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    Weekly RoundUp 9-16-2008

    Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains!!! Nobody told me this was coming out. Here's hoping it's cleaned up and anamorphic. I saw it a little while back at the Castro Theatre here in SF and it was magical. I guess my prayers to Cthulhu were answered. The Amazon page says the soundtrack...
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    Weekly RoundUp 6-10-2008

    That's the one I'm hoping to get. Edit: Well, looks like I'm waiting till July 11. Guess I can spend some money now.
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    Weekly RoundUp 6-10-2008

    John Adams was pretty darn good, Mike. Linney and Giamatti do fine work, but the real standout for me was Stephen Dillane as Thomas Jefferson. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for the round up. As for me this week: I'm planning on getting a new iPhone. Depending on how that goes I might partake...
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    Weekly RoundUp 3-18-2008

    That Target B1G1 is awfully tempting, but I don't know if I can afford it. Probably end up getting 101 Dalmatians from BB if they sent me a $5 coupon.
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    Weekly RoundUp 1-29-2008

    Got the HD-DVDs of Shaun of the Dead and Bourne Supremacy with BB's B1G1 to satisfy my zombie/romantic comedy desires and complete the Bourne trilogy, respectively. Probably shouldn't buy anymore HD-DVDs, should I? Maybe just The Last Starfighter and then I wait and see. Interesting...
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    Amazon BOGO sale on BDs 1/1/08 (deal is dead)

    Woo-hoo, got 'em! Thanks Mike!
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    Amazon BOGO sale on BDs 1/1/08 (deal is dead)

    Well, the Potters are off the list. I missed out, but at least I got a bunch of other goodies. Let me know if the Potters go on sale again.
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    Amazon Buy One, Get One Free Blu-ray sale - 112 titles

    Casino Royale + Chicago = no discount. So no mixing and matching.
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    DeepDiscountDvd 20% off sale begins 11/9-11/25

    DVDPlanet's server is down apparently. Crimping my shopping, man.
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    Weekly RoundUp 8-28-2007

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I picked up the Target exclusive version of Heroes season 1 today. Have yet to watch the extras so I can't speak on them, but I will say I really like the packaging for this version more than the regular set. The extra disc isn't tacked on the outside...