! It appears to be the fullscreen-only disc. I was hoping it was the 2-discer.
  11. Esten

    "Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers" - Volume 3?

    Any news of the third, and final Volume of this series? Volume 1 was late 2005, and Volume 2 was late 2006. Only about 20 episodes left until the whole show is out.
  12. Esten

    Mill Creek release of Ozzie and Harriett

    Is the 100 episode set listed on DDD? I can only find the one that's 100 episodes of this and other shows.
  13. Esten

    Flashdance Special Edition in September

    It looks a little better than what i saw of the old disc, but I'm not sure if they used noise reduction on the video or what. It looks a little smoothed-over. The video featurettes are good, but the only thing that's sorely missing from this disc is a Lyne commentary. Not sure why he wouldn't...
  14. Esten

    "The Monster Squad" coming to DVD in 2007? Yes, according to this guy

    There's gonna be very few complaints. Lion's Gate won't do anything. If you wait, all you'll be doing is missing out.
  15. Esten

    The Legend of Billie Jean (1985) - Helen Slater, Christian Slater

    Golly, still nothing on this. Shame.
  16. Esten

    ***HUGE*** Bewitched news from Tabitha!!

    Well, doing so could cause sales to plummet, which in turn could cause them to dump plans for the complete set.
  17. Esten

    What Warner Bros. TV-on-DVD are you looking forward to the most?

    Only the first 3 episodes were released in R2. A Volume 2 was planned, but canceled because Volume 1 sales were so poor. This was back in 2003 when Freddy vs Jason came out.
  18. Esten

    Rocky--3rd Straight Sony DVD that won't load on my player

    Plays flawlessly on my Toshiba D-R4.
  19. Esten

    Information About The New Chiller TV Channel

    Sleuth has yet to air the entire run of anything. It's always just like 2/3, then it's gone.
  20. Esten

    New Rocky Balboa clip

    The end product is pretty slapdash, but it's just so damned entertaining I can't help but love it.
  21. Esten

    "A Nightmare On Elm Street" InfiniFilm DVD coming

    As I've said before, get the Infinifilm for the extras, not for film presentation. They messed that up BIG time in my eyes.
  22. Esten

    SNL Season 1 on 12/5/06 (and season sets in general)

    I remember the "trail" effect when I saw it in syndication on.... Nick I think, years ago.
  23. Esten

    "(L.A.) Dragnet" w/ Ed O'Neill?

    Any rumblings on this coming to DVD? Sleuth shows it many times a week, and I quite enjoy it. I guess the original series would have to be completed before this comes out.
  24. Esten

    Growing Pains abandoned. So very sad.

    It would need to be an actual hand-written letter campaign to make any sort of dent.
  25. Esten

    How Nightmare on Elm Street Collection DVD...

    Checking out the Lasers of the nightmares: I must say I prefer N5's coloring over the DVD's. The DVD is kinda sickly looking.
  26. Esten

    Any chance of older Miramax DVD's being updated?

    I'd go for an anamorphic Halloween: H20. The current disc is pretty blah.
  27. Esten

    Saw 3 extras not on standard DVD? What is this BS?

    Wouldn't doing such a thing increase downconverting and pirating of such features?
  28. Esten

    Any plans for SUPERMAN and ATOM MAN VS. SUPERMAN serials?

    Amazon shows they were released this past Tuesday. How are they?
  29. Esten

    Quantum Leap Season 5: "Georgia" returns. And possibly all the S5 music. I can finally buy another US release of the show.
  30. Esten

    The Legend of Billie Jean (1985) - Helen Slater, Christian Slater

    Here are the songs in the film: # "Invincible" Pat Benatar # "Boys in Town" by The Divinyls # "Rebel Yell" Performed by Billy Idol # "Closing In" Written by Craig Safan Performed by Mark Safan # "Heart Telegraph" Performed by Divinyls # "Time To Explain"...