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  1. Nathan*W

    Want to Buy: Guardians Vol. 2 sourced from 4k disc

    Will pay via Paypal.
  2. Nathan*W

    WTB: The Accountant UHD Code

    Seeking The Accountant UHD code for a reasonable price. Happy to Paypal. Thanks!
  3. Nathan*W

    WTB: Ultra HD 4K (UHD) Codes

    If you've got UHD codes for these, I'm interested in purchasing: -The Lego Movie -Watchmen Ultimate Cut
  4. Nathan*W

    WTB: Oblivion Code from 4K Ultra HD (UHD)

    Let me know if you have one to sell. Thanks,
  5. Nathan*W

    The amazing annual Black Friday "What Did You Get" Thread

    This is the place, folks - share your stories of lines and early rising, of beating the crowds, and that special deal that you happened to get.
  6. Nathan*W

    Crazy Safari video Some lions decide to have a Water Buffalo snack, but it doesn't go as planned as crocs get into the act and the rest of the water buffalo herd come to the rescue!
  7. Nathan*W

    anyone have the cover art for "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"?

    I sent away for this fox title as part of the Kellogg's cereal givaway, and the disc came in a paper sleeve. I've got plenty of Amaray cases lying around, but since dvdcoverart bit the dust, a can't seem to locate a suitable cover to print. Does anyone know where i could go to find this, or...
  8. Nathan*W

    Visiting Los Angeles (Things to do on the cheap)

    Okay, Southern Californians, my wife and I will be in Carlsbad, CA the week of May 20-27, 2006 and we want to plan some day trips around the region. I'm especially interested in things to do or see in LA while we're there. While we will have some spending money, I can't afford to blow thousands...
  9. Nathan*W

    Check out this guy's Ebay feedback.

    Ebay Feedback. This one's got a weird sense of humor.
  10. Nathan*W

    Okay, which faucet-attached Water Filter system is the best.

    Not looking for a whole house system, or anything that extravagant, but would like something to make the county water taste better. Anything that attaches to the kitchen sink? I am also not trying to break the bank, however, I can appreciate spending a little more for a quality product.
  11. Nathan*W

    Anybody work for the Post Office

    Okay, here's the thing... Decided to take advantage to the pre-order deal for Star Wars ($30 after rebate/10% discount) because, hey, I haven't had it for this long so a couple more days won't kill me. So I signed up with them and entered all my shipping info...except the...
  12. Nathan*W

    A nice relaxing drive in the country
  13. Nathan*W

    Disney Treasures Speculation

    So, who do you think is going to have the best price? It just doesn't seem likely that this will be a loss leader for a lot of stores. And the online prices are currently hovering at $19-$25.
  14. Nathan*W

    AOL ad on TV (unknowingly?) advocates Internet Porn!

    Just saw it on ABC during the premier of 10-8. The ad opens up in B&W as a beautiful woman is exiting a swimming pool. Just as it gets to the naughty bits, a pop-up ad covers her up. As she keeps walking toward the camera, more and more ads appear over her body. V.O." Aren't pop-up ads annoying...
  15. Nathan*W

    Front Projector Sale at Best Buy

    Well in the Sunday BB Flyer, lo and behold, the InFocus X1 is back at $999. Several people jumped on this deal last time (with the help of some extra coupon/rebate savings). Don't know if any BB coupons are currently floating around to sweeten this deal again. Also, the ViewSonic PJ501 is...
  16. Nathan*W

    Home Theater Magazine: Should I Renew It?

    My subscription is up at the end of this year (and I've been getting plenty of the renewal notices) and even though I've been a subscriber for a long time (I have an almost complete set) I've noticed a couple of things: - The writing has slowly gone downhill since Brent Butterworth left -...
  17. Nathan*W

    Just bought "Poseidon Adventure", Should I return it?

