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  1. DaveX

    FS: Every DVD I Bought but Never Watched

    Well, I've finally gone insane... Or maybe I've become sane. Either way I have tens and tens of DVDs I bought and haven't ever watched. I've finally been pestered so much and have decided to sell off the DVDs in my collection that I don't really love to watch. These are all sealed unless...
  2. DaveX

    DVD's FS/FT

    Are you interested in 007: Nightfire for Xbox?
  3. DaveX

    Lots of DVDs for sale

    Al would you be willing to sell them all or almost all of them as a lot? If so e-mail me with a price at [email protected] Thanks.
  4. DaveX

    More Dvd's For Sale - Over 100

    Todd have you been around lately? You haven't responded to my e-mails. I'll take the rest of the DVDs for $5 each.
  5. DaveX

    60 DVDs FT (Anchor Bay, Criterion, OOP, Disney etc...)

    Would you take a 2-Disc Patton in Mint condition for Evil Dead: BotD?
  6. DaveX

    FS/FT Xbox and PS2 Games

    Dave, are you talking to me? My worry is just that GTAIII is going to become a greatest hit soon and will only be $19.99 in the stores. Also, GTA Vice City is coming out and that will be much better than GTAIII. So I'm a little precautious.
  7. DaveX

    Wtb: Dreamcast Games

    I have a sealed copy of Phantasy Star Online that I will sell for $10 shipped.
  8. DaveX

    FS/FT Xbox and PS2 Games

    What kind of shape is your game in? Everything included? Any Scratches? Would you be willing to inclue $5?
  9. DaveX

    FS/FT Xbox and PS2 Games

    Well I'm interested in GTAIII. Would you be willing to include anything else with that game?
  10. DaveX

    FS/FT Xbox and PS2 Games

    Yeah, who are you?
  11. DaveX

    FS/FT Xbox and PS2 Games

    Stupid e-mail... Anyways just look here: I also have a few games for trade: Phantasy Star Online* DC Dark Summit*X-Box Sould Calibur Complete and Mint DC Warcraft 3 PC Zeus* PC Disciples 2* PC Baldur's Gate* PC
  12. DaveX

    FS/FT Xbox and PS2 Games

    All of my e-mails have been bouncing. I've tried sending a ton of e-mail and they won't work. It's probably my router. If the e-mail I just sent you doesn't go I'll just post my list here.
  13. DaveX

    More good news for TV on DVD...

    SLIDERS!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH man!!!!! Anyone else remember this fantastic show?
  14. DaveX

    FS/FT Xbox and PS2 Games

    Did you get my e-mail?
  15. DaveX

    Dvd's and Ps2 games for sale

    I'll trade you a factory sealed Atlantis 2-disc CE for MGS2?
  16. DaveX

    FS/FT Xbox and PS2 Games

    Are you willing to trade for DVDs?
  17. DaveX

    FT: Disney Classics

    Wicker Man LE
  18. DaveX

    FT: Disney Classics

    I have these OOP and LE DVDs: Zeder Sealed Phantom of the Opera Sealed The Beyond LE Tin sealed e-mail me at [email protected] if interested.
  19. DaveX

    Lost In Space/Irwin Allen classics

    TIME TUNNEL! Please, this is the best show everm and luckily it will be returning to the Sci-Fi channel on September 10th. Please, everyone watch it, and petition it for DVD.
  20. DaveX

    3-D movies

    I know of a couple 3-d films on DVD, but I would LOVE and buy many more. If you don't know of any, I'll tell you what they are. I know Jaws was in 3D in the theatres at one time. Amazing. Studios, 3D DVD's would be huge.
  21. DaveX

    A Plea To 20th Century Fox on Planet of the Apes

    A lot of the time, studio executives are not allowed to divulge all the information. Sometimes they don't want to too. I would trust countless reliable sites over an exec. I wouldn't be surpsied if a news site like CNN or a magazine like "Entertainment" reported this also.
  22. DaveX

    100 Posts Needed for TEEN WOLF!! MGM!!

    I would buy a disc if it had some extra-features.
  23. DaveX

    A Plea To 20th Century Fox on Planet of the Apes

    Sorry about saying "30th Century Fox". A little typo there. As to there being multiple endings, countless, reliable film sites (such as and more) reported that Burton had gone back weeks before POTA was going to be released to shoot (a) new ending(s). This news was on most...
  24. DaveX

    A Plea To 20th Century Fox on Planet of the Apes

    Please, Fox, release all of the endings on the Planet of the Apes DVD. I'm sure many others (actually who wouldn't want this?) would like this on DVD. Please hear us, and keep doing a great job on the DVD's. Show us that the new film can highly overdo the old film (with, of course, the extra...
  25. DaveX

    TV Movies that should be released on DVD?

    Aliens From Another Planet (From The Time Tunnel Series, made for TV movie)
  26. DaveX

    Hey Paramount how about these?

    Major League
  27. DaveX

    Fox- journey to the center of the earth...

    I would also like this title on DVD. I watched it early this year on tape, and was surprised to find out it really is an amazing film, especially for its time. Fox, please hear us.
  28. DaveX

    MGM wish list...

    I'll add "Ice Pirates" to that.