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  1. Holadem

    10 year anniversary re-releases of 1999 flicks

    For a variety of reasons, I have been MIA from movie world for about a year now. But I happened upon the local theater listings today and saw that I just missed the theatrical run of Toy Story 1 & 2 double feature in my area (today was the last day). I would have made my way to the theater for...
  2. Holadem

    L&O Criminal Intent: Goren

    Right now, somehow CI has become my favorite series of the franchise. A very unlikely development as it was exact opposite a year or two ago. Anyway, I watched the very earliest episodes (reruns) including the pilot for the first time and the difference between that Goren and this current one is...
  3. Holadem

    Fed up with spoilers in Comcast's program descriptions.

    After yet another L&O episode ruined by an overly descriptive blurb, I've had enough. I quickly learned to avoid reading that stuff after getting burned the first few times a year ago when I first got the HD-DVR, but sometimes I do out of habit. And every single time, I regret it. And when I...
  4. Holadem


    Probably my favorite instrument. I took lessons at a very young age, then moved to classical guitar, and not taken either very seriously. I have the best parents in the world and I should have listened to them much more than I did. What are your favorite pieces? I don't have one in general...
  5. Holadem

    Highlights of 2008

    I like this thread: So I am following up What were the highlights of 2008 for you? Me: - The first few hours of 2008 in Paris, with long time friends. - First time hosting a Superbowl party. My (since departed) Infocus...
  6. Holadem


    Help -- I am addicted. Been listening to My favorite Things and A love Supreme pretty much non-stop all weekend and since. I listened to Giant Steps for a bit but didn't "get" it yet. It sometimes takes a couple of sessions with these things, while I loved My favorite things immediately...
  7. Holadem

    FEDEX question

    Or perhaps it's more of a retailer question. I ordered an item that I no longer need. Fedex left a tag on my door. At this point I am looking for the most cost effective way to return this thing. I could receive it and go thru the whole RMA process and pay to ship it back or, I could...
  8. Holadem

    Sub woes...

    I had an SVS 20-39PC for 7 years, lived in 5 apartments of various sizes during that time, and never once wanted for more in the bass dept. This was a first generation SVS, long before the Plusses and PCis and powered boxes and what not showed up. That sub was a monster, and I was utterly...
  9. Holadem

    What could you do with 4 hours?

    On the way back from Montreal yesterday, I got stuck in a hideous line at the border, did 2km (less than 2 miles) in 4 HOURS. 4 friggin hours folks, no exaggeration (actually it was more!) As the car was about to run out of gas, we would shut it off for most of the time, only start it to inch...
  10. Holadem

    Paradigm Atoms v5

    I used to own the Paradigm Monitor 7 v2. Loved'em. Had to part with them, but I am back to shopping again for stuff. The local Paradigm dealer told me yesterday that the "new" Atoms v5 are better than the old v2 Monitors (in this case Mini-Monitors.) Does anyone here think this is true...
  11. Holadem

    The Visitor

    Anyone seen this? The Visitor | Official Movie Site I am throwing together an Indie meet up group in my neck of the woods and this seems like a decent candidate. To be honest, I am a bit put-off by the saccharine schmaltz-fest vibe I am getting from the trailer, but reviews have been...
  12. Holadem

    Bush's War -- Frontline (PBS)

    Has anyone seen this? I've only watched about a third or so, here: FRONTLINE: bush's war | PBS I caught part 2 by chance and recorded it. But I wish I could watch part 1 on TV instead of the PC as well. I have to wait till Sunday I think to DVR it. You can watch the whole thing at the...
  13. Holadem

    Massive Pillow Fight @ Union Square (NYC)

    On Saturday, as we walked out of the Union Square subway station, my daughter and I were wondering why there was so much white stuff flying around and covering the floor and stairs. Looked like down and feathers. The source of the mess was evident once we got out -- every other person was...
  14. Holadem

    Just discovered George Carlin

    I've spent the last couple of hours watching his stuff on Youtube. Sweet Jesus, funniest shit I've ever heard I wanna order some DVDs, what's considered his best material? -- H
  15. Holadem

    Who listens to digital cable music channels?

