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  1. TaiPan

    UNcontinued and Unreleased tv On dvd....

    Dragon Hunters I'm so bummed as it appears that Geneon has abandoned this wonderful little animation series from France. They were only two or three volumes away from completing the first season too. Gargoyles Many of you are just as frustrated as I am that Volume Two of Season Two has...
  2. TaiPan

    Doctor Who on DVD

    I grew up watching Dr. Who here in America on PBS, and they never aired them in movie form in the 1980's. Can't speak for later, but I watched pretty much all of the Tom Baker episodes in the 80's. They were in the standard episode with cliffhanger ending form. Tai
  3. TaiPan

    Hunter TV Series starring Chaka Khan??

    You're very welcome, Krister. Tai
  4. TaiPan

    Hunter TV Series starring Chaka Khan??

    Name of episode: The Cradle Will Rock Hunter Season 3 Hope that helps. Tai
  5. TaiPan

    Shows you have abonded and why?

    Originally I gave up on Wiseguy after the first two releases only because I wanted the Sonny Steelegrave and Mel Profit story arcs and no more. After watching them I had a change of heart because I enjoyed the first two so much... that was until I heard about the quality issues and the fact that...
  6. TaiPan

    Ark II coming Nov 7th

    OK, got mine in the mail today. Was only able to watch two episodes on a small portable DVD player, so I can't review the image quality just yet. The two episodes I did watch brought back a lot of memories. It's even campier than I remembered. Lots of imagination in this show, but not much in...
  7. TaiPan

    Shows You Loved at one time

    Hmmm, good question. For me, the biggest disappointment was The Monkees season one and two sets that I bought. It just wasn't as good as I remembered. There were a couple of gems in season one, but I stopped watching season two about halfway through. On a up note, I didn't know they went...
  8. TaiPan

    Forever Knight - Season 3??

    Here you go Tom. Nice and cheap too: Tai
  9. TaiPan

    Ark II coming Nov 7th

    Now here is one I will be picking up. None of my friends remember shows like this or Jason Of Star Command, so I'm having a Saturday Morning party at my house with sugery cereals included so we can watch this, Jason, and Ultraman. Should be a great way to drive my neighbors nuts. Tai
  10. TaiPan

    Top 10 shows that need to be on DVD

    1) Mike Hammer (1980's version) 2) Cupid (Jeremy Piven's best performance yet) 3) Vengeance Unlimited 4) Police Story 5) Freakazoid 6) Tremors (I know a lot of people didn't like this, but I did) 7) Gargoyles (Need the series completed) 8) Nobel House (A fantastic...
  11. TaiPan

    Blind Buys - how have you done?

    A couple of great blind buys for me were: Alias Probably the finest spy show ever created. Scrubs While the stories can be a bit repetitive, the characters are what continue to make this show such a pleasure to watch. Gargoyles I still can't believe that Disney created this show. Simply...