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  1. Robert McNay

    Newer shows you like/collect although your main interest is classic TV

    In keeping with the subject of just "newer shows" (i.e. the last 20 years), the ones I have are: Elementary Battlestar Galactica remake Sherlock Cosmos (new series) Star Trek Enterprise
  2. Robert McNay

    What’s left that I’d like on physical media

    The Green Hornet Doctor, Doctor (post Max Headroom series for Matt Frewer) Dragnet (revival with Ed O'Neill as Friday) Marblehead Manor (Linda Thorson of The Avenger and Michael Richards pre-Kramer)
  3. Robert McNay

    Shows you think deserved one more season

    Sherlock, Elementary and Quantum Leap
  4. Robert McNay

    Pre-Order Warner "Best of" Decade Collections (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I only like about half of the movies in the sets. And of that half, I probably already have 2/3 of them in my library.
  5. Robert McNay

    What Classic Movies, TV Shows,& Animation would you like to see on Bluray ?

    Putting any of these on Bluray is pointless unless they get a digital remastering. Otherwise they will be no better than the DVD release. I know first hand because I bought several Blurays to replace DVD version and found it was exactly the same thing. As for old TV, Bluray is useless. Bluray...
  6. Robert McNay

    Ford v Ferrari BluRay Problem

    Okay, update. Contacted Fox Home video, they said that there have been no problems reported. Then I went to LG about updates. They said that the BD370 firmware I had was out of date and since I wasn't getting online updates, he would send me the instructions and files to do it manually. He...
  7. Robert McNay

    Ford v Ferrari BluRay Problem

    Good morning. Thanks for the replies. I hooked the player up to my home network, made sure it saw the internet, then had it check for updates. It said none were available. Left it connected and dropped in Ford v Ferrari (Fox), player locked up. Tried Blade Runner 2049 (Warner) and it played...
  8. Robert McNay

    Ford v Ferrari BluRay Problem

    Hello, My first post here and its unfortunately about a problem. I bought the basic BluRay version of the movie "Ford v Ferrari" yesterday. I popped it into my LG BluRay player today to watch it. The disc read seemingly okay, it started and the 20th Century Fox logo and music played, then the...
  9. Robert McNay

    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

    I have always liked Onkyo equipment, but it also has been out of my price range. The NAD unit I have now is getting long in the tooth and loses a channel occasionally, so I really would like to replace it. I would also like to be able to control my video system from a single remote.