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  1. Stephen Williamson

    ceiling lights-how many, what kind??

    It all depends on the spread of the light, you can get halogens with a 20 degree spread upto 45 degrees. Normally you calculate the square footage that the plamp will cover then plan how many you need for your floor plan. I would also look at wall lighting as well as ceiling, your idea of...
  2. Stephen Williamson

    planning for new home theatre

    Judging by the 21' room length, i presume that your are going to have two rows of seats, if so, you may find the 119" screen to high for the second row of seats on a riser to see the bottom over the first rows heads, also, if you mount the PJ on the ceiling, as opposed to mounting in a bulkhead...
  3. Stephen Williamson

    15'10" X 18 should I go 106" or 120" screen?

    How high is the ceiling and what height is the second riser?
  4. Stephen Williamson

    Official XBox 360 HD-DVD add-on Review Thread

    The 360 has 3 USB ports, one on the back and two under the flap at the bottom of the front.
  5. Stephen Williamson

    I am looking for some good books.

    Any book that tells you what brand to use should be avoided like the plague (cough sony, bose etc)
  6. Stephen Williamson

    newbe, need help

    What I need to know is can I put the speakers in the ceiling? Only if you have to, and then only the rears, in ceiling speakers throw out the surround effect. What kind of wires should I run for future projector in the ceiling? HDMI, Component, Power Or better still, just a big conduit...
  7. Stephen Williamson

    Wiring additional rooms for sound

    I'm not familiar with that brand of speaker selector, but isn't it impedance matched so that it cannot opverload the amplifier?
  8. Stephen Williamson

    Wiring additional rooms for sound

    How have you wired your 2 left/2 right speakers in the new room from your switch?