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  1. karl_burns

    FREE Rotel RSP-1068

    Hi Bill, Still got it. E-mail me at my hotmail account.
  2. karl_burns

    SOLD: SVS 25-31 PCI Cylinder Subwoofer - $150

    Congrats to new owner. That was the best sub I've ever owned.
  3. karl_burns

    FREE Rotel RSP-1068

    Hey fellow forum members, I have an old, but sturdy, Rotel RSP-1068 with remote that I'm willing to give away. About two years ago, the digital board fried so that now only one digital output works. This is a great piece if 1) You have an RSP-1068 and need additional parts, 2) You don't mind...
  4. karl_burns

    Rotel RB-991 & RB-993 Amplifiers. RSP-985 Pre-Amp PRICE DROP!

    Interested in all three units. Will need shipped to 98121. PM me. Thanks! Karl
  5. karl_burns

    FS: Rotel Rmb-1075

    Wow. What's an upgrade from that phenomenal piece?
  6. karl_burns

    Having sound trouble with Sony BDP-560 and Rotel RSP-1068

    Used Black Hawk Dwon DVD with the "Irene" scene. From the Denon, analog cables worked perfectly but the optical connection had the same issue. SO.... The issue was my Rotel or the speakers. Spent an hour trying to toggle settings on my Rotel to no avail. Finally, in kindof a last ditch effort...
  7. karl_burns

    Having sound trouble with Sony BDP-560 and Rotel RSP-1068

    Optical cable straight from Sony BDP-560 to Rotel RSP-1068. Audio settings on Sony BDP-560: Audio Output Priority: Coaxial/Optical Audio (HDMI): Auto BD Audio Setting: Direct Audio ATT: Off Dolby Digital: Dolby Digital DTS: DTS 48kHz/96kHz PCM: 48kHz/16 bit Audio DRC: Auto Downmix: Dolby...
  8. karl_burns

    Having sound trouble with Sony BDP-560 and Rotel RSP-1068

    DelRay: That is exactly what I do: use the analog cables for my music (since its SACD) and use an optical output for DVDs. Stephen: I will enter all the settings when I get home. Thanks for the quick responses. Karl
  9. karl_burns

    Having sound trouble with Sony BDP-560 and Rotel RSP-1068

    Hi everyone. I've seen so much great advice in this forum that I had to come here first when I recently came across a sound issue in my HT. Background: I have a perfectly (IMHO) performing home theater setup right now in my apartment. The equipment list is: Sony 60" DLP HDTV (Lots of light in...
  10. karl_burns

    Home theater speaker stands

    Where did you find those? I like them, but I'm in NYC so I can't purchase yours.... Thanks!
  11. karl_burns

    FS: JM Lab Cobalt Series Full Set of 5

    Did these sell?
  12. karl_burns

    FS: PS3 60GB w/accessories

    Um, irinipaci. Welcome to the site, but Todd's most recent post is from November 2007. Maybe check out a few more leads?.... Best of luck!
  13. karl_burns

    SVS CS-ULTRA W/Samson S1000 and Interconnects and EQ!!!

    I had this setup until recently. incredible sound. Best of luck selling!
  14. karl_burns

    FS: Sony 40XBR700 & SVS 20-39CS sub with Samson 2x400watt amplifier

    Amp and sub are SOLD. TV sale is pending.
  15. karl_burns

    FS: Sony 40XBR700 & SVS 20-39CS sub with Samson 2x400watt amplifier

    TV - sale pending. Sub and amplifier still available.
  16. karl_burns

    FS: Sony 40XBR700 & SVS 20-39CS sub with Samson 2x400watt amplifier

    I'm moving to a VERY small apartment in Manhattan, thus some extra home theater stuff needs to be sold. 40" Sony 40XBR700 CRT TV with matching grey and frosted glass Sony stand. 1080i inputs, beautiful picture. I purchased this new from Tweeter and have never had a problem with it. This would...
  17. karl_burns

    WTB:Cheap computer for my kids

    If you're just a little inclined, you can buy a decent PC without a monitor from TigerDirect for like $200. They run those deals all the time. Just what I would do....
  18. karl_burns

    WTB used 5.1 Processor under $500

    Check PMs. Karl
  19. karl_burns

    M&k System For Sale

    Details, details....
  20. karl_burns

    2- SVS 20-39 Subs with Crowne Amp

    Where is 616?
  21. karl_burns

    FS: Laptops, USB TV Tuner

    I'm interested in the TV tuner. Does it capture TV airwaves, or would signal need to be cabled in? Thanks! Karl
  22. karl_burns

    Cuting Edge LCD Shootout, you are invited!

    Love the pics, but where is the "write-up" of what people thought? Wish I could have been there.....
  23. karl_burns

    Newbie looking to buy a Samsung LCD HDTV any ideas?

    I've seen decent reviews on the 5053 model. On-line, you can get it for as low as $1,100, or buy at a bricks and mortar for about $1800. If you can, I really liked the Samsung 4666F (46" plasma). YMMV. Karl
  24. karl_burns

    Lowballed by a member, need advice

    I think you;ve received the bulk of good adivce so far: 1) no communication is a bad sing 2) contact your credit card 3) contact PayPal I had a seller on eBay string me along for $380, saying he would ship the amp.. He claimed family issue too, which I caould relate too with a recent death...
  25. karl_burns

    MB Quart question

    Another great post with good advice! I was remiss to not mention model numbers for my comparisons. Dustin - If it makes you feel better, I taught myself how to build kickpanels out of fiberglass so I could mount the tweeters as close to equidistant from my ears while in the Driver's seat...
  26. karl_burns

    MB Quart question

    I'm so sorry. Please, everyone note that all of my posts are completely my opinion. I listened to car stereo speakers for over a year before finally deciding which speakers to purchase, and I love them. But I expect no one to listen to me nor purchase anything that I CHOSE to purchase. I also...
  27. karl_burns

    MB Quart question

    Those were some of the best speakers MBQuart ever made. I came really close to picking some up a couple of years ago. I would push them with a PPI or maybe a hifonics amp. The JL amp would also be good. If in the budget, the top choices would be a focal or macintosh amp. Karl
  28. karl_burns

    Need Car Stereo Advice

    Of those names, the Pioneer will have the most features if that's your decision point. If you're going to build-up into a large system in your car, then get an Eclipse deck (no contest). My $0.02: My old Sony deck never wore out for 5 years..... Karl
  29. karl_burns

    WTTF: PS3. Have: Wii, iPod's, Moto Q, PSP Bundle, NHT, R-DES, Denon, C.A.L.

    I'm in Palatine and would be interested in possibly purchasing one or more of these items. No PS3 to trade though. Let me know. Karl