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  1. Todd_B

    peanut butter

    I enjoy the Krogers brand of all natural PB. Its good and cheap. Ingredients being peanuts and salt :) Also a lot of stores now have places where you can grind your own on the spot. You may also give the myriad of other 'nutbutters' a whirl. Almond butter being my fav.. Enjoy!
  2. Todd_B

    ABC Prepares to Reboot 'V'

    ^^ cool If they can make this reboot anywhere near the same caliber they did w/"BSG" I'd be a happy kid from the 80s again
  3. Todd_B

    Biggest Loser - Season 7: Couples Discussion (merged)

    Looks like he was w/the doc.. Allison Sweeney's blog Hard to read...but look under "p.s" in the first post
  4. Todd_B

    Biggest Loser - Season 7: Couples Discussion (merged)

    Did anyone notice that Daniel was absent from the temptation challenge? Did I miss something??
  5. Todd_B

    Knight Rider - Season 1 (Wednesdays this Fall)

    A "reboot" this quickly..ouch. "Knight Rider" changes gears, ejects stars - Yahoo! News
  6. Todd_B

    Pushing Daisies - Season 2

    Did ABC Just Cancel Pushing Daisies?! - E! Online Say it isn't so!
  7. Todd_B

    Dragon Wars - Check out THIS trailer!

    I knew I had seen this somewhere before...yeeesh...4 years ago
  8. Todd_B

    Grindhouse - New Tarantino/Rodriguez film announced..

    Saw this film at the Kentucky Theater in downtown Lexington w/some friends last night and we all loved it. Good time at the theater.. Also, in other good news, it appears that we'll get to see Machete after all Todd B
  9. Todd_B

    New Orleans movies

    First flick that popped into my mind was "Interview w/the Vampire". ..and I too got to see/experience New Orleans twice Todd B
  10. Todd_B

    High Cholestrol ... need a diet plan.

    IMO, I would skip the Cheerios and go w/Uncle Sam's cereal (which does have flaxseed in it and real whole grains) and/or Kashi Go Lean. Both are great w/some fresh berries mixed in The problem w/Cheerios is that even though they are made from whole grain sources, they are highly...
  11. Todd_B

    Good Eats - Food network

    Count me in as another AB worshipper. I've learned so much from his show(s) which resulted in a less cluttered, more sanitized kitchen. ..not to mention better eats Wash those chickeny hands! Todd B
  12. Todd_B

    Hell's Kitchen - ongoing thread

    It's funny..after watching every episode I sorta developed a man-crush for Gordon Ramsay Shh..don't tell my wife :p) Todd "Button it!!!" B
  13. Todd_B

    Tips for Grilling Steaks?

    I rub mine down w/olive oil and then season liberally w/kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. I make sure the grill is wicked hot to get that lovely char and grill mine till medium-rare (can't beat having a insta-read thermometer). Mmm...tasty. Todd B
  14. Todd_B

    A game to keep you busy

    ^ I never got any more and I got overran at level 9. Fun game though Todd B
  15. Todd_B

    The Original Screen savers reunite!

    MMmmmmmm....Kate :b Thanks for the heads up! Todd B
  16. Todd_B

    Do any Diet Pills really work?

    ^ I recommend steel cut oats for oatmeal. Great stuff and very simple to make. I use AB's overnight oats and works great If you don't want to spend 45 minutes or a night making the oatmeal then go w/Quaker rolled oats. ..just stay clear of "instant" oatmeal. Todd B
  17. Todd_B

    Dukes of Hazzard trailer

    Yeah, Daisy was NEVER in a bikini in the original show (or the first episode for that matter) :p) Daisy bikini 1 Daisy bikini 2 Daisy bikini 3 Todd B
  18. Todd_B

    OMG! 100lb girl eats 6lb hamburger with 5lbs of fixins

    They've upped the anty on the burger Todd B
  19. Todd_B

    What would you do? (horror related)

    Another vote for "The Walking Dead". I've been hooked since the first issue Todd B
  20. Todd_B

    What would you do? (horror related)

    ^In the remake one of the characters remarks that the glass is "shatterproof".. They didn't have that luxury in the original version Todd B
  21. Todd_B

    Haute Tension (High Tension) - American release

    For those of us that aren't regionless you can pick up a R0 Uncut copy over at HKFlix. It's has the OLT w/English subs (DTS to boot ) Clicky for the disc Mine should be here this week Todd B
  22. Todd_B

    Halo 2 -- "You Failed to load Map" error

    Played online for about an hour last night. I give the changes a definite Todd B
  23. Todd_B

    Online DVD Rentals?

    Same here. I'm a Netflix guy again Todd B
  24. Todd_B

    Anyone else have the French Fries/Potato Addiction???

    Haven't had one single headache since I gave up white potatos/bread ..and I used to have these daily.. Todd B
  25. Todd_B


    Kentucky is a pretty decent state Todd B
  26. Todd_B

    How to remove a virus ???

    You may also want to try Microsoft's new beta spyware software. I've used it on several machines and has cleaned up things Spybot/Lavasoft couldn't. Just a thought. Todd B
  27. Todd_B

    Woo Hoo! Employed at last!

    Yeah..quit while you're ahead :p) 'Grats on the new job Todd B
  28. Todd_B

    Seen that Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch commercial?

    I don't know which one it could be :p) Todd B