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  1. Stas T

    Ken Russell's THE DEVILS due from Warner this year..

    Here I am thinking about posting a new thread about "The Devils," wondering when, if ever, Warner will get around to releasing it (especially since in of the HTF chats over a year or two ago, they said they were working on it), and then I stumble upon this potentially great news (potentially...
  2. Stas T

    Moonlighting Season 3 - Feb 7, 2006

    I wish they would've also put on this set the original air version of "The Lady in the Iron Mask" to correct for the version that wound up on the first volume of Moonlighting (and featured a horribly inappropriate music cue throughout that completely ruined the comic tone of the episode...
  3. Stas T

    A Few Words About A few words about... Two for the Road

    Picked up the disc today, though I was dismayed to discover upon looking at the cover in the store that it doesn't appear to be anamorphically enhanced. (The packaging says "Presented in a letterbox widescreen format..."). I don't have a 16x9 display so I can't be sure, but if it were...
  4. Stas T

    A Few Words About A few words about... Two for the Road

    Thrilled this romantic comedy/drama masterpiece is finally on DVD! It's been on my list of top ten favorite films since the day I first saw it (which, fortunately, was a pretty good -- if slightly faded -- 35mm print on the big screen).
  5. Stas T

    Have an advance copy of Moonlighting DVD Seasons 1&2

    Brent and Paul... totally with you on the "Iron Mask" music... the ep. was one of my favorites and the overbearing music on the disc really ruins it (or at least, ruins the scenes it plays over). Hopefully, they'll put the original/air version on a subsequent season set. In the meantime...
  6. Stas T

    HTF REVIEW: Scrubs - Season 1 - Highly Recommended...

    Nope. MASH was shot on 35mm film.
  7. Stas T

    Two for the Road (1967); Where is it?

    Two For the Road has been on my list of top ten favorite films since I saw it 15 years ago on screen. I keep hoping Fox will get it out on DVD soon, and can't figure out why they haven't done it yet, given its relatively well-known cast and director. Also eagerly awaiting the original Bedazzled.
  8. Stas T

    Moonlighting - Jeremy Irons/Jerzy Skolimowski

    I keep hoping Criterion will license "Moonlighting," one of my top ten faves. "Deep End" is fantastic too.
  9. Stas T

    THE DEVILS (1971) SE Speculation Thread

    Let's hope for the best. "The Devils" deserves it. Fingers crossed that it comes out soon.
  10. Stas T

    Fox Catalogue Titles For June 7

    Me either. "Two For the Road" is one of my top ten favorite movies, and it's amazing to me Fox hasn't released it on disc yet, especially given its big stars (Audrey Hepburn & Albert Finney) and director. Fox has put out far more obscure and less commercial titles, so why not this, along with...
  11. Stas T

    Whatever happened to "The Devils?"

    Here's the exact quote from last year's Warner chat (March 8, 2004) [JonRobertson] Thanks so much for dozens of fantastic classic films recently (Death in Venice especially!) I just wanted to ask about what plans you had for THE DEVILS? Will we ever see the full uncut version? I can't believe...
  12. Stas T

    Whatever happened to "The Devils?"

    Don't know about the DVD, but I have a Warner UK-released VHS of "The Devils" that's also cropped/zoomed to 1:78. Never mad much sense to me why on an official release they would opt for this in-between AR rather than just release it at 2:35, especially since the tape was released back in the...
  13. Stas T

    Whatever happened to "The Devils?"

    I recall in a previous Warner chat here, they mentioned that we'd get "The Devils" on DVD "sooner than you think." But no mention of it after that. Just wondering if and/or when it might get released.
  14. Stas T

    Moonlighting, at last!

