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    slow moving ripple across screen

    I don't know if resolve your probleme yet. If not. Try to send a non-progressive signal from your dvd to the VGA component/computer to let the DCDI do its work. projectorcentral has denoted some problem with progressive scan signal and the XD300. Maybe it will fix your problem. Thanks Fred
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    Final 3. Veritas 2.1 vs Studio40's vs LSi9's

    I would go with what I love the best that I can afford. Thanks Frédérick Richard
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    Looking for the best sub at $650 or less...

    Hello, You could get a Paradigm PW-2200 for under 650$. Ive bought mine at 680$ Canadian this weekend. Its a great sub except that the amp make some noise. 12" 250 Watt RMS Ported design But its great for music and HT Thanks Frédérick Richard
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    Paradigm Pw-2200 prblem

    Hello, I just bougth a new Paradigm Pw-2200 and I noticed that he his humming pretty loud, Ive listen to other Paradigm Pw-2200 before and they weir not doing that. Even if I unplug everything except for the Power cord it still hum, I also tried different outlet. Is it possible that the...
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    bookshelves for < $800

    You should check out the Energy Connoisseur C-3. They are great bookshelf. Good luck with your shopping. Frédérick Richard
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    PSB Stratus or paradigm studio?

    You could listen to Energy Connoisseur series. The tweeter is fantastic on those speaker and the overall sound is spectacular and quite neutral. Here is a review from soundstage. You should give them a listen. In my opinion they are the...
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    PSB Stratus vs Paradigm Reference

    Really ? That's strange. I thought that there was only sony stuff in a sony store. Plus PSB is much better then sony in my opinion. Thanks Frédérick Richard
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    PSB Stratus vs Paradigm Reference

    There's PSB speaker in a sony store ??? Thanks Frédérick Richard
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    Best System ? $5,000

    Here is some good company There is many more but its a good start. Before you buy you should...
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    Energy Connoisseur C-C3

    Someone know the MSRP in Canada for the c-c3 Thanks Frédérick Richard
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    Axiom m80ti or...

    In my opinion your best option would be the Energy C-9. Sony receiver are a bit harsh so I think it would be better with the c-9 because of the tree you said, they have the best tweeter by far. In my opinion I would class these speaker like so.. Energy Connoisseur C-9 Axiom m80ti Then quite...
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    Question about speakers.*IMPORTANT*

    He already got a sub the DIY Tempest. Thanks Frédérick Richard
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    Question about speakers.*IMPORTANT*

    Sadly I have never audition the B&W 601 S3. But I heard good and bad thing's about them mostly good. Like I said you should audition the speaker and see what fit on your budget and your hear and see for yourself if Energy and paradigm are worth the extra money. For Energy authorize dealer go to...
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    Question about speakers.*IMPORTANT*

    If you want build quality and a very nice tweeter, you should audition Energy Connoisseur. In my opinion, in their price range there's nothing like it. Their strongest asset is there tweeter. But it's all good. Here are some review from soundstage. The flagship C-9...
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    What kind of Amp should I run with my Studio 60's ???

    Well to take advantage of your studio performance, you should at least have separate !! Thanks Frederick Richard EDIT : Sorry didn't read the post correctly :b My bad