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  1. Matthew Kiernan

    Danish DVD Sites?

    I'm looking to order TERKEL IN TROUBLE, the hilarious Danish CGI comedy, but I can't find any online Danish DVD retailers. Can anyone recommend any?
  2. Matthew Kiernan


    Has anyone here picked up the U.K. disc for Claude Chabrol's MERCI POUR LE CHOCOLATE? I just saw the film and liked it very much - what's on the disc? Is it subtitled? How's the quality, ect.? Many thanks if you can help.
  3. Matthew Kiernan

    TUVALU R2 DVD Questions

    Does anyone out there own the R2 DVD for the marvelous German film TUVALU? If so, I've got 2 questions: 1) What exactly is the aspect ratio on the disc? When I saw the film theatrically it was 2.35:1, but I'm told this disc is more like 1.85:1. And is it anamorphic? 2) What supplements are...