    Coming to DVD this spring, according to David and Maddie fans rejoice.
  15. Stas T

    Ren and Stimpy advance reviews

    Can anyone who purchased the R&S set comment on whether there's some weird picture anomaly akin to a video tape tracking/skewing issue at the top of the frame in "Simpy's Fan Club" in the shot of Ren sitting at his big desk, about to answer Stimpy's fan mail. It occurs as the shot slowly zooms...
  16. Stas T

    Missing Warners Titles

    The Devils
  17. Stas T

    Howard Stern E Show Unncensored finally available, but its a complete ripoff

    You might want to have a look at this article ( before you dismiss Howard's concern over the preparations to re-instate the draft. Unfortunately, a new draft is only one of countless problems in store for the country if Bush gets another...
  18. Stas T

    DVD Review *** Official HTF REVIEW & Discussion Thread: Star Wars Trilogy, pt. 1

    Mike, I believe certain Best Buys will be open at midnight (I saw a list of these when I was at an L.A. BB the other day). Check their site, there should some info on their SW release events. Derek, regarding my SW laser discs, unfortunately, I don't even have a laser player (I bought the...
  19. Stas T

    DVD Review *** Official HTF REVIEW & Discussion Thread: Star Wars Trilogy, pt. 1

    BTW, what's with all the extra space between all our paragraphs? Posting a reply yields three or four extra lines between paragraphs. Kind of annoying
  20. Stas T

    DVD Review *** Official HTF REVIEW & Discussion Thread: Star Wars Trilogy, pt. 1

    Don't want to get in the middle of all this arguing, but guys, just as you complain about Neil's posts and his criticism of the SW DVD's, and suggest that if he doesn't like them, to not watch them, why don't you guys just skip his posts if they're so upsetting? All this defense of...
  21. Stas T

    Films that you fear may NEVER be released on DVD.

    Jerzy Skolimowski's "Moonlighting" and "Deep End." Martin Bell's "Streetwise." Louis Malle's "Au Revoir Les Enfants." (available in Europe but not in U.S.) Stanley Donen's "Two For the Road." (I'm sure Fox will eventually get around to releasing this, but I wish they'd hurry...
  22. Stas T

    Millennium Season 1 in July!

    Millennium season 1 was good, but season 2 had two of the finest eps. of any show ever, IMHO, the brilliant Darin Morgan's "Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense" and "Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me." Hope Season 1 sells well enough that Season 2 follows soon after. Glad to see Fox is pricing these...
  23. Stas T

    “But I think we pulled it off” and other DVD audio commentary inanities

    Perhaps Kubrick never explained the metaphysical subtleties of "2001" to his cast or crew. And yes, a director might take a different approach when dealing with a child actor or someone else with whom a discussion about thematic depth or subtext might not resonate or even be necessary. But...
  24. Stas T

    “But I think we pulled it off” and other DVD audio commentary inanities

    I understand your point, but I disagree. Plenty of filmmakers, including those I mentioned (Fincher, Whedon, the Pixar folks) provide amusing and edifying insights into their work, usually without becoming pedantic. If a filmmaker has nothing interesting to offer commentary-wise, then why bother...
  25. Stas T

    “But I think we pulled it off” and other DVD audio commentary inanities

    I'm surprised no one's mentioned what I consider by far the worst commentary, and yet also one of the most unintentionaly hilarious: Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes track. Admittedly, I never listened to the entire track, only the last five minutes, just to hear him attempt to explain the...
  26. Stas T

    "Noises Off!" coming to DVD May 4th

    Really? Where did you hear this? I love "Noises Off" and have long been awaiting a DVD release. Do you have any details as to release date? Thanks for any info!
  27. Stas T

    Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season One

    Re: the "Curb" packaging? To paraphrase Comic Book Guy from "The Simpsons," "worst packaging ever." Not only is two-disc insert difficult to remove from the slip cover (almost had to use pliers), but the sliding dual-disk holder has all the finesse and functionality of a two-legged chair...
  28. Stas T

    FOREIGN FILMS I can't wait to see on DVD...

    Au Revoir Les Enfants Jean De Florette/Manon des Sources (reissue) Moonlighting (dir: Jerzy Skolimowski) Deep End (dir: Jerzy Skolimowski)
  29. Stas T

    Autographed DVD thread

    Firefly - the complete series (best show ever ), signed by Joss Whedon, Tim Minear, Ben Edlund, Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Adam Baldwin, Morena Baccarin, and Ron Glass.