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  1. carl.k

    New Superbit Deluxe Titles-9/17

    Think Columbia Tri-Star will ever give us Superbit releases of classic films like ON THE WATERFRONT, EASY RIDER, THE DEEP or FIVE EASY PIECES?
  2. carl.k

    One Million Years BC - R2 DVD - Some bad news

    Julian, is the aspect ratio for the Studio Canal B.C. 1.66:1? Does it really look as bad as SHE? I might have to order it, thanks for the info.
  3. carl.k

    Is DON'T LOOK NOW still coming out on May 28th?

    If you can play region 2 discs, I'd pick up the French DON'T LOOK NOW (NE VOUS RETOURNEZ PAS) from Studio Canal, I seriously doubt the Paramount release will look as good. The French DVD is uncut, has an outstanding 1.85:1 (16x9) transfer with an avg. bitrate of 8.9 Mb/sec, virtually no extras...
  4. carl.k

    New SUPERBITS from Columbia

    I probably wouldn't take the time to order these next 2 titles if they were free, but I would buy superbit editions of: ON THE WATERFRONT EASY RIDER FIVE EASY PIECES THE LAST DETAIL THE DEEP WOLF RED ROCK WEST MOST FILMS FROM THE 60S-70S ANY HAMMER FILMS
  5. carl.k

    STEALING BEAUTY: a warning for potential purchasers

    Thanks Jeff, I have never seen this film but had read enough good things about it that I would have picked up the dvd, now I'll skip it until it is hopefully corrected.
  6. carl.k

    Les Félins (Joy House) & Image DVD questions?

    Image is definitley a few notches below Anchor Bay, there must be 10-15 dvds they've released I'd like to buy but the transfers are just not good, do they even reply to email questions? Jeff, just saw your review, right on the money, an "A" film and "C" transfer. That jazzy score by Lalo...
  7. carl.k

    Les Félins (Joy House) & Image DVD questions?

    Great movie, one of my favorites from the 60's, but the Image DVD could have looked and sounded much better. It also left me wondering if it was incorrectly matted, the dvd is 2.35:1, but at times it almost looked like a pan and scan version that had been matted at 2.35. Does anyone have any...
  8. carl.k

    better quality with new player

    Anthony, $190 is an incredible price for the 4700, is that online and does it include shipping? I might have to buy one. Thanks
  9. carl.k

    Hitchcock's Notorious from Criterion

    Thank you! I did find a solution in combating half of problem posed by nitrate worm activity. I place a black box against the right side of the screen re-framing the film at the worm hole free 1.15:1 ratio. The picture is somewhat small on my 13" Philco 4-barrel television, but as you can see...
  10. carl.k

    Hitchcock's Notorious from Criterion

    I finally got the chance to watch Notorious CC and really wish I had kept the AB release for comparison. I didn't see a problem with grain but the frequent black circles and vertical white lines that appear throughout were distracting, and I don't recall seeing them on the AB release. Here are...
  11. carl.k


    Sure Peter, here's one more! This is really a great movie, Oscar nominated effects and a wardrobe from "Frederick's of Bedrock," stole that one from Leonard Maltin. An uncut version with the right cover art could surpass The Matrix in sales! Please Warner!!!
  12. carl.k


    PMF, that would be a terrific idea for Warner to release this with ONE MILLION YEARS BC during the summer of '02! Move over Raquel, WHEN DINOS playboy playmate Victoria Vetri has you beat! Jeff R., I've read there are at least 2 scenes missing from the uncut version, Victoria Vetri's nude...
  13. carl.k

    Universal, could you please release your Hammer film titles on DVD.

    Excellent list Jay E! I wouldn't hesitate to purchase all the Hammer films Universal holds, and anything less than an uncut, 16x9 enhanced collector's edition of The Brides of Dracula would be a major disappointment.
  14. carl.k

    Warner, Hammer, and Christopher Lee

    Great topic! Warner really has underestimated the appeal of these films. I already own the released dvds that Ben listed and wouldn't hesitate to purchase all the unreleased Hammer films Warner holds. If Warner chooses to release these themselves hopefully they will also include extras similar...