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    Atlona extenders

    So I touched in this before. Looking for an accurate answer. So I just bought a Samsung outdoor tv. I also have four outdoor speakers being powered by a Sonos amp. My cable box and my Sonos amp is about 70ft away. So we are using Atlona hdmi extenders that support audio also. (Through...
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    Outdoor tv with Sonos

    Hello Need a little help So got a new outdoor tv - samsung terrace Also have a Sonos amp with 4 def tech speakers aw6500 So had to run cat 6 with Atlona converters on each side. The Atlona coverter had audio outputs with the video. On one side the converter is plugged in to my...
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    Projector upgrade

    Hello , So I’m looking to upgrade my Panasonic ae4000 projector. This projector was great. Movies were great, video games in it great, Need something similar but with the 2020 upgrades and some. But dont want to break the bank. Possibly no more than 4K. Any help. Thanks.