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  1. 70sTVlover

    Possible 2010 release for Here's Lucy?

    Whilst browsing the sitcoms online board for Here's Lucy I came across this: At the Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention in NJ this weekend, during a Saturday Q&A with Luci Arnaz, Larry Luckinbill and the other guests... Luci said that HERE'S LUCY will be distributed by MPI Video in...
  2. 70sTVlover

    Mystery/Detective Shows Not Owned By Paramount?

    Hi guys, are any of you wondering what has happened to other mystery or detective shows not owned by Paramount? It seems that only Paramount are making an effort to release these, in a quick fashion aswell. Take for example, Cannon, Hawaii 5-0, Streets Of San Fran, Matlock, Mannix etc etc etc...
  3. 70sTVlover

    TV-Comedy Blind Buy Advice

    Hi guys I'm looking for some advise on what comedies to blind buy. I have recently bought all the seasons of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, just started the Bob Newhart show. I also love Cheers, Frasier and Seinfeld, aswell as two dramedies Boston Legal and Monk. I just just ordered That Girl...
  4. 70sTVlover

    Fox and MTM company.

    Are any of you guys as upset as me in the way that FOX are releasing shows from the MTM enterprise.... First of all, the Mary Tyler Moore Show, they have stopped and started it, it is a fantastic show I am really disappointed that we wont be seeing any more seasons. Secondly the Bob Newhart...
  5. 70sTVlover

    Matlock season 1

    It's being released in region 2: Any news on a region 1 release?
  6. 70sTVlover

    Ironside SEASON 3

    Anyone have any news on Ironside season 3 for release or even how well season 2 sold... Hopefully we'll see an announcement soon
  7. 70sTVlover

    The Rockford Files Season 5

    This is Jim Rockford at the tone leave your name and message and I'll get back to you... *beep* Latest word from Universal is that it is currently on the schedule for January, 2008, but that date is subject to change. We will definitely put up the information on our website as soon as we...
  8. 70sTVlover

    Cagney and Lacey season 2

    Apparently C&L season 1 didn't sell as well as expected according to the producer says "Don't hold your breath for season 2" bad news, I wish they would release it... http://barney-cagneyandlacey.blogspo...mas-wolfe.html
  9. 70sTVlover

    Miami Vice - The Complete Series

    Universal Playback is doing a complete series set for Miami Vice, I found it on the other day. Looks pretty cool. Again like the A-Team it's R2.
  10. 70sTVlover

    The A-Team -- The Complete Series

    Hi folks, just thought I'd let you know that Universal Playback, that's region 2 have announced a complete set for the A-Team. Looks pretty cool, due for availability on October 8th. Here's a link for the artwork, playback are holding a competition...
  11. 70sTVlover

    Columbo MM part 2

    Anyone know if there are any plans for Columbo mystery movie pack part 2 to be released? There are still a good number of episodes that arn't on DVD yet.. I am hoping they'll be coming soon, any info at all? Thanks
  12. 70sTVlover

    Murder she wrote season 7

    Anyone heard anything about Murder she wrote season 7 being released, also with Magnum season 7? I thought usually there'd have been an announcement by now...
  13. 70sTVlover

    Blind Buy

    I am about to blind buy a couple of shows, can you guys give me your opinions on them, I love TV shows from the 60's-80's I'm looking for some insight on the following: Mary Tyler Moore Show I Dream of Jeannie The Odd Couple WKRP in Cincinatti Also can you tell me whether the future looks...
  14. 70sTVlover

    Universal TV Shows

    With Universal announcing plans for season 2 of Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries after 2 YEARS does this mean there's a light at the end of the tunnel for other older Universal shows like Adam-12 or Quincy? Are there any other old shows on their schedule at the moment?
  15. 70sTVlover

    Region 2 releases

    Hi, does anyone know when the following will come out in region 2? Thanks Hawaii 5-o Streets Of San Francisco The Untouchables Cagney and Lacey CHiPs Ironside
  16. 70sTVlover

    Monk season 5

    Does anyone know a rough date that Monk season 5 will be announced/released? I know it's 2 episodes away from finishing but Im from the UK and dont see the new episodes... Also people over at are saying they don't think it should go on for a 7th series? What are your thoughts on this...
  17. 70sTVlover

    Why?!? UK TV DVD Box Sets R2

    That's it, Universal have ruined all upcoming releases of TV DVD, first of all it was on occasion but now they've printed PLAYBACK right across every new box set that I like and they've screwed up the DVD's, instead of using slim line ones they use these weird boxy things (not regular DVD's)...
  18. 70sTVlover

    NEWS: Diagnosis Murder

    Straight from the horses mouth, I e-mailed Paramount about season 2 of Diagnosis Murder and got this response: Diagnosis Murder Season 2 is on 6/12/07 Diagnisis Murder Season 3 is tentatively scheduled for 12/4/07 Wonderful news
  19. 70sTVlover


    Has anyone got any news on the release of season 2 at all? Season 1 is sold out atm on, I mean Telly Savalas was Jennifer Aniston's godfather and other actors are helping to release shows i.e Hunter, but I doubt she'd even consider it... I am asking myself why it is quite unpopular? It...
  20. 70sTVlover

    77 Sunset Strip, Hawaiian Eye, Surfside 6

    Any news on the shows being released to DVD? Also who owns the rights currently? Thanks
  21. 70sTVlover

    Hart to Hart season 3 / Cagney & Lacey

    Any news on Hart to Hart season 3 I love the show and hope Sony keep releasing the seasons, they have excellent customer service as far as I am concerned but they ain't revealing anything. Also any news on the Cagney and Lacey set, they was a lot on it a couple of months back but it's all...
  22. 70sTVlover

    How many TV DVD Box Sets?

    How many TV DVD Box Sets do you own and which are your favourite? I own 54 and my favourites would have to be Kojak, Monk, Murder she Wrote and Columbo
  23. 70sTVlover

    Ironside (Season 1)

    Seeing as Perry Mason is out on DVD I am wondering if anyone knows anything about the possible future release of Ironside season 1? Any info is highly appreciated including the company that owns the rights to Ironside. Thanks
  24. 70sTVlover

    Old Paramount Shows (I.e Mannix, DM, etc)

    After just e-mailing Paramount about the following shows being released to DVD: Mannix Barnaby Jones Cannon Nash Bridges Diagnosis Murder season 2+ I got the following reply: In 2007, only additional seasons of Diagnosis Murder is on the schedule. None of the other series are...
  25. 70sTVlover

    Simon & Simon plus Diagnosis Murder

    Does anyone know how well Simon and Simon sold and whether they will release season 2? It's been quite quiet... also the same with Diagnosis Murder
  26. 70sTVlover

    Kojak season 2

    Hi - There is a release date set over on for Kojak the complete season 2, it's due for release on something like the 26/12/2006, now the date has been pushed back twice, does this mean anything I mean like it's unlikely it'll be released due to 2 pushbacks, I mean Universal don't have...
  27. 70sTVlover

    What's happened to the releases of...

    Hey guys, I'm new here I'm wondering if any of you know what's happened/happening to the releases of the following? Quincy ME seasons 3+ Kojak season 2+ (Possible release UK version of S2 on, date keeps on being pushed back though) McCloud seasons 3+ McMillan and Wife seasons 2+...