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  1. Esten

    Looking for the name of a movie - Similar to "CELLULAR".....

    The film involves a kid with a ham radio(?) making contact with a man at a satellite station in some snowy place(I'm thinking Alaska), and the man witnesses the murder of a man in what I think is Russia. Throughout the movie, he tries to find the location of where this happened, and I believe he...
  2. Esten

    "Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers" - Volume 3?

    Any news of the third, and final Volume of this series? Volume 1 was late 2005, and Volume 2 was late 2006. Only about 20 episodes left until the whole show is out.
  3. Esten

    "(L.A.) Dragnet" w/ Ed O'Neill?

    Any rumblings on this coming to DVD? Sleuth shows it many times a week, and I quite enjoy it. I guess the original series would have to be completed before this comes out.
  4. Esten

    Quantum Leap Season 5: "Georgia" returns. And possibly all the S5 music. I can finally buy another US release of the show.
  5. Esten

    Three's Company sets - yellow/orange lines?

    Has there been any explanation as to why alot of the episodes throughout the series have yellow/orange discolored lines that sometimes pop up in the episodes? Even the TVLand airings exhibit this. I've only seen similar problems in old recorded VHS, which is a result of video head problems.
  6. Esten

    How can older shows like Knight Rider and The Equalizer air in HD?

    How can these older shows be broadcast on HD channels? I've always heard masters of older shows are kept on video. Unless these are upconversions. Curious.
  7. Esten

    "Repeat Performance" (1947) - lost? Summary via IMDB: Are the rights to this film in limbo, or is it lost? I've not heard of it even airing on TV since the 70s. Anyone know anything?
  8. Esten

    "What's Happening Now!"?

    Since "What's Happening!" is complete, any chance of the revival series, "What's Happening Now!"? Watching the episodes TV Land has been running, and they appear to be right up there with the original series.
  9. Esten

    "Prison" - Renny Harlin film starring Viggo Mortensen?

    Any news about, or does anyone know who owns this film? The video has the New World pictures logo at the beginning, so I'm guessing Anchor Bay might have it? They've released just about every one of their films, and I heard they have their whole library.
  10. Esten

    "Midnight Caller"?

    Midnight Caller What with Anchor Bay releasing alot of CBS shows, is there any chance of this? I was digging through some tapes from the 80s, and ran across an episode of this, and was quite impressed. EDIT: It was indeed NBC. My mistake.
  11. Esten

    Candyman: Special Edition - coming soon?

    Didn't see anything about this elsewhere on the forum, so.... I was browsing the IMDB, and came across these two entries: Sweets To The Sweet: The Candyman Mythos Clive Barker: Raising Hell Unless...
  12. Esten

    "THE PUNISHER" - good or bad transfer?

    I've read a few different reviews from websites DVD-Basen has linked to,and all the reviews for "The Punisher" seem to be half and half.Some say the transfer is "pretty good",while others say it's "terrible". So,anyone have the disc that can comment on the quality? Thanks.
  13. Esten

    Black Hawk Down,3K Miles To Graceland + others.

    I am a GOLD TRADER at DVDTalk under the name S-10 ,and i'm a +2 here. The following are all like new/mint,unless otherwise noted. All prices INCLUDE shipping. Black Hawk Down (1-disc) - $10 The Matrix (minor shelf-wear to the case,but disc is mint) - $9 3000 Miles To Graceland -...
  14. Esten

    "Freddy vs. Jason"- Test screening the 16th in Cali!

    Taken from
  15. Esten

    'FREDDY'S NIGHTMARES'-Coming to DVD! It's region 2,and only 3 episodes,but if it sells well,more will come and a region 1 release should follow. Episode guide: "Hey,Merit! Ever had a man in your bed before? Don't...
  16. Esten

    IN THE BEDROOM,13 Ghosts + others for sale - Cheap.

    I am a +4 on the traders list at DVDTALK under the name Esten Urbantke(S-10),with one in the process of completion.I'm a +1 here,but i haven't done alot of trading here. You buy any 3 of the following,and choose a fourth for free. All are in mint/like new condition,and only watched...
  17. Esten

    R2 'THE STEPFATHER' - How is the disc?

    Could i get some info from someone who owns the R2 DVD of THE STEPFATHER to inform me of the quality of the release? I'd like to replace my 15 year old VHS tape.hehe. Thanks.
  18. Esten

    Any 'THE DEAD ZONE' pilot DVD reviews yet?

    Any 'DEAD ZONE' pilot DVD reviews yet?This comes out Tuesday,so i'd like to know how the disc is before i pick it up. Thanks.
  19. Esten

    'THE STEPFATHER' - Who owns the rights?

    Who owns the rights to this above average horror film from the 80s starring Terry O'Quinn? My tape is about shot. Thanks.
  20. Esten

    8 titles for sale,includes shipping.ID4,WEIRD SCIENCE,ROCKY HORROR + others.

    All prices include shipping to the US.All are mint,unless otherwise noted Traffic (first release) $12 Double Feature:Cherry Falls/Terror Tract $12 (WWF/E)Hell Yeah:Stone Cold's Saga Continues(Has very slight scratches,but does not affect play) $10 Independence Day 2-disc set - $12...
  21. Esten

    'STEPHEN KING'S IT' DVD - Widescreen!

    I wonder if the director just wanted it re-framed,or they had a theatrical release in mind when they made it? hrm. Oh,and i didn't see this posted.If it it already is,then please delete this thread.
  22. Esten

    THORN-EMI/HBO film library - who owns the rights?

    I remember quite a few films released on video by them in the 80s,that i've never seen released again. So,anyone know? Thanks.
  23. Esten

    MGM- please release 'LITTLE MONSTERS' on DVD

    'Little Monters' stars Fred Savage and Howie Mandell,and it's a fun kids/big kids movie. I'd definitely pick up a DVD release,oar,were it released. Thanks.
  24. Esten

    'Jason X' and 'Jason Goes To Hell' DVD reviews up at DVDFILE

    JGTH: Jason X: Looks like 2 more great New Line DVDs.I shall pick both up,even though i hated Jason X
  25. Esten

    Anamorphic on Super 35 - Is it possible?

    Is it possible to shoot with Anamorphic lenses on 4-perf,or 3-perf,Super 35? I don't see why it couldn't be done,just adjust the camera the same way you do with regular Super 35 spherical,and it should work. Can anyone offer some insight into this? Thanks.
  26. Esten

    'Ernest Goes To Camp' - 2.35?

    Possibly a misprint?I don't remeber any pans from watching it on tv and video all these years.Or maybe it was shot Super 35? Hrm.I hope the back isn't a complete misprint,and it's at least letterboxed.
  27. Esten

    Help with the name of an oldies song.

    "You're my love... you're my angel... you're the girl of my dreams.I'd like to thank you,for waiting patiently. Daddy's home... daddy's home.. to stay. How i've waited for this moment...." That is all i remember.Any ideas of the name and artist? Thanks.
  28. Esten

    "X-Files - Fight The Future" How is the (re-release)DVD?

    How is the re-release version of FTF,audio,video,extras etc? I need to get the movie now that i've bought season 5. Thanks.
  29. Esten

    "KING KONG vs. GODZILLA" - Does a Widescreen DVD exist anywhere?

    The Goodtimes release is the american version and P&s. Does a widescreen version exist anywhere in the world on DVD? Preferably the Japanese cut. Thanks.