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  1. Mike Miskulin

    Blu-ray multi-disc cases - where to purchase?

    I wasn't really sure if this was the right place to pose the question, so mods move it if need be. I am unfortunately stuck with the multi-case version of the Spider-Man trilogy and not the ever-so-sexy single case release every Target seems to carry. I can get the cover to the single-disc...
  2. Mike Miskulin

    Looking for the most jaw-dropping DTS-HD MA track on blu...

    I've finally updated my receiver and can now fully immerse myself in HD audio goodness! What I'm looking for is suggestions from first hand listening to various blu-ray discs as to DTS MA quality. I'd like to find a disc with some great demo material to show off the new receiver. Any...
  3. Mike Miskulin

    Guitar Hero III Deals (released on 10/28)

    I'm just looking for some deals asociated with this Sunday's release of GHIII across all platforms. I know circuit city is giving away a free guitar stand with purchase of the game + guitar. Who else is giving away free stuff? mike.
  4. Mike Miskulin

    Paramount TV DVD Cases: Who makes 'em and where can I buy 'em?

    I'm referring to the "standard-width" clear cases that can hold 6 discs (like Beauty and the Beast, 7th Heaven, and others). Two discs are held on each inner cover, while the remaining four are held on two inserts. There's no overlapping discs, and it saves a lot of shelf space. Anyone know...
  5. Mike Miskulin

    Round-up for Spider-Man 3 Video Game store freebies

    Looking at some adverts I've seen, most stores are giving away something for free with purchase of Spider-man 3 for the various game systems this week. One's I've seen: Best Buy: $10 concession cash Target: free comic book Gamestop: free poster (may only be for pre-orders) Any others...
  6. Mike Miskulin

    The missing Rankin/Bass Christmas specials...

    Of the seventeen Christmas-related Rankin/Bass specials out there, eleven are currently available on DVD. This obviously leaves six titles yet to see the light of day on DVD:The First Christmas (1975)The Little Drummer Boy, Book II (1976)The Stingiest Man in Town (1978)Pinnochio's Christmas...
  7. Mike Miskulin

    The Best of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (review)

    I just picked up this 2 disc set and wanted to pass along my impressions. First off, it was awesome to see a He-Man DVD on the shelves! It's been a long time coming. For a while I was collecting the UK released single disc sets, but at $20 a pop (roughly) it was becoming too expensive. So I was...
  8. Mike Miskulin

    Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (07/05/2005) and other DVD sites show that there is a re-release of the movie scheduled for 07/05. The old version(s) are still available and all seem to have an MSRP of ~$15. So is this a new release (with an anamorphic transfer) or a re-hash of one...
  9. Mike Miskulin

    Revenge of the Sith Soundtrack CD/DVD Deals (5/3)

    The soundtrack to the new flick comes out on Tuesday, and here are some of the deals out there: $13.49 Best Buy: $11.99 Target: $11.98 $11.88 As you may know, the CD comes with a bonus DVD with 16 tracks from the various movies set to video and dialog from the...
  10. Mike Miskulin

    Who owns the home video rights to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe?

    Even though just about every major cartoon property of the 80s is out, or coming out, on DVD, there are a few series MIA, most noteably Thundercats and He-Man. Thundercats aside, who currently holds the rights to the He-Man library (both 1980s and 2002-2003 series)? Are these being held onto...
  11. Mike Miskulin

    Any news on G.I.Joe season 2, part 2?

    Alright, so Rhino gave nuthin' but excuses as to why the remaining 15 episodes of the 80's G.I.Joe cartoon were not include in the season 2 (part 1) set, claiming something to the effect of waiting for more suitable extras, and planning on releasing something extra special for part 2. Expected...
  12. Mike Miskulin

    Future Lord of the Rings plans?

    Alright, it's nearly August and I was wondering if anything official has been stated on new Lord of the Rings releases. There was talk of a DVD-A disc which never materialized as well as a boxed set apparently with more cuts from the score. Any new info? DVD-A or SACD would be excellent, as...
  13. Mike Miskulin

    Finally, Garfield Holiday Specials!

    According to Dave and our fine friends @ There's also cover art up. Finally, my holiday cartoon collection nears completion. mike.
  14. Mike Miskulin

    More classic Rankin/Bass holiday specials coming 10/05

    Didn't see this anywhere else, and I know some are interested, so according Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July Frosty's Winter Wonderland/Twas the Night Before Xmas Both due on October 5, 2004. No pricing was given. If anyone has further information on these titles...
  15. Mike Miskulin

    Spider-man (1994) 2 episode discs at Media Play?

