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    TV Bench Suggestions

    If you wanted to change style directions, you could look at BOLTZ brand steel TV stands. Modern looking and very sturdy... the quality does come at a price, though. I am trying to score up some additional shelves on craigslist for their older discontinued modular-style TV stands. I am starting a...
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    Terminator 1 & 2

    Link to trailer? I'm not finding it. Thanks!
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    Replacement lamp too expensive, time to upgrade to new projector!

    Projectors are not my expertise, but the following press release may sound interesting for those in the market for a new projector: Bulb replacement costs are supposed to be exceptionally reasonable due to usage of non-proprietary bulbs...
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    I say: Open-source Star Wars.   First: Scan ALL production OCN at at least 4K - cut neg, unprinted takes, outtakes, slates, trims, everything - regardless of condition the neg is in. Scan all VistaVision elements at at least 8K - all tests, takes, beauty and matte passes, used or unused...
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    Terminator 1 & 2

    Exciting news! This should make for a fantastic image. Does Jim Cameron have a favorite colorist he likes to work with for the color grading?
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    Star Wars Saga DVDs

    Jerome, thank you for the link to that fabulous restoration information. It was a terrific read!
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    The Abyss

    Hi Mr. Ling and HTF members - First off, I'm very pleased to hear some first-hand news on the HD release of "The Abyss" and wanted to thank Van Ling for the groundbreaking Disc work he has done dating all the way back to The Abyss: Special Edition on Laserdisc, and for giving us Cameron fans a...
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    Star Wars Saga DVDs

    The 1996 book "Industrial Light + Magic: Into the Digital Realm" by Mark Cotta Vaz and Patricia Rose Duignan details the 1997 re-releases and how the Original Camera Negative was not up to the archival spec everyone...