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  1. phil*

    Video 8 Tapes to Digital USB Conversion

    Does anybody know what is the best way to convert Video 8 tapes to digital USB without bringing it to a professional? Thanks.
  2. phil*

    Sony Blu-ray player BDP-S300

    I've owned the Sony Blu-ray player BDP-S300 for a couple of years and am fairly happy with it. One problem that I've always had with this unit however is, whenever I stop the player and turn it off, the machine always reverts to the beginning of the movie when I turn it back on again...
  3. phil*

    Black Bands and Black Bars

    I have a Sony Blu-ray player hooked up to an older Sony HDTV which has only component video outputs.This tv has a 4:3 aspect ratio.On some movies, I get black bars as well as black bands to the left and right of the picture. I realize the bars on top of and below the picture are normal,but what...
  4. phil*

    The Fugitive-A QM Production

    What's the holdup with "The Fugitive" starring David Janssen? Arguably,this was one of the best series to air on network tv and spawned a highly successful movie starring Harrison Ford...
  5. phil*

    The Addams Family

    Is there a possibility that The Addams Family will be released on DVD?
  6. phil*

    Zorro TV Series

    Any word on whether Zorro, the 1950's TV Series starring Guy Williams,will be made available in region 1? I believe it was released in region 2 several years ago..
  7. phil*


    I'm a bit confused as to whether or not the impending release of HDDVD will in effect cause my current dvd collection to become obsolete in much the same way that my VHS tapes became obsolete with the advent of DVD?
  8. phil*

    Dr. Kildare

    Any news as to whether or not "Dr. Kildare" starring Richard Chamberlain coming to dvd?
  9. phil*

    Bose 901 Series 6 Speakers

    I am considering buying Bose 901 Series 6 speakers. Has anybody purchased these and have any comments on them?
  10. phil*

    Burke's Law

    Will "Burke's Law" starring Gene Barry ever be released? How about "Mr.Novack" with James Franciscus? "Peyton Place" starring a very young Mia Farrow?
  11. phil*

    The Fugitive TV Series

    Would anybody know when "The Fugitive" original tv series starring David Janssen will be released on DVD? Thanks!