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    ***Official 18th Annual HTF October Scary Movie Challenge 2017***

    I had every intention of being a part of this challenge, but unfortunately I was injured in a car accident on Sept. 29. Between dealing with insurance companies, attorneys, the body shop, and daily doctor and chiropractor visits, I just didn't have the time. Hopefully next year.
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    This Is Us (NBC)

    This is probably my favorite drama on network TV (I tend to watch Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime original programming the most). One of the things I like most is they're from Pittsburgh and are big Steelers fans, just like me. But even beyond that, this show keeps me hooked from the first scene...
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    Young Sheldon

    I was disappointed with the pilot, but I'll give it another episode or two to see if it gets better.
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    The Shannara Chronicles (MTV)

    Season 1 was okay, but nothing like I pictured while reading the books. I'll give season 2 a try.
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    North by Northwest

    Love this movie. I'm a huge Hitchcock fan and this is one of his best. Definitely belongs on the Mount Rushmore of Hitchcock films.
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    Stephen King's It (September 8, 2017)

    I loved the parts of the book when they were kids, but thought the adult parts were so-so. Felt the same way about the made for TV mini-series. As far as this movie is concerned, I found it entertaining but got tired of all the cheap scares. Way over done. I would've enjoyed it a lot more if...
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    Mr Mercedes

    Loved the book by Stephen King, so I had to give it a shot. Overall, the 1st episode wasn't bad. The opening scene is violent and graphic, and another scene later in the show was highly disturbing (no spoiler, but you'll know what I mean when you see it). Looking forward to episode 2.
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    Cardinal (Hulu)

    Another Hulu show I like is Cardinal. The show takes place in Northern Canada and the main character is a homicide detective named John Cardinal. The season is only 6 episodes and I watched them all in one night. If you're a fan of Bosch, you'll probably like this one too.
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    Chance (Hulu)

    As a recent Hulu subscriber, I just discovered this show last night. I binged 6 of the 10 episodes, and if I had time, I would've watched them all. Great dark, psychological thriller. Hugh Laurie plays a shrink who takes an unhealthy interest in one of his patients. Ethan Suplee plays a...
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    Ozark (Netflix)

    Can't say enough good things about this show. Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and Esai Morales are all fantastic in this show. If you're not watching t
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    The Last Tycoon (Amazon)

    I liked the 1st episode, but 2&3 were a little dull. I'll probably watch the rest of it, but as of now, I'm not too excited about it.
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    Manhunt: Unabomber

    I like it. I have my doubts as to how accurate it is, but still an enjoyable show.
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    The Dark Tower (August 4, 2017)

    Couldn't have been more disappointed. I'm a huge fan of the book series, but the movie had nothing to do with the books other than using some of the characters. All CGI and special effects and a weak story. Michael Bay has never made anything this bad.
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    Walking Dead Season 8

    I'm a relatively new fan of TWD. I binged seasons 1 thru 6 at the beginning of this year on Netflix while recording all of season 7 on my DVR. I never thought I'd like a show about zombies, but I gave it a try after so many people I know raved about it. I was hooked in no time. After binging 7...
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    A Wrinkle in Time

    One of my favorite books from my childhood. The made for TV version from about 15 years ago didn't do the book justice. Hopefully with the bigger budget, they'll do a better job this time.
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    Spider-Man Homecoming - July 7, 2017

    Took my ex-gf's kids to see it. I usually avoid super hero movies because to me, they're all the same. Lots of cgi and special effects with a weak story. This was more of the same. I gave it a 6 on IMDB, which is higher than most super hero movies I've rated in the past, because it had a few...
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    GLOW (Netflix)

    Anyone else watch this? I binged it the first weekend it was out. There's also a documentary about the Glow girls on Netflix that i recommend watching before you watch the show. The episodes are short (about 30 minutes each), and kept me wanting more. An enjoyable show.
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    Metallica returning to their roots with Hardwired .... To self destruct

    Metallica is Metallica again. These songs sound like they belong on Master of Puppets or Ride the Lightning. Such a great album.
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    R.I.P Chris Cornell

    I've said for years that with the possible exception of Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Cornell was probably the best rock vocalist of our generation.
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    Gregg Allman passes away at 69!

    Was sad to hear about his passing. I saw him in concert about 2 years ago and it was one of the best shows I ever saw.
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    Baby Driver - Edgar Wright goes Wheelman

    Saw this movie today. I'd been curious about it since I toured Sony Pictures in May and they showed us the trailer. Gotta say, it didn't disappoint. I loved the way they used music to help tell the story. I gave it 8 out of 10 on IMDB. Check it out if you get the chance.
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    Meet Recap: Fox, Paramount, Disney, Deluxe, and Sony

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum. The photos look great. I've done a few studio tours (WB, Paramount, Sony, and Universal) but it looks like your group sees so much more. I'd love to be part of a future get together.