    So I was in Media Play today and noticed they had various (6-8) DVDs of the 1994 Spider-man cartoon for $6.29 a piece. There was one with 2 episodes featuring Black Cat, another with Blade, etc. Apparently, they're released via "Marvel Studios". I didn't notice any other company listed on the...
  16. Mike Miskulin

    G.I Joe: Seaon One 10/28, happening?

    This was told to me by a Rhino rep a couple months back, as well as been rumored in numerous spots on the web. It's now a week til the supposed release. Does anyone know if this set is coming out or not? mike.
  17. Mike Miskulin

    Much Transformers news (and other possible Rhino releases)...

    I just got back from Wizard World Chicago and had a nice chat with one of the reps at the Rhino booth. Basically, all the transformer boxed sets are progressing nicely. He confirmed that Season 3, Part 1 of the Original Transformers will be coming out on October 14th (not 9/09 as has...
  18. Mike Miskulin

    Biography: Buffy

    Alright, I missed this show the first (and I believe, only) time it was aired. I was hoping it would be re-run, but apparently I was mistaken. Anyway, was it a worthwhile viewing? Any new, exciting info? I've tried tracking the program down through the usual internet sources, but with little...
  19. Mike Miskulin

    Angel Season 2 (Region 2) for ~$60 shipped.

    This is a phenomenal deal from Buffy and Angel seasons consistantly run for upwards of $100 after the exchange rate is figured in. But until March 2nd, you can get Angel Season 2 (not due in Region 1 until October) for 39.99 British Pounds (~$60 US). Here's the details: During...
  20. Mike Miskulin

    Have ATI 9700 TX graphics, want to incorporate PVR and burn DVDs. Help?

    Basically, I want to be able to capture video on my computer (mainly from cable (PVR w/ scheduled recording, etc.), but may run vhs into as well). I'd then like to burn the results onto DVD (I have a 4x DVD+R/RW). I currently run a P4 2.4 w/512 mb PC1066 RAM, 128 mb ATI 9700 TX, and a 120 gb...
  21. Mike Miskulin

    PDA Emulation (NES/SNES/Genesis/Etc.)?

    I'm currently looking into upgrading my pda and getting one that can run a variety of emulators in order to expand my portable gaming lineup. I don't really know what I need to do this, though. I'm assuming I need a PocketPC-running pda, PocketPC compatible emulators, and probably a flash card...
  22. Mike Miskulin

    Metroid Prime Widecsreen mode?

    I recently picked up a component cable for the cube and switched the game to progressive scan as outlined in the manual. However, the game stays in a 4:3 format and does not "automatically" switch to a 16:9 format. Am I missing an option in a menu somewhere, or does the game not include a...
  23. Mike Miskulin

    Hitachi SWX series: Need help with setup.

    Hello, I'm having quite a bit of difficulty setting up my new Hitachi and need help with the following setup: I need to hook up cable to the tv, a seperate cable box, and a VCR to record non-cable box shows (i.e. in order to watch one show while recording the other, with the cable box hooked...
  24. Mike Miskulin

    Buffy Season Six

    Any word on when to expect the next R2 release (April-May)? mike.
  25. Mike Miskulin

    Malata subtitle problems, fixed?

    I know the earlier Malatas had problems with subtitles on the Star Wars discs, has this problem been remedied on the new models? mike.
  26. Mike Miskulin

    Someone please describe the zoom feature on the JVC 500BK

    How small are the increments of the zoom compared to the Malata? No one seems to ever have a definitive answer on this question. Can it do small steps or is it only 1/2, 1/4, etc.? Thanks, mike.
  27. Mike Miskulin

    Rankin/Bass Christmas Specials

    UPDATE 10/2008: Here's an update on the currently available/released Rankin/Bass Christmas specials. With this month's annual release of another Rankin/Bass box set from Warner Bros., fifteen of the eighteen Rankin/Bass specials are now on DVD! The new titles are found on disc one of the...
  28. Mike Miskulin

    Dr Dre produced songs

    Anyone know of a site that contains a complete listing of artists/songs that have been produced by Dr Dre? He's been putting a lot of stuff out lately and I'd like to know the names of the songs. thanks, mike.
  29. Mike Miskulin

    Transformers: Generation One (Japanese release)

    Has anyone seen the Japanese boxed sets of the original Transformers series? I was wondering how the transfers (particularly video-wise) compare to Rhino's release (I realize they are Japanese audio only, btw). Also, how does the Japanese version of TF The Movie compare to the US release? mike.
  30. Mike Miskulin

    PS2 hard drive?

    Is there a hard drive coming out any time soon for the PS2? I'd love to get one of those... mike.