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  1. Tom McA

    What do the commercials on my favorite channels say about me?

    I enjoy XM Comedy 150 (the uncensored one), yet I'm unsettled by the fact that most of the advertising on it is aimed at, well, losers. Get out of debt, beat alcoholism, stop smoking, etc. Gives me the heebies. Or am I over-reacting?
  2. Tom McA

    Sony RP LCD / center speaker placement / blocked IR receiver

    ARRRGH! The logistical things you don't think about when you buy a TV. I just bought the Sony KDF-WE655 and love it, BUT, the only realistic place to put my center channel speaker is on the TV table in front of the set, effectively blocking the IR receiver (and hindering access to the power...
  3. Tom McA

    R.i.p. Tw Sa Hd Pvr #2!

    That enough acronyms for ya? I'm having the WORST time with my Time Warner HD service! Over the past 6-ish months, I've had service techs at my house 3 times due to signal dropouts, lurching picture, blocking, etc. Every time, they hook up their signal strength analyzer, then say the levels...
  4. Tom McA

    "Father of the Pride" HD feed had wrong audio flag?

    Anyone see FotP last night? On NBC HD, the Dolby Digital stream had an LtRt flag according to my receiver, and there was no dialogue - just stereo music & FX. When I flipped to the non-HD analog NBC channel, it was normal. Afterwards, Scrubs on NBC HD was fine (flagged as 5.1). WTF...
  5. Tom McA

    TNT HD stretching its commercials and promos?

    While I love the movie programming on TNT HD, I've always had the funny feeling that they're doing some aspect voodoo to the commercials and promos. The topper was last weekend during a Slim-Fast or Jenny Craig or somethinglikethat commercial, where I noticed all the "After" models looked, um...
  6. Tom McA

    SA 8000HD PVR is coming to the Beautiful San Fernando Valley...

    ... in April, according to the Time Warner Cable Customer Service person I spoke to on Saturday. Since I've had problems with digital audio dropouts on the non-HD version of this box, (see other thread) here's hoping it's not even worse on HD channels, since they presumably have an even...
  7. Tom McA

    XM SkyFi car kit with line level outputs?

    I want to buy a Delphi Sky Fi system for use in the car and at home, but after I buy the head unit, car kit, FM modulator, home kit, and car installation, the expense of all the assorted add-on doodads just makes it a little too pricey for my blood. a) Is there such a thing as a car kit with...
  8. Tom McA

    Pioneer 563A analog multichannel problem

    Yo - Love my 563A EXCEPT for one annoying issue: I occasionally hear a snappy-ticky sound when listening to DVD-Audio or SACD discs through the analog multichannel outputs. It only occurs in the silence between disc tracks, and it crops up in randomly different speakers - I don't think it's...
  9. Tom McA

    Portable DVD player extended warranty

    I just bought the 5" Mintek DVD player. Very mediocre pic quality, but a steal at $169 for entertainment for the occasional long plane flight. I'm thinking about buying Best Buy's $79 4-year extended warranty. I know extended warranties are usually a sucker deal, (and yes, I realize the warranty...
  10. Tom McA

    Magnetic shielding / Abusive volume level question

    I was playing a little game of "Let's see how loud I can play my new speakers," (M&K 850 system - love it!) and when I cranked some DVD-Audio music way up, the top of the picture on my TV began to warp. Yes, the center channel speaker sits directly on top of the TV. Is this to be expected...
  11. Tom McA

    Anyone have Time Warner Cable's PVR? Comments?

    I just moved into a new 'hood, and was told by my TW cable installer that they're about to roll out their dual-tuner cable-box-PVR in the Los Angeles area shortly. A buddy of mine in western NY already has it, and he says it's kinda buggy. Anyone else have anything to say about this thing?