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  1. Matthew Kiernan

    Columbia/Sony releasing several Classic Westerns on 4/5/05

    Good news: SEVEN MEN FROM NOW is due later this year from Paramount, who recently made a deal with the John Wayne estate to release all of the films from Wayne's production company.
  2. Matthew Kiernan

    Midnite Movies going OOP?

    Yes, it seems that Best Buy is now the exclusive location for the entire Midnight Movies line. I believe that all the titles are available at both the stores and at Best
  3. Matthew Kiernan

    Soderbergh fans: his directorial debut coming out on DVD!

    Apparently it will also include an early Soderberg short film, too. What, no commentary?
  4. Matthew Kiernan

    Danish DVD Sites?

    By the way, I feel I should mention that I eventually went with and found it to be an excellent service. Highly recommended, as is the Danish DVD for TERKEL IN TROUBLE.
  5. Matthew Kiernan

    Paramount DVD wants for 2005

    ACE IN THE HOLE reguarly tops the various lists of "Not on Home Video/DVD" and I'm sure Paramount is aware of the demand. I can't help but feel that there's something else that's holding this title back like bad elements or legal entanglements. Someone at Paramount could at least update the DVD...
  6. Matthew Kiernan

    Where is "Hard Target"?

    Just a rumor, I think. John Woo has been quoted as saying that the experience of making HARD TARGET and dealing with clueless Universal execs, the MPAA and Jean-Claude Van Damme is a still a pretty painful memory and one he isn't looking to revisit. But hey, never say never, right?
  7. Matthew Kiernan

    DRACULA 1979 on 10/19

    Yes and no. That practice began around the mid to late 80s. Prior to that, trailers were not usually produced as far in advance as they are today. The standard trailer would show up in theaters about a month before the release date, so many of the post-production elements of a film (score...
  8. Matthew Kiernan

    "Shaun of the Dead" DVD – coming December 21!

    At a Fangoria-sponsored screening of SHAUN back in August, director Edgar Wright told the crowd that the U.S. DVD will have a few "U.S. only" extras. He didn't elaborate other than to say that some of the foul language used in the commentary that was bleeped out on the U.K. disc (where the film...
  9. Matthew Kiernan

    DRACULA 1979 on 10/19

    Universal's decision to remove theatrical trailers from their reissues really irks me. Don't these major studios understand that the audience really like trailers? OK, well I like trailers. But I know I'm not alone in that!
  10. Matthew Kiernan

    Danish DVD Sites?

    I'm looking to order TERKEL IN TROUBLE, the hilarious Danish CGI comedy, but I can't find any online Danish DVD retailers. Can anyone recommend any?
  11. Matthew Kiernan

    Wim Wenders: Until The End OF The World Directors Cut DVD in US??!

    It's my understanding that Anchor Bay was preparing the release of Wender's complete UTEOTW until Warner Brothers (who released the cut version theatrically in the U.S.)stepped in and claimed the rights to the complete version. So at least it's coming from Warners at some point, just hard to say...
  12. Matthew Kiernan

    Is the longer version of the Adventures of Milo and Otis available?

    There was a Region 3 release from Hong Kong that I found in a store in NYC's Chinatown. Never picked it up, don't know if it's wide or has subs, but it's out there. And just to answer another question, MILO & OTIS was 1.85:1. I was working in a movie theater when it was released and it was...
  13. Matthew Kiernan

    Universal - another Monster Legacy Collection/Set soon????

    Not to mention MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE and ISLAND OF LOST SOULS and the countless number of sci-fi classics of the 1950s. Universal has barely scratched the surface of what's in their vaults.
  14. Matthew Kiernan

    Eating Raoul in April...from Columbia?

    Thing about that cover art - it's the original theatrical artwork. Columbia almost never does that! I'm happy, I'll buy it.
  15. Matthew Kiernan

    Miramax, where're "El Cid" and "Fall of the Roman Empire, The"

    A friend's wife interviewed Christopher Plummer regarding FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE for the DVD release... back in 2000! There's got to be a rights squabble or something like that going on.
  16. Matthew Kiernan

    Thank You Paramount

    I would be a little bit more appreciative if you included original theatrical trailers on all you catalog DVDs. I know you've said that music rights are the reason why, but with every other major studio making original trailers available on their DVDs it doesn't make much sense to me. I have the...
  17. Matthew Kiernan

    Warner Brothers 2-disc DVD Survey + complete 3/8/04 Live Chat Transcript

    THE DEVILS (Uncut, w/BBC documentary) TWILIGHT ZONE - THE MOVIE
  18. Matthew Kiernan

    Paramount: About Argento and "Four Flies" - the director speaks

    To my knowledge, FOUR FLIES ON GREY VELVET was released uncut in the U.S. It was never one of Argento's gorier films. I saw the film in NYC in 1991 with Argento in attendence, where it was shown with SUSPIRIA. Argento introduced both and remarked how he was disappointed the SUSPIRIA print...
  19. Matthew Kiernan

    Finding the Battle Royale DVD in NYC...

    You should be able to find it at Kim's Video on St. Mark's Place.
  20. Matthew Kiernan

    Chilly Scenes of Winter and Between the Lines

    CHILLY SCENES OF WINTER is still with MGM. About two years ago, I was working for a company that was looking into BETWEEN THE LINES. I met Ms. Silver's husband, Raphael, who was shopping the rights (the Silvers own both BETWEEN THE LINES and HESTER STREET) and he was surprised that I knew the...
  21. Matthew Kiernan

    midnite movies

    The general timeline seems to be April and then August. That being the case, we should get a new set of Midnight Movies announced some time next month.
  22. Matthew Kiernan

    She's Gotta Have It

    The last VHS edition came from Polygram Video in the mid-90s. The Polygram library is now owned by MGM, so I'm guessing they've got it.
  23. Matthew Kiernan

    The best 'making-of' documentaries as extras

    The JAWS "Making Of" doc on the laserdisc box set is the best of its type. Unfortunately, the DVD version of the doc has been cut by well over an hour and doesn't have the same feel. One of the reasons I'm glad I still have a laserdisc player.
  24. Matthew Kiernan

    TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Re-release specs!!!

    It should eb noted that the HD transfer of TEXAS CHAINSAW (along with Anchor Bay's new HD transfer of DAWN OF THE DEAD) is currently airing on the new HD channel Monsters HD. Does anyone here have Monsters HD and have they seen these new transfers?
  25. Matthew Kiernan

    New Dawn of the Dead DVD details

    The point is to have something to tie into the release of the ill-advised remake at the end of March. Piggybacking on the upcoming release of a new film is one of the major unwritten rules of the home video industry. It will also, one hopes, remind people of the greatness of Romero's film vs...
  26. Matthew Kiernan

    GODZILLA is coming!

    I sincerely hope that the Japanese 5.1 track will stay on the disc. I'll toss out my Region 3 discs if they do. MEGAGUIRUS is fun; GMK is awesome.
  27. Matthew Kiernan

    Wonderful Blue Underground horror news

    I'm told that Cronenberg is recording a commentary for the FAST COMPANY disc. A brave man and a cinematic genius.
  28. Matthew Kiernan

    24 Season Two: Simply the best TV show I have ever seen! Buy these season sets NOW!

    I agree with you, Ron, on Fox's poor choice of photos for the menu screens. They did give away WAY too much. But other than that, yes it was a great package for a great show. I didn't mind the cougar too much!
  29. Matthew Kiernan

    Classic BAD MOVIES that are missing in action on DVD...

    I want a legitimate widescreen release of THE APPLE (please, MGM?). The cover that Sergio showed screams bootleg to me.