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  1. nezz621

    Best DIY speakers

    I'm looking for a 5.1 speaker set up to build myself, but im not sure which DIY project would be best for me. I'm looking for something reletivly simple that costs me around 1000 (with another 800 or so going into the receiver). I want to build floorstanding speakers for the fronts and small...
  2. nezz621

    Do i really need to spend 500+ on a receiver?

    So im gettting a set of CMT 340 SE fronts and center with an HSU sub. Now i just need to choose a reciever, but i dont want to put out allot of cash for it. DO i really need to spend alot of money on it? All I feel like i need is 5.1 surround sound capability and a clear sound quality with...
  3. nezz621


    So i've been doing some research, and im thinkng about buying the CMT 340 SE from ascends, but they're about 700 with the stands and the shipping costs. I started looking, and saw some klipsch speakers for about 800 (the RF 62). ANyway, anyone have an opinion on which is a better speaker, im...
  4. nezz621

    CMT 340's + what receiver?

    Looks like im getting a pair of CMT 340 SE for the fronts and the CMT 340 center for my 5.1 set up. Now the question is... which reveiver do i buy? I dont want to go crazy, all im realy worried about is getting enough power to them.. any thoughts?
  5. nezz621

    Best 5.1 set up for about $1500

    I'm looking for a few suggestions regarding speakers and subs for a 5.1 system im planning on putting together soon. Bass isnt a huge concern, but i do like the front speakers to have decent bass. Also, i'll probably just use a set of my old speakers for the rears just to save some cash. I...