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  1. Irina

    Best crime/suspense movies on dvd.

    I would like to add to the list the recently released The Anderson Tapes. It expands on the similar topics covered in Conversation - great fun! The Anderson Tapes: Sean Connery, Dyan Cannon, Martin Balsam, Paul Benjamin, Hildy Brooks, John Call, Val Avery, Carmine Caridi, Sam...
  2. Irina

    F.W. Murnau / Frank Borzage box set from Fox

    Meanwhile, the price for the set on went up from $167 to $179.
  3. Irina

    F.W. Murnau / Frank Borzage box set from Fox

    The $170.00 price tag might seem outrageous, but it's a 12 DVD set - about $14 a piece - not too bad, considering the titles included in the set. I, personally, would consider paying this much just for the three Borzage great silents (7th heaver, The Lucky Star, and Street Angel). I am also not...
  4. Irina

    Criterion Newsletter: Magnificent Obsession (1954)?

    Magnificent Obsession (I. Dunne) is available in R2 from Spain: Sublime Obsesión - Comprar películas en dvd de Drama en Clásicos Borzage's The River is available in Germany: Edition Filmmuseum Shop - The River Edition Filmmuseum 36
  5. Irina

    Kino: The Man of the Eiffel Tower (restored)

    The restored edition (according to one review on has also been released in the UK.
  6. Irina


    Not sure about the other ones but Dragonwyck has been previously released on DVD (region 2 - UK and region 4 - Australia). It's an outstanding movie and, for someone who does not own it already, it's worth buying the set for this movie alone.
  7. Irina

    African Queen at Barnes and Noble?

    It is not available in Region 1. However, there are several official editions in other regions. I am aware of Region 2 (UK and Spain) and Region 4 (Australia) releases. Some of these are sold on or can be purchased in their county of origin (, Comprar películas DVDs en...
  8. Irina

    Marlene Dietrich DVDs On Region 1??

    Keep in mind that the ones referred in Xploited Cinema are region 2 French editions. This would justify getting a region-free DVD player. For an ultimate Marlene Dietrich surprise, get this UK Dietrich collection. It contains Shanghai Express - the only official DVD edition of this...
  9. Irina

    Film Noir - LIST

    ... 'at a reasonable price' might be a problem. Many Japanese releases run at about $40US a DVD. Human Desire is available as part of the 5-DVD Columbia Tri-Star Film Noir set and is about $144US a set at COLUMBIA TRISTAR FILM NOIR COLLECTION VOL.2: DVD...
  10. Irina

    Film Noir - LIST

    Thank you, Gary! As always, we can count on DVDBeaver for keeping us up to date. Also, if anyone is interested, Autumn Leaves has been recently released in Spain. It may not be a 'true' film noir but's it's on the list.
  11. Irina

    Another great e-tailer closes shop (European): Benson's World

    I am also sorry that BensonsWorld will stop operating. For my UK purchases, I use Find DVD - Compare DVD prices from dozens of UK retailers for price comparison. I make most of my UK DVD purchases through low prices in Electronics, Books, Music, DVDs & more. They deduct VAT...
  12. Irina

    Film Noir - LIST

    I agree - Desert Fury is great and Lizabeth Scott in color needs to be seen to be believed!
  13. Irina

    Will we ever see decent transfers of Hitchcock's British years?

    There was the Alfred Hitchcock - The Early Years, released in Germany by Concorde. The Early Years box set contains the following discs: The Lodger / Downhill, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Sabotage, Secret Agent, Young and Innocent and The Lady Vanishes. It's mentioned here: "The Man Who...
  14. Irina

    Film Noir - LIST

    Thanks Gary! One other recent Spanish release - The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry: Pesadilla - Comprar películas DVDs en DVDgo, Venta tienda online: Estrenos, Ofertas, Novedades, Series TV, As far as I know, this title is not available commercially elsewhere.
  15. Irina

    Film Noir - LIST

    Human Desire has been available from Spain for some time. Cornered has also been released in Italy. DVD - IBS - Missione di morte - Edward Dmytryk (It's a 2-DVD set: black and white and colorized versions). Some interesting Italian film noir releases are The Fallen Sparrow, Las Vegas Story...
  16. Irina

    Film Noir - LIST

    I just wanted to let everybody know about the latest film noir releases I have found: 1. The Locket (1946) (Spain and Italy) 2. Desparate (1947) (Spain) 3. The Undercover Man (1949) (Spain)
  17. Irina

    I lost my DVD database! could also be a great source of DVD information. I use it daily. The site keeps track of the most significant worldwide DVD editions, publishes great reviews, technical comparisons of different DVD editions of the same titles, places to buy DVDs, and a huge variety of other...
  18. Irina

    Will there be another "Vertigo" release soon?

    It might make sense to buy the Masterpiece collection as it is on sale at at about $57 for the entire set - a pretty incredible deal.
  19. Irina

    ...and now possible Dorian Gray??

    This movie has been released on DVD in France (region 2) for quite some time: The recording quality is great. It can also be purchased here:
  20. Irina

    Just got an all-region capable player. Any non-R1 discs I should look for?

    One of the best sources of the region-free DVD information is The site has excellent movie reviews, comparisons of different releases of the same titles, lists of upcoming releases in all regions, interesting articles, and other useful information. I highly recommend it.
  21. Irina

    Film Noir - LIST

  22. Irina

    What are some good places to order Region 2 DVDs from, besides Amazon??? is located in the US and specializes in non-Region 1 DVDs. They are very fast and reliable and the shipping costs are very reasonable for the US residents.
  23. Irina

    What are some good places to order Region 2 DVDs from, besides Amazon??? has recently introduced a free oversees shipping. Even though they do not deduct VAT, free shipping makes their prices very compatitive.
  24. Irina

    What are some good places to order Region 2 DVDs from, besides Amazon???

    Great site! Thanks Andy!
  25. Irina

    What are some good places to order Region 2 DVDs from, besides Amazon???

    I would not recommend Their prices may seem attractive, but the service is extremely slow and they do not respond to e-mails. I will never order from them again.
  26. Irina

    Ironweed (1987)

    Seems that there is English audio on this DVD. is pretty good at their DVD descriptions. Look at the language description under: Sprache: Englisch, Deutsch (Audio: English, German). I remember only one occasion when...
  27. Irina

    With Nicheflix gone, is there anyone taking up the slack?

    To find region-free rental services is not easy. This article mentions a couple of DVD rental services: I also found this Russian DVD rental service:
  28. Irina

    French Lubitsch's DVDs

    Miguel, I can only judge the titles that I have. I do not have the same titles from both France and Spain and cannot do an exact comparison. The quality of the Spanish One Hour With You and lady In Ermine is average and the quality of the French ones I have (Bluebeard's Eight Wives and If...
  29. Irina

    Looking for . . .

    You could try posting your 'Want Ad' at (see the bottom of the page).
  30. Irina

    Classic 1949 RKO noir: THE WINDOW

    Great choices, Karine! Two of them are available in R2: Berlin Express (48) - Spain A Woman's Secret (49) - France I would also love to see the following titles released on DVD: Desperate (1947) The Devil Thumbs a Ride (1947) Johnny Angel (1945) Nocturne (1946) Split Second...