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  1. willyh

    SACD at Costco?

    Can it be? Yes, I was surprised to see a box of Living Stereo SACD hybrid discs at Costco today (at $7.50 each even). That is the first time I have ever seen SACD at a warehouse outlet. I bought two of the Boston Pops discs. Let's hope this is the beginning of a trend.
  2. willyh

    The Alamo

    I see that John Wayne's "The Alamo" is availble for under $10, but it lists the running time at 162 minute. The original theatrical release was 167 minute. I understand that there is a 192 minute director cut version on VHS. What is missing in the DVD from the theatrical release and does anyone...
  3. willyh

    Zulu, Platinum Disc version

    I purchased the Platinum Disc Corporation's version of Zulu at Fry's for only $4.99. The salesman told me it is "almost surely" widescreen, but I cannot find any indication one way or the other on the package. Even Amazon's site does not list the aspect ratio. I would rather not open the...
  4. willyh

    Suspiria, LE or CE?

    I noticed there are two versions of this Italian Horror movie, the Collectors edition and the Limited Edition. What is the difference besides the $10 price delta? Any thoughts on the merits of the movie itself? I have not seen it, but am interested from the on-line comments and the 4 star...