    Just curious. Looking for some new music and was wondering if that was a good source to check out... Does anyone here listen to those channels? -- H
  16. Holadem

    SP4805 and the Big Game

    Gee. Last minute decision to host a superbowl party has me scrambling for ways to watch TV on the PJ. I have 3 questions: 1- Is it safe to assume that SD cable would look like garbage and just forget about it? 2- I could just lease an HD box from comcast for the shortest possible lenght...
  17. Holadem

    Denon 4802 - Zone 2 Problem

    I can't get the sub to work in the second zone. I guess it's possible that the sub cannot be used in the second zone, but I've read nothing to that effect, so I am assuming for now that I am doing something wrong but I don't know what. Speakers are set to small, the sub works just fine in...
  18. Holadem

    "WOW!" Moments, 2007 edition (Spoilers!)

    Continuing the tradition started by Jordan_E and Chuck Mayer, here cometh the 2007 Edition of the "WOW!" Moments thread. Previous installments: All-Time Edition 2006 2005 2004 Please be mindful of spoilers! Have at. -- H
  19. Holadem

    A.O. Scott on taking children to PG-13 and R rated flicks

    NY Times Advertisement ^^^ You have to click thru an ad to get to the article, which is what the self-titling link is picking up. I am not selling anything. -- H
  20. Holadem


    Any fans? I just ordered this baby: (w/ painted vase) It will be my second, which I intend to use. I got my first one in Casablanca a year ago, it's 22" I think, looks Syrian (female vase). I've never got around to using it, and the clay top is chipped anyway, so I would have to...
  21. Holadem

    Ideas for blacking out windows?

    Are there some special blinds for this purpose? I very much dislike curtains I would rather not have to put some up. And I cannot imagine them being very effective either in darkening the room enough for front projection. What do you use for this purpose, for those who must? -- H
  22. Holadem

    Staying in or braving traffic?

    The North-East is in the throes of a winter storm. It's been snowing heavily since 10:30am. People have been leaving work since noon. It's now 3 and most everyone is gone... to be stuck in traffic for hours. Not sure there is a point? Yet they keep leaving despite reports of monster gridlock...
  23. Holadem

    Allergy to... *Cold*.

    I am pretty certain at this point that I have developed an allergy to cold. That's right, freaking cold temperatures. It’s a lot less funny than it sounds. The name of this affliction is Cold Urticaria. I intend to see an allergist in the coming weeks of course, but I was just wondering if...
  24. Holadem

    Please recommend decent sounding piece of furniture...

    I am tired of looking at the ugly black boxes I currently own. There was a time when I wanted my living room to be HT first and living room second, but no longer. I will be ditching my venerable SVS for something more discreet as well. So the criteria for my next speaker purchase will be: 1-...
  25. Holadem

    Reservation Road

    Is it worth the trip? I badly wanted to see this, but it opened to such abysmal reviews I am now need trusted, non-critical opinions in order to splurge my life savings on this. The tales of melodrama I am hearing are not too encouraging at this point . -- H
  26. Holadem

    *** Official RENDITION Discussion Thread

    Whatever one may think of the practice, some words are just plain cool, and "rendition" is one them. -- H
  27. Holadem

    *** Official LIONS FOR LAMBS Discussion Thread

    "Do you want to win the War on Terror? Yes or no? This is the quintessential yes-or-no question of our time." -- H
  28. Holadem

    *** Official MICHAEL CLAYTON Discussion Thread

    I am surprised there are no threads discussing this excellent film. It looks like a legal drama, but as the title hints, it's more of a character study of sorts. Clooney continues to impress with choices and performances. I do have a question: Much of the drama hinges on the danger that...
  29. Holadem

    Quick Broadband question

    My browsers (IE & Firefox) cannot connect to anything. COMCAST customer service dudes say they can see my modem just fine, and are trying to blame my PC. Meanwhile, the PC claims to see a LAN connection... This has been going on for 2 weeks now, internet would vanish for hours at a time...
  30. Holadem

    The New 7 Wonders of the World

    Voting for the New 7 Wonders of the World closes in a few hours... Article: Official Site: Wiki: I've seen 3 off that list: Eiffel Tower...