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    UHD Sony needs your input for "Columbia Classics 4K Ultra HD Collection Volume 2"

    I would appreciate a more naturally rendered grain structure than what h264 on a BD50 is capable of (David M and WAC comes close to perfection though), regardless if there would be more 'detail' or not in the picture. To me, old grainy movies are the ones most in need of UHD releases, but I'm...
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    GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES on Blu-ray - thoughts?

    This is in my top 5 most aggressively filtered titles in my bluray collection. It almost looks like a cartoon. Awful. This should be redone asap without the horrible Lowry filtering. Acceptable for DVD but not BD. They should never had released it on BD in this state.
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    While we await the next Warner Archive Announcements...

    I've been requesting this regularly since the advent of the bluray format. Marilyn is not popular anymore. Maybe Olivier+Cardiff would interest Criterion.
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    Marilyn Monroe on blu-ray

    I mostly purchase arthouse titles, but this is one of my most wanted titles as well. Marilyn photographed by Jack Cardiff in Technicolor on BD - this should be a top priority for WAC. How's the condition of the surviving elements? My PAL DVD looks good slowed down to 24fps, but I can't watch it...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Let's Make Love -- in Blu-ray

    The Signal One BD was cancelled I wish this was available without revisionist colors and with a balanced grayscale with proper black levels. Was the colorspace shifted on this like so many Fox films on TT?
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    While we await the next Warner Archive Announcements...

    For 2020 I'm hoping for anything/everything the have of Elia Kazan, Nicholas Ray, Robert Altman and Marilyn Monroe, plus Baby Face (1933) and Deconstructing Harry (do they have any more Woody?). Jean Harlow films would also be nice.
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    Alfred Hitchcock films in 4K??

    This goes for everything shot on celluloid: I would appreciate more naturally rendered film grain than h264 compressed to BD50 is capable of (although the guys at WAC + David Mackenzie does amazing h264 encoding)
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    While we await the next Warner Archive Announcements...

    Warner need to start working on their Marilyn Monroe titles asap for quality BD releases! I expected them to be released years ago. Or are there problems with the surviving elements? How about all the Elia Kazan titles still not on BD?
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    Favourite foreign films that haven't been released in Blu-ray

    A Masterpiece! The french Potemkine 2-fer BD is amazing. Very film-like with gorgeous grain. The Swedish Njutafilms BD is crap with MPEG2 encoding, but this one also has "La bouche de Jean-Pierre" in HD. Neither has english subtitles, but there are synced online subs available.
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    Press Release Criterion Press Release: Some Like It Hot (Blu-ray)

    I hope Criterion won't apply their awful high-frequency filtering to this one. I don't understand why they always have to filter the audio:unsure:
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    Press Release HTF EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Time October 2018 Release Announcements

    Another month with no Marilyn Monroe:(
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    The Twilight Time News and Info Thread

    LOL definitely a typo. Fixed. I've always appreciated her more as a brilliant acting talent than eye candy.
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    The Twilight Time News and Info Thread

    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is the most ugly looking restoration in my BD collection. It's so heavily filtered that it almost looks like a cartoon. Also, The River of no Return and Bus Stop has a very ugly modernized teal color palette, Niagara looks slightly filtered and Some like it Hot looks...
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    The Twilight Time News and Info Thread

    I want all of them, including the complete outtakes from Something's Got to Give (already available on Youtube in extremely low quality). The documentary part of The Final Days is too hard to watch though, so sad. The behind the scenes doc from The Misfits would also be nice. We also need new 4K...
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    The Twilight Time News and Info Thread

    Yes please:thumbs-up-smiley:
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    Criterion Wish Listing 2018

    Eric Rohmer's Six Moral Tales (I have the complete FR Potemkine box, but some of the films have been heavily filtered.)
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    Press Release HTF EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Time July 2018 Release Announcements

    :mellow:I was hoping for more Marilyn Monroe.
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Don't Bother to Knock -- in Blu-ray

    I've always maintained that Marilyn is one of the most underrated acting talents ever. I find her acting to always be very emotionally genuine and sincere. Her acting with facial expressions, especially her eyes, moves me like no other film actor/actress. But I'm biased as I've been in love with...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Don't Bother to Knock -- in Blu-ray

    I'm so happy to see that Don't Bother to Knock got an A+ restoration. Thank you Fox! Now I really hope Gentlemen Prefer Blondes will get a new restoration. The old Lowry restoration on the current Bluray is so filtered that it looks like a cartoon. I also want a non-tealed version of River of no...
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    Marilyn Monroe on blu-ray

    Yes please please WB. One of my most wanted BD releases. They should announce it together with Clash by Night. Or they could license it to Criterion (Olivier+Cardiff+Monroe should be enough to make it "Criterion worthy".) I'm very surprised and saddened that Marilyn doesn't seem to be among the...
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    3D Gaspar Noe's "Love".

    So there must be something wrong with me cuz I LOVED IT! I watched the UK 3D BD and was deeply engaged. It was a very emotional experience for me. Loved the cinematography. I've liked all films Gaspar and his wife Lucile Hadzihalilovic has done. My favorite is Innocence directed by Lucile which...
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    Press Release HTF EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Time March 2018 Release Announcements

    IMHO If Marilyn is in it it's worth getting regardless if the film itself is good or not. However DON'T BOTHER TO KNOCK happens to be an excellent film. Also the cast is priceless - Monroe, Widmark and Cook Jr. all in the same film. These collections were to first films I purchased myself as a...
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    Marilyn Monroe on blu-ray

    Upcoming: February 26th LET'S MAKE LOVE (Signal One Entertainment) UK March 20th DON’T BOTHER TO KNOCK (Twilight Time) Brand New 2K Transfer
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    Press Release HTF EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Time March 2018 Release Announcements

    I've been waiting so long for more Marilyn:wub: Her performance in DON’T BOTHER TO KNOCK is brilliant and so genuinely emotional. And it's a brand new transfer. Thank you TT:thumbs-up-smiley:
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    As the Warner Archive announcements are a bit late this month, anyone want to guess?

    Elia Kazan Marilyn Monroe Buster Keaton +Baby Face (1933)
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    Marilyn Monroe on blu-ray

    I agree completely with everything in your post, but I would suggest both that both Gentlemen and River are of disaster quality. Gentlemen is the most heavly DNR'd BD in my collection. It looks like a cartoon! No high-frequency info at all. The teal on River is equally appalling. Niagara looks...
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    Marilyn Monroe on blu-ray

    One of my most wanted BD releases for sure! Gorgeous Jack Cardiff color cinematography. I hope TT won't get the Marilyn films since their releases are unreasonable expensive when importing to Sweden. All of these films, even the bad ones, have an immense replay value because of The Magic of...
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    Marilyn Monroe on blu-ray

    -_- Bump :wave-hello: Nobody is interested in licensing Marilyn films for BD?...:mellow:
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    Official KINO Insider Announcements Thread: STRICTLY MODERATED: READ GUIDELINES

    I've been waiting for these to be released on Bluray for so long. Finally! Will import these to Sweden. Thanks Kino:) :dancing-banana-04:
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    An Open Letter To Mr. Feltenstein re: The Warner Bros. Archives

    Does anyone know if The Prince and the Showgirl (1957) would be problematic or easy to restore for Bluray release? (I'm a huge Marilyn Monroe devotee.)