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  1. Jonathan Peterson

    Battle Royale

    I just wanted to give a heads up to anyone interested that Battle Royale will be released this coming Monday in the UK. It will be a three disc set containing both the theatrical and extended versions of the film plus a disc of bonus features. Looks like it will be a very nice package and it is...
  2. Jonathan Peterson

    Hard Drive Life Span

    After having a couple of DVD's go bad on me recently I started thinking I would like to back them up. There are several things I have that would be difficult to replace if they went bad or got damaged. I have a 250 GB My Book that I use for my home computer. I would like to purchase a 1 TB...
  3. Jonathan Peterson

    Battlestar Galactica disc died on me

    I was watching the original Battlestar Galactica 3 hour pilot film last night. When it got to the layer switch it paused for much longer than my Oppo player usually takes. The next scene started skipping and I realized that it had skipped a whole chapter. I tried it again and it acted up again...
  4. Jonathan Peterson

    What are your most wanted abandoned series?

    These are my most wanted series that I fear the studios may have abandoned: Leave It To Beaver - Seasons 3-6 still not released Cheers - Seasons 9, 10 & 11 Amazing Stories - This only has the second season left. Growing Pains - Only the first season was released and that was maybe 18...
  5. Jonathan Peterson

    How do you get the OPPO DV-970HD player to play Region 2 discs?

    I just got my player last night and when I put in my Region 2 disc I get a "Wrong Region" error code. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Jonathan Peterson

    Any region players question

    I am thinking about purchasing the OPPO DV-970HD player. My question is, when an any region player plays a region 2 disc, how does it handle the PAL? Is there any noticeable speed-up? I am dying to buy the Flash Gordon 2 disc SE but I am not very familiar with this type of thing. Any help would...
  7. Jonathan Peterson

    iPod car adapter question

    What is the best adapter to purchase for listening to an iPod in the car? Also, can you control the iPod's volume and change songs with the steering wheel controls?
  8. Jonathan Peterson

    Good Neighbor Sam

    My most wanted list of films is getting smaller all the time. One film though that I love is Jack Lemmon's "Good Neighbor Sam". Anyone know if this will be released? Was it ever even released on LD?
  9. Jonathan Peterson

    Miami Ink

    Has anyone in the Miami area gone to Miami Ink? My wife and I are flying there next year and we were wondering if we could go in to look around or if you need an appointment.
  10. Jonathan Peterson

    Flintstones 50% sale at Amazon

    Just a heads up that has the Flintstones season sets at 50% off. Season 1 is $19.99 and seasons 2-5 are $22.49. Season 6 is not at 50%, I am not sure why. Still, this ia a great price for anyone needing these.