    Picked up The Poseidon Adventure at Wal-Mart today for $5.88. While I like the film a lot and couldn't beat the price with a stick, I came home and did a search for it on the HTF. Now I almost feel like I should return it: *Non-anamorphic *lackluster transfer (according to the results I...
  18. Nathan*W

    Any suggestions for free web space?

    I think it's about time I put up a page or two. Any sites out there that are relatively easy to use/navigate and are free?
  19. Nathan*W

    "Patton" - The forgotten gem in my collection

    I had picked up the 2-disc set when I heard it was going out of print. WOW what a good film. George C. Scott rocked! I can totally see why it won 8 Oscars including best picture. Patton directing trucks and tanks like a traffic cop - priceless.
  20. Nathan*W

    "Far and Away" - How's the quality?

    Far and Away the 1992 hit from Ron Howard starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, I did a search but came up empty handed. Is this DVD any good? (qualitywise)
  21. Nathan*W

    The Weekly Roundup - You Never Miss It Til It's Not There

    I never realized how much I enjoy and indeed look forward to Sundays and David Lambert's Weekly Roundup. When I read his "it's coming" message today, I couldn't believe how disappointed I was. (not disappointed in David, just that the Roundup wasn't there) I don't know how much thanks you get...
  22. Nathan*W

    The Audrey Hepburn Collection - How's the quality?

    Saw that Paramount is packaging the restored Roman Holiday with Breakfast at Tiffany's and Sabrina. While the restored Roman Holiday has garnered some forum attention lately, I can't seem to find info on the other two discs. I own Breakfast at Tiffany's and Roman Holiday on Laserdisc (&...
  23. Nathan*W

    Angel: Season 1 - Who's gonna have the best price?

    Generally, B&M stores have the best prices for high profile titles, but online stores have the best prices for multi-disc TV sets. Where's Angel gonna fall into all this? I've never seen an episode of Angel because Richmond doesn't have a WB affiliate, but my family are all big Buffy fans...
  24. Nathan*W

    "Road to Wellville" Cover Scan anywhere?

    I've checked a few coverscan sites to no avail. Can anyone point me to a good source?
  25. Nathan*W

    Bought a DVD today.... at 7-Eleven !!!

    Paid full, full price to boot. But they had widescreen, which is more than I can say for Wal-Mart.
  26. Nathan*W

    Fruit Fly infestation! HELP!

    My wife bought some tomatoes and left them on the counter. Well the tomatoes are long gone, but the fruit flies that came with them remain AND ARE INCREASING! Need advice before I am overrun.
  27. Nathan*W

    Defective from the get-go!

    This happened twice today! Bought Simpsons:Season 2 and Disc Two has a big scratch from the center hub outward. (No, it wasn't floating free) and STII:The Wrath of {b]Khan[/b] Disc 1 had a broken tab and was floating free. [sigh] It just isn't my day. Has anyone else experienced this lately?
  28. Nathan*W

    Having a movie theater "event" day!

    My wife and son are out of town and I have no work on my desk at the moment, so the boss gave me the day off with pay. I'm going to see: 11:05 Austin Powers 12:50 K-19 3:10 MIIB 4:35 Minority Report I've move a movie day before, but never as many as four shows!
  29. Nathan*W

    I forgot how expensive Laserdiscs used to be!!

    When I got into LD in the mid '90's the only place around town to buy 'em was Suncoast. Whenever I'd get a disc, I'd slip the receipt into the jacket. Well now that I'm selling off a few titles ($28 for all four BTW), and I'm pulling these receipts out of the jackets: 12/3/95 Apollo 13...
  30. Nathan*W

    For Sale: Laserdiscs

    All items are in excellent condition and CLV unless otherwise noted. I would prefer to sell the lot and will let it all go for $100 (a savings of $32) or individually priced as follows: -Alien (LBX,DD,THX)$7.00 *Kuraray pressing -Aliens: Collector's Edition (LBX,CAV w/ restored...