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    Looking for a used AUDIOPHILE AV Receiver

    I am in the market to purchase a used audiophile AV Receiver. Price range maximum $800 for a used unit, the less the better. The most important factor is the audiophile sound quality, sheer musicality that the unit provides, not the features. It should also have HDMI 1.4 at least and also...
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    NAD T 765 upgrade in audio performance

    I have a NAD T 765 HD Receiver, the new model from 2013 with HD Audio (VM100/AM100) Modular Design Construction (MDC). I have an offer from my colleague who wants to buy the unit for $770. The reasons I bought the NAD was because I wanted the best audio performance available in an AVR. So my...
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    PC and TV is connect by rca cable but no sound from tv

    I am having trouble getting sound out from the TV hooked up to pc. Computer is connected to TV via Display port -> HDMI (Display port does not support audio), so I connected headphone out port on the pc, which should be fine for exporting sound. PC to TV is hooked up via 3.5mm audio jack on...
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    Harman Kardon AVR - NO "Pure" "Direct" option for Stereo

    I was wondering if the Harman kardon AVRs have a "Pure" or "Direct" option for stereo (2-channel). You can select "surround off" mode but the "DSP" is still active, however the manual says: But there is no SURROUND OFF without DSP. Thanks for advice.
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    Two 7.1 receivers hooked up on one set of 7.1 speaker setup

    I have two 7.1 receivers, and I would like to hook up both to one set of 7.1 speaker setup. I will never be using both receivers at the same time. I am considering to get a speaker switcher but I could not find any that have 7 input/outputs to handle a 7.1 setup. Is there any speaker...
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    NAD T765 Audyssey microphone

    Hi guys, The manual of T765 says "setup speakers using Audyssey microphone", however there is no Audyssey microphone included in the accessories. 1-Who had NAD AVR and can tell if normally the Audyssey microphone is included in the original accessories or not? 2-What is the model number of...
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    HDMI to HDMI 7.1ch Audio Extractor Converter or USB external sound card

    Hi guys, I want to connect my AMD Radeon HD6450 HDMI port to my AV receiver 7.1 analog multichannel input, (AVR has no HDMI port), to get newest lossless audio formats, Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master. To do this: 1 option: Get a "HDMI to HDMI 7.1ch Audio Extractor Converter" like this...
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    Harman Kardon AVR 7300 vs Marantz SR 8002 sound quality

    Has anybody heard these two AVRs and can share their experience? They are both older AVRs but in the higher end league, both good brands and famous in reproducing "warm" sound, beside H/K has better current amp section for low impedance (4 ohm) speakers and is more powerful. Which one sounds...
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    Should the Blackout cloth be painted?

    We have ordered Blackout Cloth to make a 125" screen, but the surface of BOC is a little gray instead of white. I was wondering if we need to paint the surface to get a brighter image. Thanks for any advice.
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    DIY projector screen - cheap alternative for black felt tape

    What is a cheap alternative for felt tape to make the screen border black. One roll of felt tape is $29.
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    1x2 lumber for 135" diagonal screen

    I want to build a 135 diagonal (66" x117") projector screen. Can 1x2 lumber be used to build the frame with extra peace of wood in the middle of the frame for more support, or is it too weak for this size of screen?
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    Looking for cheap Blackout cloth 71"x126"

    I want to build a 135" diagonal projector screen and it must be as cheap as possible. I know some places like ebay and that sell Blackout cloth but for that size of screen I have to order a much bigger fabric like this one...