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    Good Holiday Cartoon Pictures

    Stopped too quick!
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    Plasma Getting phased out? LCD Taking over...

    Had an interesting meeting with one of our distributors last week. He claims that plasma's will be a thing of the past as LCD's Refresh rate and resolution is topping that of plasma TV's with about 1/3 the weight of Plasma screens. He's giving Plasma's another year or two to be scarce. Anyone...
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    I'm finally at a loss for this question on my own so here goes.. We have a customer that has built a Cabana next to an outdoor inground pool. It's an open Cabana and is in Wisconsin with temps now in the 30's at night and 50's during the day. Soon it will be 10-20 at night and maybe 30...
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    Blaupunkt TV Commercial

    I hope I don't get banned for this one!!
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    TWC as well as other cable companies are changing over to "switched digital" service. I was talking to a local cable installer yesterday, I don't understand the entire process but here is my understanding as he stated. The current Bandwidth is going to be cleared up to allow for more HD content...
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    Image Test

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    Media Servers Streaming Mp3 and Jpg

    What is everyone using for Media Servers? I don't see any part of the forum regarding Media Servers. We are getting more and more clients that wish to stream their Stored MP3 and JPG files on their network to their home theater or whole house systems. I've been using an old HP Server for...